Say goodnight to Lotus 1-2-3

This PC spreadsheet had a great run in the late 1980s, but it’s been under the radar for years — succumbing to the Microsoft-Excel-and-Office onslaught. Now, IBM is officially ending support.

Google Nose is not really a joke

Google Nose (now in beta) is an April Fools joke, but computers that smell or even taste things will soon be within the realm of possibility. Just ask IBM.

IBM pays $1.3B for HR software provider Kenexa

IBM is paying $1.3 billion for HR management software provider Kenexa in a deal that will help it keep pace with Oracle and SAP, which have also made big acquisitions in the talent and recruiting software space.

There’s gold in them thar batteries

The lithium air battery has long been over hyped — now add a pot of gold to the end of that rainbow. Scientists at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland have been using gold to make a prototype of a lithium air battery.

Autonomics are the future of IT

IT has entered a state of bloated chaos. In a recent study, 78 percent of IT executives said their management system had become so unwieldy, they couldn’t pinpoint where the transactions slowed down. According to IPsoft’s Chetan Dube, autonomics are the solution.

IBM: All Your Smart Meters Are Belong to Us

IBM has launched a new software platform to get utility smart meters to work better within and across the boundaries of their own networks. It’s another smart grid integration move in a quickly growing ecosystem.

Will a Watson ‘Jeopardy!’ Win Knock Humans Down a Peg?

Next week, Jeopardy! champions will square off against IBM’s Watson supercomputer in a contest that could alter way humans view their place in the world. Developing the complex algorithms necessary to carry out such determinations wasn’t easy, and IBM didn’t operate alone.

Guest Column: The Path to Smarter Buildings

An often overlooked area of energy innovation is close to home — literally. In the U.S., buildings account for 40 percent of our total energy use, and up to which 50 percent is wasted. By 2025, buildings worldwide will become the top consumers of energy.

Governments & Startups Just Don’t Mix

The White House today announced The Startup America Partnership, an effort to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S. through a private program that encourages companies to offer mentorship and resources, but looks like an opportunity to get press with low returns for startups.

HP’s New Cloud Products Offer a Flashback to 2009

Hewlett-Packard unveiled four cloud products in what I view as somewhat of a comeback tour for hardware giant after staying on the cloud sidelines for much of 2010. However, the products, which range from an IaaS play to some cloud-optimized hardware, aren’t all that new.

What U.S. Drivers Want from EVs: More Range, Less Cost

A new study out from IBM offers some insights into consumer attitudes toward EVs, disparities between consumers and auto industry executives on the relative importance of things like government incentives and oil prices, and about how much consumers are willing to pay for charging equipment.

IBM, HP Offer Clear Paths to the Cloud

Need consulting for your cloud efforts? IBM and HP will hook you up with a flurry of new services and training programs. IBM is targeting cloud security, while HP is offering converged infrastructure training and certification.

Holy Smokes! At 5.2 GHz IBM Chip is Super Fast

The z190, a brand new chip from IBM, runs at a breathtaking speed of 5.2 GHz and it is meant to power a new mainframe system that is trying to tame the flow of data emerging from modern enterprises and their customers.

IBM Buys Web Analytics Firm Coremetrics

Coremetrics, the heavily backed web analytics company, has been sold to IBM, which says it will add Coremetrics’ services to its business an…

AT&T's Tarnished $1.4B Sterling Sale

AT&T has agreed to sell its Sterling Commerce software division to IBM for $1.4 billion. The deal will let AT&T offload a business unit bought for $3.9 billion at the height of the boom and puts Sterling back in the hands of an enterprise software provider.

Green Roads Lead Back to the Data Center

The transportation sector holds a dubious distinction in greentech circles – since 1999, it has led all U.S. end-use sectors in emissions of carbon dioxide. Clearly, something’s got to give. And it’s got to give soon.

What IBM Is (and Is Not) Doing in the Smart Grid

At our Green:Net event we talked with IBM VP, Allan Schurr, about Big Blue’s strategy for the smart grid. In particular, IBM is looking at electric vehicle management and has also been working on a project in Denmark to synchronize wind energy.

Which IT Company Is The Greenest of Them All?

Which computing and web firms should get a pat on the back for their green records, and which should get a kick in the rear? Today at Green:Net, Greenpeace released its latest ranking of companies based on the green-leanings of their technology, carbon footprint and advocacy.

IBM Launches "Many Bills" Legislation Browser

IBM Research has launched a companion to its Many Eyes data-visualization service called Many Bills, which provides a visual interface for federal legislation. The company says the idea behind the project is to make it easier to understand complicated bills that run to thousands of pages.


Metered Mobile Data Is Coming and Here’s How

At the close of 2009 — a year that saw AT&T add 2,000 towers to its mobile network to help it handle demand for 3G data on the popular iPhone and Verizon embrace the concept of fiber backhaul for its own and others’ mobile networks — operators are realizing that there might be too much of a good thing in the consumer demand for data. But what to do about that is another question. In Europe, carriers are beginning to test and implement new pricing plans that are designed to satisfy customers, boost carrier revenue and help carriers manage the influx of traffic on their mobile networks. Providers such as Vollubill, Bridgewater Systems, HP, IBM and Camiant are designing the back-end infrastructure and showing carriers how to make some type of variable pricing a reality. Here are several types of plans on the horizon.

IBM's New Foundry Service Takes on Intel

Today IBM said it will allow people to use its semiconductor manufacturing plants to make power-efficient, higher performance chips that enable startups to compete with the manufacturing prowess of a chip giant such as Intel (s INTC).

NoahPad UMPC input methods on video

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Triple Play in the boonies

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Glocalizing your phone

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