Report: AT&T to discontinue HTC First Facebook phone

Reports are surfacing that AT&T plans to discontinue Facebook’s HTC First phone, which just launched last month. The carrier had already dropped the price of the phone to 99 cents, it announced last week, and could spell bad news for Facebook’s mobile plans.

HTC rearms for holiday smartphone fight with One X+

When HTC said it was changing strategies and cutting back on phone models, it never said anything about refreshing existing handsets. That’s precisely what it has in the HTC One X+: Same on the outside, but better performance and battery life with new internal hardware.

Squeezed out by Apple and Samsung, HTC’s woes continue

Once a rising star, HTC has struggled for several quarters due to strong competition from Apple and Samsung. The company’s One X smartphone line has boosted revenues a little, but HTC’s confidence is waning: It lowered next quarter’s expectations for the third time in a row.

For HTC, Beats partnership was missing a beat

Beats Electronics, which sold half the company to Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., for $300 million in August 2011, says it is buying back 25% of itself. For HTC it is a lesson that reinforces the importance of focus on its core business.

Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE arrives May 18 for $199

Sprint will launch the HTC EVO 4G LTE handset on May 18, adding another 4G smartphone that will only run on Sprint’s 3G network until the carrier launches LTE in the next few months. Similar to other HTC One handsets, the EVO 4G LTE should impress.

Hey, Google, take control of Android already, will ya?

Google’s open approach to Android has certainly helped build the platform’s user base: Android powers more than half of the world’s smartphones. But how much further can this strategy take Google when the “Wild West show” continues and carriers exacerbate the problem? It’s time for change.

Nokia hits HTC, RIM and Viewsonic with patent claim suits

Nokia filed claims against HTC, Research In Motion and Viewsonic in both the U.S. and Germany, saying that 45 Nokia patents were infringed. Why are the mobile patent wars raging? Major innovation is slowing down in this market; now the battles are in the courts.

As Apple and Samsung accelerate, HTC’s sales fade away

HTC reported weak fourth quarter results and forecast an even tougher first quarter as competition from Apple and Samsung squeezed the Taiwanese smartphone maker. HTC said it was expecting first quarter revenue of between 65 billion and 70 billion Taiwanese dollars, well below analyst expectations.

Apple wins import ban on select HTC smartphones

Apple on Monday won a formal import ban against some HTC Android handsets in the U.S. from the International Trade Commission. The ITC decision relates to HTC devices that implement a feature that links data in documents like emails to other applications.

HTC deploys Beats-enabled Rezound for holiday push

With the high-end smartphone market filling up with a glut of choices from Apple, Motorola and Samsung, HTC introduced the Rezound on Thursday, a new media-focused LTE Android smartphone on Verizon that will be the first HTC phone to feature Beats Audio technology in the U.S.

Why 1 in 2 smartphones in the U.K. run Android

When visiting the U.K. and looking at the locals, odds are that every other one is using an Android device. BlackBerry is now the second most carried, followed by Apple’s iPhone; the old no. 2. How did this happen, and is it likely to continue?

Apple gets with the wireless revolution

Apple’s latest transformation is complete. By delivering its first firmware over-the-air (FOTA) iOS 5 beta update in July, Apple freed its wireless consumers from being tethered to a PC or Mac to receive firmware updates. And it’s helped made wireless updates mainstream.

iPhone snags two-thirds of mobile industry profits

In the last year, without introducing a new handset model, Apple has gone from being responsible for half the mobile industry’s profits to accounting for two-thirds of that growing pile of cash. Meanwhile, Android device makers are still seeing a relatively meager share.

Android extends its lead as BlackBerry fades, WP7 stalls

Android, despite some mounting legal challenges in the marketplace, is flying higher than ever, according to Nielsen, which said Google’s operating system is on about four out of every 10 smartphones sold in the U.S. Apple, meanwhile, reigns as the top manufacturer.

HTC Facebook phone status: available July 17 on AT&T

The first handset with a dedicated Facebook button, aptly named the HTC Status arrives on AT&T’s network July 17. At $49 you won’t get a high-end handset with a peppy processor, but if simple Facebook sharing is your thing, the Status hits the right buttons.

Updated: BlackBerry teaming up with UI firm

RIM, the company behind the iconic BlackBerry line of smartphones is rumored to be teaming up with YOU i Labs, an Ontario-based company that is known for having developed Sense-like user experience layer. What does that mean? An enhanced Blackberry UI for starters.

VIDEO: HTC Sensation 4G, Sense 3.0 first look

T-Mobile’s latest smartphone, the HTC Sensation 4G arrives in carrier stores next week, but you don’t have to wait for a first look. Aside from a hardware tour, you can see many of the new features in HTC Sense 3.0, which offers a clean user interface.

