Hulu Plus

Fox exec Mike Hopkins officially named Hulu CEO

Fox executive Mike Hopkins, who had been considered the frontrunner for the Hulu CEO position, was officially named to it Thursday. Hulu says its revenues will be close to $1 billion in 2013, but co-owners Disney and News Corp have argued over the future of the service.

Hulu Plus lands its own channel on Apple TV

The subscription version of Hulu is now available on Apple TV. Adding the channel was sort of an obvious move on Hulu’s part because of what Apple has done with its Airplay feature that lets users stream their Mac or iOS screen to their TV.

Hulu lowers subscription price… in Japan

Hulu just cut the subscription price of its Japanese video service by a third. The company is now charging the equivalent of $12 per month in Japan, as opposed to more than $18 before the price change. The move mimics a similar step in the U.S..

Now playing on some screens: Hulu Plus for Android tablets

The Hulu Plus mobile app is now available for Android tablets, complete with an updated user interface. The software has a visual redesign offering easier navigation on large touchscreen devices. But not every Android tablet owner can use the software; only seven devices are supported.

Why Verizon wants to go over-the-top

Verizon is working on a streaming subscription service that could compete directly against online players like Netflix and Hulu Plus. The service would allow Verizon to deliver video to customers that don’t live within its current FiOS footprint, and could be another competitive blow to Netflix.

Fanhattan brings its video search app to the iPhone

Video discovery startup Fanhattan rolled out a new iPhone app that will allow users to search and navigate TV shows and movies that are available on the device. The release follows Fanhattan’s launch of an app for the iPad, which was introduced earlier this year.

CBS turned down an ad-based Apple TV deal

When asked about CBS’s appetite for striking deals with new streaming providers that might not have the money to pay cash upfront to license its content, Moonves said that CBS had decided against joining an Apple TV service because it was based on an ad split.

To succeed at TV, Apple will need to embrace ads

Apple has long referred to Apple TV as a hobby, but that could soon change with the launch of a full-fledged HDTV. But if Apple hopes to succeed at getting content providers on board, it’s going to need to open up and allow third-party ad serving.

Mela is like Netflix for Bollywood fans

Bollywood fans rejoice! IP set-top box maker Verismo Networks is seeking to meet that demand with a new subscription service called Mela that will give viewers outside South Asia the ability to watch a wide range of live and on-demand Bollywood content.

Jason Kilar: Hulu Plus is becoming major money maker

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar thinks that Hulu Plus will bring in more than half of his company’s revenue within the next 12 months. Kilar made these predictions as part of his traditional quarterly report, which he also used to announce a content partnership with Univision.

Sezmi says goodbye. Here’s why.

Sezmi has hit the deadpool from a consumer perspective. The company will stop offering its combination over-the-air broadcast and streaming service to consumers, focusing on selling its hardware to operators instead. The decision comes after finding little customer adoption, despite raising some $71 million.

NBC gets smart, adds full episodes to iPad app

When NBC first debuted its iPad app, we called it a “missed opportunity,” due to the lack of full-length episodes available. With the fall TV season soon to kick off, the broadcaster has corrected that error, making all content from also available on the iPad.

For a glimpse at Hulu’s future, look to Japan

Hulu Japan officially launched, kicking off the online video service’s entrance into its first international market. But unlike its ad-supported service in the U.S., the Japanese version comes with a few differences that could give a hint at what Hulu might look like in the future.

Comcast CEO: No business model for over-the-top video

More than most cable providers, Comcast could offer a streaming offering with its website and iPad app. But it has no plans to extend its products to customers outside its cable footprint, in part because there’s no money in it, according to CEO Brian Roberts.

WD media players get Hulu Plus

Hulu is catching up to its subscription service competitors by rolling out its Hulu Plus service to more devices. The newest Hulu Plus-enabled devices are the family of WD TV media players. The WD TV Live Hub media player also received access to ShoutCast today.

Is Hulu considering ad-free subscriptions?

A Hulu Support staffer might have just pre-announced plans for Hulu to introduce a new subscription plan that would cost more than the current Hulu Plus plan. The tweets come as Hulu faces its broadcast partners putting up a pay wall against non-cable subscribers.

Rovi sues Hulu over program guide patents

Rovi is taking Hulu to court over program guide patents that the streaming site is allegedly infringing against. The suit was filed the same week that Fox announced it is putting up a pay wall around broadcast TV content that used to be free online.

