Hulu subscribers can now go commercial-free

aka Netflix's worst week ever

Streaming video service Hulu will start offering subscribers an option to eliminate advertising during programs, the company announced today. The move is significant because Hulu…

Want U.S. TV shows to succeed abroad? Take them online

Hollywood likes to sell its TV programming in big bundles, leaving foreign broadcasters with lots of shows too edgy for prime time audiences. So why not just take them online? That’s what Germany’s ProSiebenSat.1 has been trying this year, and the results have been promising.

How Hulu’s Battleground changed the web TV ballgame

Battleground was Hulu’s first foray into original scripted programming. How has producing online-only TV content changed since Hulu picked up the show, and what’s up next for Battleground? We talked to executive producer J.D. Walsh to find out.

7 ways Comcast is killing the cable killers

We’re at a flashpoint in the evolution of television, and the battle lines are becoming more clear. What’s also becoming clear is that Comcast is playing to win. Here are seven things the nation’s largest cable company is doing to keep its pay TV customers.

Providence Equity pulling out of Hulu

While serving as News Corp. chairman and CEO five years ago, Peter Chernin helped secure a $100 million investment into Hulu by Providence Equity Partners. Now, Providence is walking away from Hulu with around $200 million and putting it into Chernin’s production company.

Plans for German Hulu competitor shot down

Germany’s broadcasters ProSiebenSat.1 and RTL won’t be able to launch their own Hulu-like service for catch-up TV, if today’s day in court is any indication. A judge agreed with regulators that the platform would establish a duopoly. That’s good news for Hulu.

Will usage-based pricing kill the streaming video star?

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are attracting more eyeballs every month, stealing attention away from traditional TV. But cable providers could soon fight back, by basing their pricing on how much a given user streams every month. That would effectively raise prices for streaming services.

Time Warner’s Bewkes: Netflix actually helps us

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has been critical of Netflix’s ability to compete with traditional TV networks. But he has softened his tone lately, talking up the additional value that subscription video-on-demand services services like Netflix and Hulu Plus can provide to the company’s financials.

The Morning Lowdown 10-31-11

»  YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) Launches Massive Programming Push (paidContent)

»  Google TV 2.0 Rolls Out But No New Hardware…

New Girl is this TV season’s digital success story

Before the fall TV season began, Fox took a risk by making New Girl available online, in hopes of creating buzz for the show. The bet appears to have paid off, as New Girl became the first new show to get picked up for a full season.

Amazon Prime gets The Tudors, Star Trek, Cheers, Frasier

Whole seasons of a number of popular TV shows are coming to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video subscription service, thanks to a licensing agreement between the company and CBS. The deal brings the total number of videos available through Prime to more than 8,000.

Predictions: Gazing into the online video crystal ball

There has been an explosion of content over the past five years — a trend that shows no signs of abating. In the land of a million channels, the filter will be king. Value will accrue to those that aggregate and filter programming.

Hulu considers sale, but who’s the bidder?

Hulu has reportedly been approach by a company that wants to buy the video site, and is now evaluating its options. Little is known about the potential buyer, other than some people saying it isn’t Google. Which is why we’re asking: Who wants Hulu?

The Morning Lowdown 05-13-11

»  Hulu, Networks Close To New Deal (MediaMemo)

»  New App Rules Cause Ripples (WSJ)

»  Alibaba CEO Lu Says…

German Regulator Nixes Plan for Local Hulu Clone

German broadcasters RTL and ProSieben saw their plans to create a local one-stop online video destination site rejected by the country’s federal cartel office over anti-competitive concerns. But given the ambivalence U.S. broadcasters have toward Hulu today, maybe the regulator’s decision is actually good for them?

Hulu Gets More Personal With Recommendations Hub

Hulu is rolling out a new recommendations hub to help its viewers find content that is relevant to them. Other online services, like Netflix, have been highly successful in using recommendations to drive viewership. But to do so, Hulu will have to get those recommendations right.

As Netflix Goes After TV Fans, Hulu Chases Movie Buffs

Hulu has added hundreds of classic movie titles from The Criterion Collection in an attempt to attract movie buffs to its subscription video service. But the addition comes as Netflix is trying to move in on its turf by striking deals with TV programmers.

OTT’s Dynamic Duo Ruled Q4, But Clouds on Horizon

Rapid growth fueled the fourth quarter: Netflix and Hulu, continued apace, seeing increases in their number of users — though not without grief from Hollywood. Google TV met mixed reviews, while Apple, Samsung and a host of others raced for dominance in the connected-TV space.

Vid-Biz: Google Video Service, Hulu Forecast, FCC

Today on the Net: Google is reportedly working on striking deals for an expanded video rental service to be heavily promoted next year, between the Comcast NBCU merger and net neutrality the FCC has a lot on its plate and Hulu increased its 2010 revenue forecast.

Who’s In the Bidding For Miramax Streams?

Miramax has some of the most popular films of the past 15 years in its movie catalog, and is now independent. That means suitors like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu could be lining up to stream movies like Pulp Fiction and No Country for Old Men online.

The Morning Lowdown 12.10.10

»  A year-and-a-half after the NYT created the position of Social Media Editor to help the paper’s reporters manage, gather and di…

The Morning Lowdown 12.07.10

»  As Newsweek merges with The Daily Beast, Tina Brown has turned to Bloomberg BusinessWeek managing director Ciro Scotti to help…

How “Digital First” Is Reshaping Modern Media

There’s talk of the future of media in the air, so much that even old-school newspaper companies are seeing the light. So let’s examine a few ways that NewNet technologies like social media and real-time feeds are helping to re-invent the business of modern media.

