Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 comes to Galaxy Note, which is coming to T-Mobile

Samsung’s “phamous phablet”, the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, continues to improve thanks to an update to Android 4.0 for AT&T device owners. T-Mobile has Galaxy Note support documents on line, so it’s likely to get the device soon. Maybe there’s a market for extra-large phones after all?

Motorola vs. customers on lack of Android 4.0 updates

Motorola explained why certain smartphones and tablets it makes won’t be getting the Google Android 4.0 software update. Not all Motorola device owners are happy though; especially those that bought a Droid 3 in the past 10 months. These folks are stuck on Android 2.3.

Samsung brings Android 4.0 to unlocked Galaxy S II models

Samsung Galaxy S II handsets not tied to a carrier no longer have to wait for their Android 4.0 upgrade. Unlocked Galaxy S II phones can now download and install the software, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, which also includes a fresh version of Samsung’s TouchWiz.

Google updates Android on Nexus phones, Xoom tablets

Google is rolling out Android 4.0.4 software upgrades to several devices: the GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S handsets as well as Motorola’s Wi-Fi Xoom tablet will all see the software delivered over the air. Other devices will see it soon but that’s not comforting.

Sadly, Android 4.0 on Galaxy S II will look familiar

Samsung’s Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy S II smartphone shows few visible differences. As expected, the company’s TouchWiz interface appears in the update, but it completely hides the visual improvements that Google made with Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

More HTC phones, but no tablets, getting Android 4.0

HTC expanded its list of devices that will see the Ice Cream Sandwich software, which now totals 16 smartphones. Noticeably absent from the list is the HTC Flyer, the company’s 7-inch slate. Why is that? It’s likely due to the dual-digitizer and meager sales.

Want Android 4.0 on your phone? Move from the U.S.

Four months after Google Android 4.0 arrived, handset makers are starting to update older phones. Samsung and Motorola(s mmi) recently announced upgrade plans, and the U.S. is low on both lists. But handsets in Europe and Asia are already getting the software. Is it our carriers?

Which Verizon devices get Android 4.0? The LTE ones

Verizon published the list of devices it plans to upgrade to Android 4.0, and all but one share a common feature: LTE. Verizon is likely trying to get more consumers on its LTE network as these phones will offer a better experience to new smartphone customers.

Swype hits Android 4.0 with Dragon Go! integration

Nuance added support for Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0, in the latest beta of its Swype software keyboard on Thursday. The new version has a limited audience base, but Swype is getting ready for devices as they gain the update to Android 4.0.

Video: Chrome for Android is faster and feature full

Google merged its Chrome browser with Android today and I’m thrilled to see it. The Chrome beta is fast and it has a clean interface. If you’re a Chrome user on the desktop, Chrome for Android can open whatever webpage you’re browsing on the PC.

Google TV goes Android 3.2, next up Ice Cream Sandwich

Google TV devices from Sony received an update based on Android Honeycomb 3.2 this week, and Logitech’s Revue will be updated in the near future. This is the last major update for the platform before Ice Cream sandwich, which is rumored to come before year’s end.

Android 4.0 on tablets: Better, but still needs work

In October, Google debuted Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, to unify tablets and smartphones. But does it really accomplish that? It’s too early to tell, but the current version has some inconsistencies noted by Jason Perlow, and I can’t disagree with him.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 254: Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus is in the house! This week, Matt and Kevin devote the audio show to share first impressions of the newest Android 4.0 smartphone. The hardware is generally excellent, but the real star of the show is the software: it’s elegant and refined.

Galaxy Nexus first look video and impressions

The Galaxy Nexus smartphone I ordered on Sunday from the U.K. has arrived. I haven’t played enough yet, but the little time I’ve had with the first Android 4.0 smartphone has been most impressive. The best way to put the experience? Android has finally grown up.

Update promises and Android 4.0 may fix fragmentation

Google’s Android 4.0 software won’t be limited to new handset models like the Galaxy Nexus; handset makers are starting to share plans on which existing smartphones will see the update. With plans for software updates to existing phones, this could finally eliminate Android fragmentation issues.

What makes Motorola’s Xoom 2 tablet better than Xoom?

Motorola introduced two new Xoom-branded slates for the U.K and Ireland markets. The Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition both run on Google’s platform for tablets, but won’t ship with Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Didn’t Motorola learn from the first Xoom?

Android yearns to become more usable, lovable, iPhone-like

In an interview, Android user experience director Matias Duarte explains how Android is evolving to become something that inspires more wonder and is more usable for users. If Android with Ice Cream Sandwich can become more lovable like iOS, it could further challenge smartphone OS competitors.

Ice Cream Sandwich supports WebM streaming, MKVs

Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android will natively play WebM video streams and MKV files. However, don’t expect your Android handset to support all those files you downloaded from The Pirate Bay any time soon; the new codec support largely targets developers.

Ice Cream Sandwich: What you need to know about Android 4.0

At the Samsung Galaxy Nexus product launch, Google finally shared details of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), the next version of Android. The new software removes many of the inconsistencies found in the current versions while improving and simplifying the feature set of Google’s mobile platform.

Nexus Prime launches as Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung introduced the newest flagship Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus, in conjunction with Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of Google’s mobile platform. The Galaxy Nexus launches in the U.S., Asia and Europe next month, giving developers time to code apps for the updated operating system.

Nexus Prime pic, specifications outed by NTT DoCoMo?

Samsung’s official press event in Hong Kong to debut the Nexus Prime smartphone isn’t until Wednesday morning, but NTT DoCoMo may have outed the details and a photo a bit early. The hardware components match earlier leaked lists and still show a 5 megapixel camera.

Nexus Prime is delayed, but video demo appears

The Samsung Unpacked event that was expected to introduce the Google Nexus Prime smartphone next week has been postponed to a future date. Meanwhile we have leaked specs and what appears to be a legitimate hands-on video with the Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.