HTC Sensation 4G With Video Store Coming to T-Mobile

The HTC Sensation 4G, just announced for T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network, seems to have it all: a dual-core CPU; large, high-resolution display; and high-end camera for 1080p video recording. Topping it off are two key software features in an updated HTC Sense and HTC Watch.

HTC Investments Show Need to Differentiate

HTC’s move to buy video platform provider Saffron Digital for $48.6 million and invest $40 million in streaming gaming service Onlive show that manufacturers can’t be content to just deliver great handsets. Video and gaming content is increasingly necessary to stand out in a crowded market.

HTC to Use USB Port for HDMI Video

What if you could connect cell phones straight to TV set HDMI ports without adding an HDMI port to the phone itself? That’s the idea behind MHL, a new standard that uses Micro USB ports for HDMI video. One of the first adopters is HTC.

Stress Testing the iPhone 4, HTC Desire

A website has launched that puts popular smartphones through a series of controlled stress tests to see how they fare. takes smartphones and puts some serious hurt on them, then ranks them so consumers can tell how each phone stacks up against the competition.

Is HTC Next Up For An App Store?

It started as a diminutive ODM – the first to build an operator-branded mobile device, using the Windows OS, with nary a mention of its own…

HTC Targets 8.5M Smartphones Next Quarter

Taiwan-based HTC is looking to entrench its position as a top smartphone maker next quarter, and is predicting it will ship 8.5 million handsets in the fourth quarter. HTC was the first OEM to jump onto the Android train, a strategy repeated with Windows Phone 7.

Apple Cleans Up at T3 Gadget Awards

U.K. magazine T3 gave out its Gadget Awards last night, annual prizes that are awarded to the best and brightest in consumer electronics. The awards reminded that the buying public’s love of Apple products in general, and with the iPad specifically, is an international affair.

T-Mobile G2 has Onboard Hacking Protection

The T-Mobile G2 is a phone that may have a first for such handsets: an internal cop that detects if the user “roots” the phone and if so, undoes it. Hackers working the G2 have rooted the phone, but the modification gets removed automatically.

Microsoft Sues Motorola for Patent Infringement

Microsoft has legally declared its belief that Android uses technology covered by Microsoft’s intellectual property by suing Motorola for patent infringement. Motorola is one of the top sellers of Android phones, and the suit sends a clear message to Android phone makers.

New HTC Sense Brings the Phone to the Living Room

Android phone giant HTC today unveiled two new phones and the next generation of the Sense interface that aims to bring the phone to the living room with DLNA support. The new phones add wireless streaming to the big screen, turning the phones into lifestyle devices.

The T-Mobile G2 Is Super Geeky, Super Fast

Two years ago, T-Mobile USA launched the first-ever Google (NSDQ: GOOG) phone, the T-Mobile G1, a phone that only now can be described as an…

Google’s Nexus One for Developers Sold Out

Google has sold out of its “substantial initial inventory” of the Nexus One set aside to sell to developers. HTC, the maker of the Nexus One, will have more units for Google as soon as possible. The AMOLED shortage will affect when additional inventory is available.

3 Reasons Google Should Make its own Tablets

The Nexus One smartphone was produced through a collaboration with Google and HTC to jump-start the fledgling Android platform. This effort was a success, and there are three reasons Google should repeat the Nexus One process in the tablet space with both Android and Chrome OS.

A Typical Day With a Superphone

The smartphone of today has become a powerhouse that fits in a pocket. That is why some even refer to them as “superphones”, which is very appropriate. To demonstrate how useful the smartphone has become, I present this mini-chronicle of a typical day with my smartphone.

HTC Says No to AMOLED: Nexus One Lives On?

HTC, maker of many Android phones, has seen top phones like the Incredible failing to meet demand due to a shortage of AMOLED screens. The company announced today it will be switching to Sony’s Super LCD (SLCD) displays in future phones, including the Nexus One.

Droid X and HTC EVO 4G Head-to-Head

I love my job. I have the two hottest Android phones sitting in front of me. The two phones are the Motorola Droid X and the HTC EVO 4G and both are nice. Let’s compare them in some key areas and see how they stack up.

Android This Week: Big Revenue; Free Apps; Droid X Here

The adoption of Android phones continues to grow at a rapid pace, which spells big business for the phone makers. HTC is the largest of those, and its recent financial results showed big gains as a result. Developers are choosing Android over others in big numbers.

Android Helps HTC Sales Jump 63% in Second Quarter

HTC has posted financial numbers for June and has realized a 66.68 percent gain in revenues for the month over the previous year. HTC is the largest producer of Android phones, and these results demonstrate the tremendous growth of the platform in the smartphone space.