The Morning Lowdown 12.02.10

»  Hulu has its eyes on international expansion — particularly Japan — and is willing to take on more investors to get there. [W…

Hands-On: Video on LTE Is Just Like Watching at Home

High-quality online video playback works flawlessly on Verizon’s new 4G LTE service, enabling users to watch content from YouTube, Hulu and Netflix without any stuttering or slowdown. But watch out for usage caps: you only get 5 GB of data for $50 under Verizon’s data plan.

YouTube’s Skippable Ads Go Live

YouTube’s skippable ad format — dubbed TrueView — is going live today, offering users the ability to choose between different pre-roll units or skip them altogether. That means advertisers get more engaged viewers for their ads, and YouTube will get paid more for ads that actually get watched.

The Morning Lowdown 11.30.10

»  In creating his online-only periodical, The Daily, Rupert Murdoch is doing something rare: creating a publication from the grou…

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, Sony’s Qriocity, Fox-Hulu Ads

Today on the Net: Comcast and NBCU are appealing to the FCC not to require them to provide their content to online sources, Sony’s Qriocity movie service has been switched on in Europe and Fox is using Hulu ad inventory to make good on ratings shortfalls.

Will Hulu-like Video Ads Work on YouTube?

YouTube will soon introduce an ad format that give viewers the ability to choose between multiple video ads, or skip them altogether. While choosing between ads has worked for Hulu, which pioneered the format, it’s unclear if having a choice will resonate with YouTube viewers.

The Morning Lowdown 11.15.10

»  Zagat’s high-rise paywall has kept the guidebooks’ reviews from being plundered all over the internet — but it has also allowe…

Confirmed: Fox Blocking Google TV

Fox has begun blocking the availability of its TV programming from Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV, joining ABC (NYSE: DIS), CBS (NYSE: CBS), NBC (NY…

Hulu Could File For IPO By End of 2010

Hulu could file to go public later this year, with an IPO scheduled for early 2011, according to a report by Reuters. The popular online video site could raise between $200 and $300 million in the offering, which would value the company at approximately $2 billion.

The Morning Lowdown 10.05.10

»  Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer believes he can correct the companies mobile missteps, arguing that a revamped Windows…

Vid-Biz: Netflix in Canada, CBS on Hulu, Apple Patents

Today on the Net: Netflix pays actors to pretend to be enthusiastic fans during its Canadian launch, CBS chief Les Moonves says the broadcaster would consider joining Hulu’s subscription video service and Apple has been sued for patent infringement around IP related to iTunes.

Analyst: Yahoo Should Invest In Hulu

Enough with Yahoo’s spate of small-scale deal making; Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan suggests in a report today that Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO…

Hulu Plans IPO; Company Valued At $2 Billion

It looks like video JV Hulu can be added to the list of expected IPOs coming this year. The IPO could come this fall, the NYT reports, citin…

Hulu Eyeing An IPO

Hulu, which has rapidly grown to be the top destination for broadcast shows online, is readying itself to go public in an offering that could value the company at $2 billion. But to make it independently, it’s going to need the support of its content partners.

Kylo’s Hulu Workaround No Longer Working

The Boxee competitor web video browser is experiencing the same ups and downs as Boxee did when it comes to Hulu. Its latest workaround for giving users access to the streaming media site, introduced three days ago, is no longer in operation.

Kylo Issues a Hulu Workaround — But How Long Will It Last?

Kylo, the web video browser software from Hillcrest Labs, was blocked from accessing Hulu just hours after it launched back in March. Now the software been updated with a new workaround that will allow users to watch Hulu videos. But how long will the hack work?

A Complete Guide to What’s New on Hulu

While users can forget about watching Hulu on the iPad — at least for now — on the PC they now have a bigger, sleeker video player that can adapt to changes in network conditions, as well as personalized video recommendations and more relevant ads.

Would You Pay $10 a Month for Hulu?

Hulu is one step closer to rolling out a premium subscription plan, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. It may charge users $9.95 a month for access to a larger library of video content. Question is, will you pay for it?

Hulu’s Maybe-Could Be Payment Plans

Hulu’s been muling on possible premium services for a while now, and LAT has added some fuel to the very slow-burning fire: it says among th…

The Time Warner Cable-News Corp. Fistfight

As power shifts between content owners and cable providers, content owners are gaining ground since they have a second pipe into homes. But cable still has the audiences and cachet with advertisers. So if Time Warner Cable and News Corp. continue their fight, both will lose.

ABC Content Now on Hulu

If I was the Count from Sesame Street I would say something like, “Three! Three of the four major broadcast networks now…

Is Hulu Coming To The iPhone?

Hulu is currently working on a streaming video application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which is set to launch within the next few months,…

Hulu Turns 1, Now What?

Hulu celebrates the one-year anniversary of its public launch today, and it’s getting social by adding Facebook and MySpace functionality. Many skeptics…

How Hulu is Like Obama

A Screen Digest analyst predicts that upstart Hulu will generate as much revenue in the U.S. as Hulu. The cool and collected Hulu keeps looking like a winner.

MySpace Launches PrimeTime App

Social network MySpace launched its new Primetime application today, which lets users watch full-length content from their user homepages and profile pages.…

Hulu Moving Onto Mobile?

Could online video site Hulu be appearing on mobile phones any time soon? B&C reports that Hulu CEO Jason Kilar delivering a National Associ…

First Look: Hulu On AOL

A quick first look at Hulu on AOL, (NYSE: TWX) where I have the latest episode of Friday Night Lights playing. Hulu shows up as its own cha…