Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

On October 29th, 2012, one of the largest hurricanes to ever hit the Northeast made landfall just south of New York City…

How NBC is using Instagram to report the 2012 election

Services like Instagram provide a huge trove of photos for traditional news outlets to enrich their coverage of major events like the election or Hurricane Sandy. A novel approach by NBC shows the opportunities and challenges of user photos.

Once again, Netflix shows how to avoid a cloud meltdown

Streaming media powerhouse Netflix says its experience with Amazon Web Services outages led to best practices and technology that can insulate Netflix — and potentially other companies — from the impact of weather-related and other events.

As Sandy strikes, another big data opportunity emerges

Sandy is certainly living up to its promise as a destructive force, but it’s also serving as a teaching tool for companies whose business is big data. They’re releasing new dashboards, products and case studies demonstrating how data analysis before can save lives and money later.