An Oral History Of Apple Design: 1992 Fast Co Design has released the first in a six-part history of Apple’s design team, centered on Senior Vice President of…

Hands-on with the brand new, thin and stunning iMac

Lost in the madness and hype around iPad Mini is Apple’s newest waif like iMac, which has lost a lot of weight, got a new screen and it might be Apple’s best desktop computer just yet. My quick hands-on with the iMac.

Apple rolls out skinny new version of the iMac

Apple rolled out new editions of the iMac, its signature desktop computer, at the company’s hardware announcement event Tuesday in San Jose. The iMac comes in two different sizes, and will ship before the holidays, bringing a skinnier new look to a classic device.

At long last: new iMacs almost here?

The last iMac upgrade occurred in May 2011. A new report says that Apple’s plans to upgrade the all-in-one desktop are “imminent.” Feature-wise, we’ll reportedly get a high-resolution display, faster processors, and an even thinner design that nixes the optical drive.

The Apple Roundup: Betting on iPad Mini hardware specs

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Hardware specs for a smaller iPad, another brewing Apple-Samsung legal battle, a courtroom loss for Apple in Japan, new iMacs, and some clarification on Apple’s new executive lineup.

My iMac and ChromeBook just hooked up. And I like it!

With Google and Apple jockeying for position in the mobile markets, now probably isn’t the best time to try and get the two talking. But that’s just what I did with my 27-inch iMac and my new Google ChromeBook. And guess what? They get along famously!

3 tips for taking your Mac in for service

Macs are fairly dependable, but there will still be occasions when you have to take them in for service at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This can take some doing, so here are three tips about things you might not think about when moving your Mac.

New iMac Drives Not Meant to Be Replaced, And I Hate It

Don’t replace the hard drive in your new 2011 iMac(s aapl), or the fans will scream like a banshee as they spin up to full-speed and the Apple Hardware Test (AHT) will fail. It’s the latest sign that Apple is against user meddling, and it sucks.

27-inch iMac Unboxing and Hands-On

Apple just released its new iMacs, and I ordered the stock, entry-level, 27-inch configuration to replace my main work computer, a late 2008 20-inch iMac. It arrived today, so I recorded my unboxing and early hands-on experience with the computer. Bottom line: it’s a beast.

Ideas For Repurposing Your Old iMac

If you’re looking for a way to use your existing iMac, in an effort to justify purchasing a new one, look no further than the bare spot on your wall. It all starts with Apple’s VESA Mount Adapter Kit or the third-party iMac Wall Mount.

Should You Upgrade to the New iMac?

Considering purchasing a new iMac? Here’s a look at what the new models can do, compared to the previous generation, as per Apple in a call Tuesday morning with GigaOM. The key takeaway here is that these new iMacs are very, very fast.

New 27-inch iMac Supports Dual External Display Output

The dual Thunderbolt ports on the 27-inch iMac are very exciting. Not only because it provides a lot of potential I/O transfer power, but more importantly because it also allows the new iMac to output to two external monitors simultaneously, Apple confirmed to me this morning.

Apple Introduces New Quad-Core iMacs With Thunderbolt

The online Apple Store went down Tuesday morning, and when it came back, new iMacs came with it. As rumored, the latest revision to Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer brings second generation quad-core Sandy Bridge processors, the new Thunderbolt I/O port, and more.

Thunderbolt Makes New iMacs an Electrifying Possibility

Rumor has it we’ll see refreshed Apple iMacs as soon as Tuesday, May 3, including new Intel Sandy Bridge processors and new Thunderbolt ports. Even if the iMac isn’t something you’re terribly interested in, this is a release that all Apple-watchers should be excited about.

More Evidence for a Touchscreen iMac Emerges

More and more often, I’ll reach out and touch my iMac’s display, only to remember that no, it isn’t like my iPad, and touching the screen accomplishes nothing besides fingerprints. That may change soon, if a new report by DigiTimes proves accurate.

Buying Guide: Apple’s New iMac

Apple updated its iMac and Mac Pro desktop line today and now technical specifications of these two machines are finally in line with what you can get from their Windows-running counterparts. Let’s take a look at these machines side-by-side for anyone looking to upgrade or switch.

How-To: Replace Your iMac’s Hard Drive

In an iMac’s life, there are two things that you may find yourself wishing to upgrade, the memory and hard drive. Memory is easy enough to get to but the hard drive can seem a little daunting to some.

Reports Surface of Faulty Core i7 iMacs

Shattered glass. Flickering displays. Non-booting machines. So-goes the list of maladies affecting Apple’s brand new quad-core 27” Core i7-based iMacs. Threads over…

Engadget Awards

Every year Engadget gives Readers’ Choice awards and Editors’ Choice awards for different gadget related items. Guess which company won the most…

iMacs Updated

Today Apple update its line of iMacs. This really is not that much of an update, but if you are like me…