Why laptop makers should be focusing on tablets now

First smartphones overtook traditional computer sales and now tablets are on track to outsell laptops, according to IDC, which predicts more tablets will be sold than laptops by 2015. Computer makers should be looking to where the growth is as tablets replace laptops for many.

This week in cloud: More outages, fewer data centers

By 2016, there will be fewer data centers but those that are built will be much bigger, according to IDC research. Cedexis launches tool to help AWS customers route computing loads around Amazon EC2 regions to mitigate service problems.

Developer survey explains Facebook’s mobile moves

Two-thirds of mobile developers in a new survey believe that Facebook can get disrupted by a mobile-first startup. And most developers are unhappy with the state of HTML5. The results help explain why Facebook bought Instagram and why it has backed off supporting HTML5.

5 things you need to know about cloud in Europe

Yes, cloud adoption in Europe hasn’t happened as fast as in the US. But despite the difficult economy, there’s considerable interest in cloud on the continent. The market bears watching and here are 5 things you should know about it.

IDC pegs Windows Phone to pass iOS by 2016. (Really!)

Research firm IDC offers up its look at smartphone market share through 2016 and suggests several surprising trends: Android may peak this year while Windows Phone will jump past iOS in 2016. A year ago, IDC said the same thing for 2015. Here’s the problem.

Devs flirting with–not dating–HTML5 and Windows Phone

Mobile software developers are interested in the new kids on the mobile block–HTML5 and Windows Phone–but very few are actually turning that interest into product plans, according to the latest survey published by IDC and app tools maker Appcelerator.

Another take on the cloud-jobs debate

Whether you think cloud computing creates or kills jobs depends on what kind of jobs you’re talking about and how companies will use the IT savings they reap in moving to the cloud. Consultant David Linthicum sees validity in the cloud-as-jobs-creator argument.

The Global Rise of the Smartphone

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion broke into the top five handset vendors for the first time during the first quarter of this year, according to numbers released by research firm IDC. However, BlackBerry is just the first beneficiary of the wider transition to smartphones.

IDC 2010 Forecast: Apple's iPad Arrives & Frenetic Tech M&A

The end of the year is approaching, and market research firm IDC today came out with its annual list of Top 10 Predictions for the technology market. The forecasts, working on the theme of “recovery and transformation,” include some surprises.