Amazon getting serious about competing with Netflix

With an expanded content library and a new key asset acquired to play in the consumer electronics market, Amazon is becoming more aggressive in its pursuit of Netflix. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time, with Netflix approval at all-time lows.

Apple buying Hulu would be great. Too bad it won’t.

The possible combination of Apple and Hulu has got the world buzzing with excitement, as such a deal could combine one of the top consumer electronics manufacturers with everyone’s favorite broadcast TV destination online. But the deal seems unlikely, given the lack of a strategic fit.

Hulu Plus

The premium upgrade to the Fox/NBC video platform promises subscribers full back catalogs and current seasons of their favorite shows — across…

Hulu-Facebook integration returns. But will users connect?

Hulu has once again rolled out its Facebook Connect capability, enabling users to easily share what they’re viewing on the online video site with their friends on Facebook. But after the botched initial launch, will users be willing to merge their accounts?

Hulu Plus tops 1M users

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar gave an update on the company’s progress as it enters the second half of the year. One key takeaway: The company is well ahead of its target of reaching one million paying Hulu Plus subscribers by the end of the year.

Hulu halts Facebook Connect after exposing user data

Hulu’s Facebook Connect integration apparently isn’t going as well as planned. The feature has been pulled offline after people reported having issues with the sign-in process earlier today, with some being exposed to other users’ account data in the process.

Hulu adds social features with Facebook Connect

Hulu is getting a lot more social with new features based on Facebook Connect. Users will now be able to log into the service with their Facebook account, comment on specific moments in a show they are watching, interact with friends and discover new content.

Hulu Plus hands-on: now playing on six Android phones

Hulu Plus subscribers with Google Android phones can now watch their favorite movies and television shows on the go. The bad news: Only six handsets support the software for now. The good news: If your phone is supported, the Hulu Plus app offers a great experience.

Miramax Deal Brings Amelie, Clerks to Hulu

Fans of Amelie, Pulp Fiction and Clerks can soon watch these titles on Hulu Plus, thanks to a new licensing agreement between Miramax and Hulu. And there is good news for freeloaders as well: About 15 Miramax titles will be available ad-supported on

Roku Adding Casual Games, Starting With Angry Birds

Roku will soon add support for casual games, starting with Rovio’s ultra-popular Angry Birds franchise, which will be launched on a new generation of devices. Angry Birds and other casual games will be rolled out this summer, as Roku adds new products to support the launch.

TiVo Finally Adding Hulu Plus, Giving Away 6 Months Free

It looks like TiVo is finally adding Hulu Plus to the list of online video services available through its DVRs. And based on promotional materials spotted in some Best Buy stores, TiVo is offering up six free months of the Hulu Plus service to new customers.

PSN Outage Over, But No Refunds for PS3 Netflix Users

Sony has brought back its PlayStation Network after a month-long outage, which means that PS3 users will also be able to once again access Netflix and Hulu Plus on their game console. However, Netflix isn’t planing to give users any credit for the outage time.

Hulu Plus Now Available on Microsoft’s Xbox Live

Hulu Plus is drastically expanding availability, now opening up to millions of Xbox game console owners. Thanks to its rollout on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform and access to its install base, Hulu Plus could see a big boost in adoption.

Hulu Plus ‘Coming Soon’ to Android Mobile Devices

Before today, users who wanted mobile access to Hulu’s subscription service needed an iPad or other iOS device to watch their favorite broadcast shows on the go. But the startup said today at CES that an Android mobile app would be released in the coming months.

Poll for the New Year: What Will Shake Up 2011?

2010 was a year of shifts and experiments as the power of streaming content began to truly change the business of entertainment. And 2011’s undoubtedly only going to be more crazy in that regard. But what’s going to be the source of those changes?

With No IPO, Will Hulu Ever Shake Off Its Shareholders?

Hulu has been fairly successful in bringing high-quality, broadcast content available online. But with its IPO plans shelved, it looks like Hulu might never be able to shake itself free of its content partners — who just happen to also be its shareholders.

No Hulu Plus for Your Cable DVR

Getting a new TiVo Premiere DVR through a lease from your cable company? Then don’t be surprised if it offers you less than the same device sold in stores: Hulu and Netflix aren’t allowed to offer their subscription services on DVRs distributed by cable companies.

