Extending Hadoop Towards the Data Lake

Early adopters of the data lake are integrating Hadoop into current workflows and addressing challenges around the cleanliness, validity, and protection of their data.

Why the Hortonworks IPO could be a bellwether for Hadoop

Hortonworks’ IPO filing on Monday shows that Hadoop is still a resource- and risk-intensive business, but also suggests it’s one that public market investors will be willing to back. It might also start the ball rolling for long-anticipated moves in Hadoop.

Hortonworks is pitching an object store for Hadoop

Some members of the Hadoop community are proposing a new object storage environment for Hadoop, which would let the big data platform store data in a manner similar to popular cloud data stores such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Storage and OpenStack Swift.


Beyond MapReduce: How the new Hadoop works

New features included in Hadoop’s latest releases go some way towards freeing an increasingly capable data platform from the constraints of its early dependence on one specific technical approach: MapReduce.


Moving Hadoop beyond MapReduce

Hadoop far more than the one-trick pony it was once characterized as, and with its new capabilities, businesses are using it to gain real insight and add real value.

MapR raises $110M to fuel its enterprise Hadoop push

MapR has raised $110 million, $80 million of which is equity financing, in order to fuel its growing Hadoop business in the face of better-known rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks. Like those companies, MapR says it has the winning strategy and aims to be a publc company.

In Hadoop, Yahoo is still Hortonworks’ secret weapon

Hadoop is a complex technology, so it helps to have friends in high places when you’re trying to develop it and integrate webscale tooling into enterprise environments. For Hortonworks, that friend is Yahoo, with which it continues a deep engineering partnership.

Hadoop maturity summits

Last week’s Hadoop Summit brought announcements that further galvanize Hadoop’s versatility and mainstream status.

Hortonworks raises $100M to scale its Hadoop business

Hadoop vendor Hortonworks has closed a fourth round of venture capital worth $100 million. It follows up on news last week that competitor Cloudera had closed its own $160 million round. Everyone agrees there’s huge opportunity in Hadoop, but capitalizing on it takes capital.

Structure Data 2014 live coverage

Here you’ll find links to our coverage of Structure Data 2014 as well as a link to the live stream of the event, which starts at 9am ET in New York.

5 things everyone should know about Hadoop

It didn’t take long for the Hadoop market to become a juggernaut, and it won’t take long for it to undergo some significant technological changes. Cloudera co-founder and chief strategy officer Mike Olson came on the Structure Show podcast to break it down.

Structure Data: Just the right amount of Hadoop

You can’t talk about data without talking Hadoop. That’s why three CEOs — Rob Bearden of Hortonworks, Tom Reilly of Cloudera and Paul Maritz of Pivotal — will take the stage to talk about where the market it headed and how their companies are helping steer its direction.

Why the world should care about Hadoop 2

Hadoop 2 has brought along with it new ways of processing data and storing even more data. It suggests the Hadoop community understands the challenge in front of it — to keep innovating so users don’t have to look elsewhere.

Rackspace offers up its take on Hadoop as a service

Rackspace has opened its Hortonworks-powered Hadoop service for early access customers, about a year after announcing it would be building the offering. It’s neither the first nor the last managed Hadoop service we’ll see this week.

Hortonworks has big plans to make Storm work for the enterprise

Hortonworks is working to integrate the Storm stream-processing engine with its Hadoop distro, and hopes to have it ready for enterprise apps within a year’s time. It’s the latest non-batch functionality for Hadoop thanks to YARN, which lets Hadoop run all sorts of processing frameworks.

How to get started in data science

http://hortonworks.com/blog/how-to-get-started-in-data-science/#.UkNOfLx543c This seems like good advice from Hortonworks’ Ofer Mendelevitch. Python? Check. Java? Check. Hadoop? Check. SQL? Check. Stats? Check. But his…

Hortonworks, Hadoop, Stinger and Hive

http://www.dbms2.com/2013/08/06/hortonworks-hadoop-stinger-and-hive/ Curt Monash has some interesting data points on Hortonworks and the Hadoop market from its point of view — competitive landscape,…

Cloudera makes SQL a first-class citizen in Hadoop

Cloudera has joined the fray of Hadoop companies trying to turn the big data platform into an engine for exploring data interactively using standard SQL. As the biggest company in the space, its new technology called Impala could go a long way toward changing Hadoop’s image.

The state of Hadoop: Strong and poised to explode

Now six years old, the Apache Hadoop platform for storing and processing huge amounts of data, perhaps the catalyst of the current big data movement, appears ready for its closeup. According to the companies leading the Hadoop charge, they’re already beating away customers with a stick.

Hortonworks releases Hadoop distro, teams with VMware

One year after launching into the Hadoop market with much anticipation, Yahoo spinoff Hortonworks finally has a product available. The company announced version 1.0 of its flagship Hortonworks Data Platform on Tuesday, as well as a High Availability version designed with new partner VMware.

All aboard the Hadoop money train

Market research firm IDC released the first legitimate market forecast for Hadoop on Monday, claiming the ecosystem around the de facto big data platform will sell almost $813 million worth of software by 2016. But Hadoop’s actual economic impact is likely much, much larger.