Android This Week: Gingerbread; Kindle; EVO 4G Video

Details about Gingerbread are appearing on the web and it sounds like Google is trying to stem the fragmentation caused by having so many versions in the market. Kindle for Android was released this week, and a video look at the hot EVO 4G was published.

Will Android 3.0 Stifle Upgrades?

Android 2.2 is just rolling out to the Nexus One, yet talk of the next version is already ramping up. A Russian podcast shared details about Android 3.0, dubbed Gingerbread, and it looks like Google may be moving to take more control over the platform.

Android Cheat Sheet: The Top 6 Android Phones

Apple may be selling millions of iPhones but there’s no denying Android is a hot platform with 160,000 phones activated daily. Carriers are bringing high-end Android smartphones to the market, and this comparison of the top six should make that purchase decision a little easier.

Droid Kicking Android Butt; EVO Catching Nexus One

Android is like that runaway mine car in the Indiana Jones movie — it’s gathering speed so fast it’s unstoppable. Keeping an eye on published numbers about the share of Android in the smartphone space is always enlightening, but some new numbers are quite telling.

How To Stretch Battery Life on the HTC EVO 4G

Some reviewers are reporting the HTC EVO’s battery only lasts a few hours, while others (myself included) find it lasts as long as any other phone. A few simple steps can tune Android 2.x to give good battery life on any Android phone.

MobileTechRoundup 210

Join James, Matt and Kevin live for this week’s audio podcast where they’ll cover this week’s mobile technology news and share experiences with the latest software, hardware and web services. If you missed the live show, you can grab an MP3 audio recording.

Verizon Droid Incredible — First Look

The Droid Incredible by HTC is now available on the Verizon network in the U.S. and one just showed up at my door. These photos will have to tide you over for now. I can tell you one thing — this phone is FAST.

HTC Licenses Microsoft Patents for Android

Microsoft has inked a licensing agreement with HTC for its mobile phone patents that gives HTC access to “broad coverage” under Redmond’s portfolio. It comes in the shadow of Apple suing HTC for patent infringement, a move widely believed to be aimed at Google and Android.

Droid Incredible Goes Live — Reviews Out

It’s not the Nexus One on Verizon that everyone has been waiting for but if early reviews are to be believed it’s better. The Droid Incredible is now available for pre-order through Verizon, with in-store availability on April 29. It’s not the Nexus One but better.

For HTC, Android Brings Growth & Profits

Thanks to powerful ad campaigns, Google’s backing, great products and a carrier-friendly stance, HTC of Taiwan is becoming a smartphone superpower. The company just reported blockbuster first-quarter results. In many ways, it is the anti-Palm.

Is Your Phone Looking Over Its Shoulder?

I have no shortage of smartphones but I have to admit they are getting long in the tooth. Why do I have a feeling I see a superphone in my future? It’ll be “want one” then “I gotta have one” in short order. How about you?

HTC to Apple — We Were First

Smartphone maker HTC has been largely silent since hit by Apple with the suit claiming patent infringement. The company is not being silent any longer and sent over a statement addressing its position. HTC is declaring that when it comes to touch phones, HTC was first.

UPDATED: Apple Sues HTC for 20 iPhone Patent Infringements

After years of wondering how similar functions to Apple’s iPhone might be legally interpreted, Apple today filed a lawsuit against HTC, maker of the most Android handsets. Apple alleges that HTC is infringing on 20 iPhone patents. Could this suit shake up the Android market?

Apple Taps ITC to Kneecap Google

Apple has filed a lawsuit claiming HTC is infringing on 20 patents related to the iPhone’s user interface, hardware and architecture. But the lawsuit likely is a tactic to slow the remarkable momentum Android has picked up in recent months.

HTC’s Incredible Evolution of Nexus One for Verizon

We all know that Google’s Nexus One isn’t hitting Verizon Wireless until this spring. Wouldn’t it be incredible if a comparable Android handset with Sense UI offered Verizon customers another option? Check out the pics of the HTC Incredible and see for yourself.

How HTC Became a Smartphone Hero

While veteran cell phone makers like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola fight to remain relevant in the smartphone space, HTC has quietly become a player to be reckoned with. Like Apple, it was an outsider. That success can be traced to a few key factors.

HTC's You Ads Pwn Yahoo's You

HTC, the white label phone maker, lest it upset its carrier customers, has stayed away from advertising its products. No more —…

First Android-Based Prototype Launched

A La Mobile, a Linux-based mobile devices firm based in San Ramon, CA, says it is launching the first Android-based suite of applications, a…