Hopper gets another $12M to organize the web’s travel data

Hopper’s multiyear mission to use big data tools to bring structure to the web’s travel-related information continues with a fresh infusion of cash. CEO Frederic Lalonde talked about how his company is taking advantage of acquisition-happy Google’s interest in travel information.

Dish’s latest Hopper tweak reeks of legal positioning

As Variety first reported, Dish has quietly been rolling out a software upgrade to its new DVRs that puts the user more in control of the “AutoHop” commercial-skipping feature. Dish says the upgrade “enhances the user experience,” but it seems more legally motivated.

Big data is stealth travel site’s secret weapon

Hopper wants to make searching for travel options a more complete experience using big data tools, and it has raised millions to do it. Hopper lets users enter keyword searches, but it provides results far beyond those typically found in a keyword search.