IBM taps Cloudera for big data platform

IBM’s big data platform will support the Cloudera Hadoop distribution, a surprising decision given the reservations the two companies had expressed about each other before. That gives IBM and rival Oracle at least one thing in common: Oracle’s Big Data Appliance runs Cloudera too.

Here’s another big data startup from Team Yahoo

Last summer, Yahoo’s investments in big data brought us Hadoop startup Hortonworks, and now those same investments brought us predictive-marketing startup InsightsOne. The company, founded by the team responsible for building Yahoo’s consumer analytics platform, launched on Thursday with $4.3 million in Series A funding.


Why service providers matter for the future of big data

One major solution to the big data skills shortage has been the emergence of consulting and outsourcing firms specializing in deploying big data systems that companies need in order to actually derive value from their information. These companies will continue to play a vital role in helping the greater corporate world make sense of the mountains of data they are collecting. However, if the current wave of democratizing big data lives up to its ultimate potential, today’s consultants and outsourcers will have to find a way to keep a few steps ahead of the game in order to remain relevant.

Hadoop jumps through hoops, becomes mainstream

Matt Howard of Norwest Venture Partners predicts that 2012 and 2013 will be Hadoop’s breakout years. Howard gives us insight into the five factors that will accelerate Hadoop’s mainstream adoption over the next 18 months.

Hadoop: Bigger than SpringSource, JBoss and MySQL combined?

Rob Bearden, CEO of Hortonworks, the Hadoop startup that spun out of Yahoo in June 2011, knows a thing or two about making open source software profitable. And he thinks Hadoop has an opportunity to be bigger than the markets for JBoss, SpringSource and MySQL combined.

Teradata taps Hortonworks to improve Hadoop story

Data-warehouse veteran Teradata has tightened its embrace of the Hadoop big data platform via a partnership with Hortonworks. The goal is to give customers big data environments that integrate everything from the Teradata Database for advanced SQL analytics and the Hortonworks Data Platform Hadoop distribution.

With a new CEO, will Hortonworks get serious about Hadoop?

There has been a series of significant, but unannounced management changes at Hortonworks, the Hadoop startup that Yahoo spun off in June. Former COO Rob Bearden is taking over the top executive role, with some thinking his task will be whipping the company into shape.

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Hadoop features front and center in the discussion of how to implement a big data strategy, one of the biggest trends in IT. There’s just one problem that keeps cropping up: many people don’t seem to know exactly what it means when somebody says “Hadoop.”

We’re entering the golden age of Hadoop

Although the first couple years of commercial Hadoop attention have been characterized by an attitude of “Hadoop is great, but …”, the tone is changing as Hadoop vendors increase the platform’s palatableness with each new iteration. No longer is Hadoop necessarily an epic undertaking rife with pitfalls.

Cloudera puts the Hadoop in Oracle’s Big Data Appliance

Oracle’s Big Data Appliance is now for sale, featuring Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution and management tools. Regardless of what anybody thinks about Oracle’s strategy, the deal is a coup for Cloudera as it tries to fend off competition from fellow Hadoop startups Hortonworks and MapR.

‘My Hadoop is bigger than yours’

Money has turned the Hadoop community, once united under the Apache banner and the cuddly stuffed-toy-elephant logo, into something resembling a frat house: Everyone’s under the same roof, but there’s plenty of machismo to go around. If it’s not good business; it is good theater.

6 reasons why 2012 could be the year of Hadoop

Hadoop gets plenty of attention from investors and the IT press, but it’s very possible we haven’t seen anything yet. All the action of the last year has just been setting the stage for what should be a big year.

NetApp does network-attached Hadoop

Targeting customers demanding more-reliable and efficient Hadoop clusters to power their big data efforts, NetApp has partnered with Cloudera to deliver a Hadoop storage system called the NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop. It combines Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution and management software with a NetApp-built RAID architecture.

Yahoo spinoff shakes up Hadoop market with new distro

Hortonworks is getting into software after all with today’s release of the open-source Hortonworks Data Platform. This is a smart move by Hortonworks, which will need more than name recognition to displace Hadoop elder statesman Cloudera as well as mega-vendors EMC, Oracle and IBM.

Hadoop’s civil war: Does it matter who contributes most?

Cloudera and Hortonworks have been playing a game of oneupsmanship over the past few weeks in an attempt to prove whose contributions to the Apache Hadoop project matter most. Reputation matters to both companies, but maybe not as much as fending off encroachments to their turf.

What it means if Yahoo Hadoop spinoff doesn’t do distribution

All the speculation about how Yahoo’s Hadoop spinoff company, Hortonworks, will affect Cloudera and other companies providing Hadoop-based products might have been overblown. The company is still figuring out its strategy around offering a Hadoop distribution, which could be good news for competitors such as Cloudera.

Battle on: MapR, Cloudera pimp their Hadoop products

The fight for Hadoop dominance is officially on. While Hortonworks is busy answering questions about its product strategy, Cloudera and MapR will demonstrate new versions of their distributions overflowing with bells and whistles. And there are several other competitive products lurking in the background.