Cord Cutters: Is Hulu Plus Enough to Replace Cable?

Hulu Plus is becoming available on more and more connected devices these days, and features a pretty slick user interface. But given that a lot of Hulu content isn’t available on Hulu Plus, does it make sense as a service for those dropping their cable?

Netflix CEO: Hulu Plus ‘May Grow Into a Competitor’

Hulu Plus is making a run at Netflix, with a price cut announced today and broad distribution across a number of devices — including many that Netflix is already on. But at the Web 2.0 Summit, Netflix’s CEO downlplayed the competitive threat posed by Hulu’s subscription service.

Video: A First Look at Hulu Plus on Roku

Hulu Plus is now available in the Roku channel store. New users can check the service out for a week, after which it will cost $7.99 per month. That money gets you plenty of TV shows, with commercials. Check out a first look at the service.

Hulu Plus Cuts Price to $7.99, But Will Users Bite?

Online video startup Hulu cut the price of its Plus service to $7.99 a month, shaving $2 off the cost of monthly subscription. The service also announced a number of new devices that it will become available on, as well as a number of new promotions

Hulu Plus Arrives In the Roku Channel Store

Hulu is making its subscription service available in the Roku Channel Store as part of a software update on the streaming set-top box. In a tweet, Roku confirmed that the Hulu Plus channel can now be downloaded, and gave instructions on how to access the service.

Hulu Plus Could Get a Price Cut

Hulu might slash the price of Hulu Plus in half, from $9.95 a month to $4.95 a month. The possibility of a price cut could indicate the subscription service, which is still in beta, might not have generated the consumer interest that Hulu had hoped for.

Cutting the Cord: Why I Love My PlayStation3

There’s no perfect solution yet to watching all the content you want on your TV, but for me, the PS3 has become invaluable. When you look at all the features gaming consoles offer on top of basic set-top services, it makes the extra money worthwhile.

Time Warner Clinging to a Dying Business Model

Make no mistake: Time Warner is building a pay wall for its cable assets online. Its Google TV and TV Everywhere initiatives are defensive measures designed to keep customers subscribed to pay TV. But if its strategy is to restrict access to content, it will lose.

Roku, TiVo Add Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is gaining two more ways to connect with potential subscribers: TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) and Roku are adding access to Hulu Plus through…

Hulu Plus Definitely Coming to Roku and TiVo

Today, Roku is officially confirming that a Hulu Plus channel will be available on the set-top box later this fall. In addition, TiVo has announced that they too will be teaming with Hulu to provide Hulu Plus access to TiVo Premiere subscribers.

Hulu Plus Is Coming to Roku

Roku users will soon be able to access Hulu Plus on their devices, if recent changes to the web site are any indicator. The site already features a partner page for Hulu, boasting that Hulu PLus is easy to set up on Roku’s boxes.

Hulu Plus on the PS3: Less Content Than on the Web

Playstation users wanting to give Hulu Plus a try have to pay for a Playstation Plus subscription as well as a Hulu Plus membership — but they still won’t be able to access as much content as users of the web version, thanks to licensing issues.

Reviewers Love Hulu Plus, But Will Anyone Pay for It?

Hulu’s subscription service has finally arrived in an invite-only beta, and a number of news sites have gotten early access to the service, which means the early reviews are in. The response has generally been positive, but is it positive enough for people to pay?

Is Hulu Plus Another Nail in the DVD Coffin?

Some see Hulu Plus as a potential Netflix killer, or even a cable TV killer — but the business that Hulu Plus is most likely to affect, at least in the near term, is the market for full-season collections of TV show DVDs.

Video Walkthrough: Hulu Plus on the iPad

Hulu Plus on the iPad is nice – if you get it to work. We noticed some serious latency issues that turned watching TV show episodes through the app a test of our patience. However, once you get it to work, you’re rewarded with great-looking video.

Hulu Ready to Take on Netflix for CE Device Domination

Netflix has dominated the consumer electronics market with its $9-a-month streaming subscription service, but it could get some competition, as Hulu’s subscription TV service will be available across many of the same CE platforms that have helped drive adoption of Netflix’s Watch Instantly service.

Hulu Launches ‘Plus’ Subscription Service

Hulu has officially announced its long-awaited premium subscription service, giving users access to more shows and a wider range of content that they’ll be able to watch on multiple consumer electronics devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players.