Budget buster: HP’s new Android slate is $99

HP either can’t or won’t compete in the high-end Android tablet market so this new $99 slate takes on the no-name brands. Unfortunately, at this price range, brand name doesn’t often mean as much: There are plenty of low-cost tablets already on the market.

HP wants back into the smartphone market it abandoned

HP’s CEO Meg Whitman said that the company is working on getting back into the smartphone market. It’s another twist for a company that has had a confused smartphone strategy. While the news gives some clarity for HP, the company still has to execute.

Report: HP’s VJ to depart in printer group re-org

Vyomesh Joshi, a long-time HP executive in charge of its printer group, is leaving the company amid a reorganization that will fold HP’s printer group into its PC division under Todd Bradley, according to a report. His next destination is unclear.

HP Mini 1103 Enterprise-Class Netbook for $299

The netbook is not dead if HP’s release of the Mini 1103 is an indication. The Mini 1103 is a netbook aimed at the enterprise, and starts at the low price of $299. The 10.1-inch netbook has the ability to run applications without booting up Windows.

HP Slate 500 Gets Real With Pen and Touch

HP has been teasing us with its on-again/off-again relationship with the HP Slate, but it’s on again with the official release of the Slate 500. The Slate 500 is aimed at the enterprise, with features not found in other Windows touch tablets, including pen support.

Who Will Be Affected if Windows Phone Thrives?

Microsoft’s Windows Phone won’t hit the shelves until next month, but the OS is already drawing accolades from many. If the operating system really does restore Microsoft’s lost relevance in mobile, which handset makers will it affect and who will the eventual winners and losers be?

Open Cirrus Project Adds New Contributors, Increases Footprint

Open Cirrus, an open source test bed for advancing cloud computing based research, has attracted new organizations including two telecommunications firms. China Mobile Research Institute, the Supercomputing Center of Galicia in Spain, China Telecom’s Guangzhou Research Institute, and Georgia Tech University have all joined the project.

HP Buys ArcSight to Bring Security to the Cloud

Hewlett-Packard has agreed to buy security software maker ArcSightfor $1.5 billion in cash, as the computer giant tries to expand the range of services it offers corporate clients. ArcSight’s software is used by companies and governments to track and identify suspicious activity on corporate networks.

Video: HP Mini 5103- Dual-Core Atom Inside

The HP Mini 5103 is the newest member of HP’s netbook product line aimed at the enterprise. The brushed aluminum casing, full-sized keyboard and long battery life is much like the previous model, with one notable improvement. This video shows the small Mini from all angles.

HP Mini 5103 Review: Dual-Core Atom & Touch

The HP Mini 5103 is the next generation of netbook with the Atom dual-core processor and touch screen. It is aimed at the enterprise with metal construction for durability, but consumers may find it a good fit for their needs, too.

HP Fall Line-up Announced: Dual-Core Netbook Included

HP has introduced its fall line-up with five notebooks and the new HP Wireless TV Connect unit for wirelessly connecting a notebook to HD televisions. The notebooks include two new Envy models (one with 3-D), the Pavilion dm3 and two new netbooks.

Updated: HP's CEO Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Inquiry

Hewlett-Packard said today that Chairman, CEO and President Mark Hurd has resigned his positions following an inquiry over a sexual harassment claim. HP’s press release led with the scandal, but also noted that the computing company has raised is revenue expectations for the year.

Where is Apple’s 30″ LED Cinema Display?

I understand Apple withholding of cool features like FaceTime and bluetooth multitouch trackpads to fuel demand and excite Mac users every few weeks with a new toy, but display technologies are universally exactly the same. So where is a 30″ LED Cinema Display?

Why HP Should Shelve Android Tablet Plans

HP is reportedly shelving plans to deliver an Android tablet this year, which makes sense. By purchasing Palm, HP can emulate Apple by controlling tablet hardware and software. But more importantly — Android isn’t ready to power a successful tablet, not from HP or anyone else.

HP Shipping ePrinter: Printing Without a Computer

HP has started shipping the e-All-in-One-D110a — a network printer making it possible to print wirelessly from anywhere. The D110a has integrated Wi-Fi and its own email address that provides the ability to scan, copy and print from any device that has access to email.

Video: HP EliteBook 2740p Convertible Touch Notebook

The HP EliteBook 2740p notebook is the third generation of the Tablet originally released as the 2710p. This tablet adds advanced processor options and touch input to a thin convertible form with a swivel screen. In this video tour you get a walk around the notebook.

HP 2740p Convertible Notebook First Touch

On a typical day in my past life as a consultant, you would usually find me in a meeting with a Tablet PC in my hand. The 2740p that HP sent over is a good evolution of my favorite tablet of all time, due to touch.

MS Courier, HP Slate Canceled?

While the big news this week was undoubtedly the HP purchase of Palm, two other news items may impact the mobile technology scene down the road. They may be related to the HP/ Palm merger, too. Microsoft canceled the Courier and HP the Slate.

When the Tablet PC is Overkill

Today I made a visit to the doctor that restored my hearing, a medical practice that is outfitted with Tablet PCs. In spite of having Tablet PCs everywhere I looked, all were being used as laptops. The pen functionality was not needed, and a wasted expense.

HP Mini 5102 Netbook Video Review

The HP Mini 5102 netbook is as good as any netbook available. The metal casing and long battery life make the 5102 a great traveling companion. If you’ve been waiting for a good look around the 5102, your wait is over. It was worth it.

HP Touches the 2740p Tablet PC

The HP 2730p is one of the best Tablet PCs ever produced, and the new 2740p retains the strengths of the older version while adding a touch screen option. The convertible notebook is highly configurable, including new Core i5 and Core i7 processor options.

Time for a Standard for Touch?

Touch functionality has become a key component of a host of different operating systems on smartphones, laptops and even traditional PCs. So…

Building a Blade Server: The HP Factory Tour

Last Friday I was given a tour of HP’s factory floors in Houston, where it makes high-value custom servers for clients. The pictures I took document all the steps involved, from gathering the boards and chips to the shipping of individual servers, with a quick shot of an HP system being built.

HP Greens Its Printers, Meh

It’s a green marketing blitz from Hewlett Packard today. Amid announcements of greener packaging, labeling, manufacturing and energy managment there are some…

Qualcomm's Gobi Ambitions

Qualcomm’s Gobi wireless platform aims to make it easy for manufacturers to put a 3G network card inside a laptop without going through multiple carrier certification programs. If widely adopted, it would gives the company a foothold inside the fast-growing laptop market — and a way to move beyond its intellectual property monopoly on the aging CDMA standard.

SpikeSource Serious Suspicions

Michael Coté who despite being hundreds of miles away from the epicenter of hype around SpikeSource, nails it in his post. and…