One ring to rule them all?

In the last couple of weeks there have been several announcements about phones and phone numbers. Some of them appear to¬†point in…

The Trouble With Identity in a Cloud World [Video]

The issue of identity is challenging online and few have come up with solutions to help a single real-world person adopt multiple personas for their business and personal lives online. The CEO of UnboundID makes the case that your phone or cable company could do it.

Should You Be Forced to Admit That You Have a Dark Elf Army?

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the massively multiplayer — and massively popular — online game World of Warcraft, has touched off a firestorm of controversy in the gaming community by requiring that users divulge their real-world identities when they post comments in the company’s WoW forums.

Firefox Wants to Be Your Online Identity Portal Too

Firefox has thrown down the gauntlet in the race to take charge of your online identity, saying it will add identity-management features to its browser, and hopes to build recommendation services into it as well. The move pits the browser’s open-source model against Facebook’s proprietary approach.