Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: Video look at a speedy slate

When I held the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show, I was hooked. The new Tab is slimmer, has a vastly improved display, more RAM and a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. Here’s a first look at this thin, all-day Honeycomb tablet.

Why Mint on Android tablets could boost its user base

Mint’s financial management app for Android makes the move from phones to tablets on Wednesday. The software offers the same functionality as Mint’s iPad app, which is experiencing much higher take-up rates on tablets compared to smartphones. Here’s why Mint hopes for the same on Android.

Acer’s $349 10.1″ Android tablet lands in U.S.

Acer introduced its A200 tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in January, and unlike many products shown at the event, this one is already available for sale in the U.S. Is it worth the money, considering it uses technology that was available a year ago?

CES Video: Samsung Galaxy Note; Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE

In between appointments at CES, I spent ten minutes with two of Samsung’s newest devices. The 5.3-inch Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE grabbed my attention, so after a few minutes of using both, I took a few short video clips of these LTE devices.

Verizon, Motorola crossbreed the Droid

At CES, Motorola announced a new Droid for Verizon’s LTE network that appears to be a combination of all of its Android smartphones released to date. Meanwhile, LG got cinematic with LTE’s video stream capabilities, announcing a new HD phone, while Samsung unveiled its Tab 7.7.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire burns hot as the No. 2 tablet

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may already be the top selling Google Android slate and the no. 2 tablet behind Apple’s iPad. Amazon could move up to 4 million tablets this quarter, says iSuppli. And why not when you look at what you can do for $199?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus hits T-Mo with payment plan

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus launches with improvements and functions over the prior model, such as a faster dual-core processor and HSPA+ support. One other new feature: a monthly payment plan that lowers the up-front cost by adding $10 to the next 20 monthly bills.

Why the decline of the iPad is highly exaggerated

Yet another analyst report has joined the chorus of those claiming Apple will see its majority market share for tablet devices slide to less than a majority by 2014-2015. It’s quickly becoming a theme, but one which I find hard to back up in reality.

More CPUs won’t solve Android’s tablet problems

Asus is showing off the first Nvidia-powered quad-core tablet, which may intially run Google Android Honeycomb. I welcome advances in computer chips, but the time of “most powerful hardware” being best are long over. Today, top devices also require great apps and a solid user experience.

Netflix adds Android app support for Honeycomb tablets

Netflix has a new version of its Android app that adds support for Honeycomb tablets and expands availability beyond the U.S. The app is now available on the Android Market, expanding the number of devices its subscribers will be able to access it on.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus boasts Honeycomb, dual-core CPU

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, saying the 7-inch Android tablet will initially launch in Austria and Indonesia, but later expand to the U.S. and other regions. Some of the hardware upgrades appeal, but a key issue remains: selling tablets with lengthy contracts.

A first look at Google TV’s new apps

Google TV apps have started to pop up on the Android market, hinting at an imminent release of the Honeycomb-based next version of the smart TV platform. Wonder what those Google TV-specific apps look like? Then take a first look with our slide show.

Hoping to steal iPad sales, three new tablets debut

Big hardware vendors continue to fight Apple’s iPad for a piece of the tablet pie and the three newest entries debuted today at the IFA electronics show. Samsung went high-end in a small device, while Lenovo went low cost. Meanwhile, Toshiba slimmed its 10.1-inch Android tablet.

Sony Tablet P video: Finally a fresh tablet design!

With so many iPad lookalikes in the tablet market, it’s actually refreshing to see a new design. And the freshest of them all may be Sony’s new Tablet P with its dual screens in a folding clamshell case, which looks intriguing in this first look video.

$699 with contract? Good luck, HTC Jetstream tablet

AT&T’s first LTE tablet, the HTC Jetstream, sounds promising until you see the price of $699 with two-year contract. Yes, the slate supports AT&T’s upcoming LTE network, but the carrier should have learned a lesson from its rival Verizon: This price with contract doesn’t sell tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: a 7-inch, 720p tablet?

Samsung is expected to announced a new tablet, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, at next month’s IFA event. The 7.7 could indicate the screen size, but perhaps not: Samsung is working on 7-inch 720p Super AMOLED Plus screens, so this might be a 7-inch, high-definition slate.

Tablet timing: What the TouchPad says of the market

The demise of the HP TouchPad explains much about timing in the tablet market: Consumers won’t buy devices solely for their potential, at least not at full price. Tablet makers still playing catch-up to the iPad’s functions and features better be prepared for a long-term commitment.

HP can already say “We’re number 2!” with TouchPad

The most appealing tablet these days is clearly Apple’s iPad, but HP’s TouchPad is a surprising second choice, beating out the many Google Android tablets and RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook in a survey of potential tablet buyers. It may be too soon to call it the “OuchPad.”

Court allows Samsung Galaxy Tab to again sell in EU

A German court has temporarily lifted a restriction that was preventing Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold throughout most of Europe. The timing of this action coincides with news that Apple submitted inaccurate images of Samsung’s tablet, making it look more similar to Apple’s iPad.

Acer A100: Honeycomb may be better on 7-inch tablets

Acer’s new 7-inch Honeycomb tablet, the A100, launches today with a compelling $330 price tag. Helping to add appeal to the small slate is support for the compatibility zoom mode in Google Android 3.2 that better supports the many available smartphone apps on the small tablet.

Five reasons why you should buy the $99 Google TV

Logitech just significantly lowered the price of its Revue set-top box to $99. It’s a desperate move, but price-conscious consumers shouldn’t see it as a closeout sale. Instead, it may just be a great chance to get much more bang for your smart TV buck.

Motorola Xoom LTE upgrade reportedly due in September

Seven months after launching with the promise of using Verizon’s LTE network, the Motorola Xoom tablet is going to deliver. In September, the Android tablet will be upgradable to 4G mobile broadband at no charge, although owners may be without their Xoom for 6 business days.

Which is Verizon’s first LTE tablet? (Hint: not Xoom)

Verizon’s newest Android tablet arrives in stores this week and supports the operator’s 4G network. But wait, haven’t we heard that before? The Motorola Xoom is still waiting for its upgrade to use Verizon’s LTE network, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is ready to roll.

Android vs. iPad: the tablet sales figures that matter

A report earlier this week pegged one Android tablet sold for every two iPads. Sounds like Honeycomb tablets are catching up, right? But there’s a problem: The figures aren’t based on sales numbers at all. Here’s a logical, reasonable method to the real tablet-sales data.

Lenovo’s three new tablets try to tackle the iPad

Lenovo today introduced a trio of new tablet computers, two running Google’s Android 3.1 operating system and the third powered by Microsoft Windows 7. Netflix certification and pen support are nice features, but those alone aren’t enough. For the same cost, consumers are opting for iPads.

Which is the best tablet for you?

It’s been 14 months since Apple’s iPad debuted, and competitors have finally delivered on their tablet promises. But which is best for you? Based on my experience with all of the tablet platforms, this summary of device and platforms pros and cons can help you decide.

Google sees 500,000 Android devices activated everyday

Google is activating half a million Android devices a day, a major surge in just the last couple months, a sign of growing momentum for the platform. Google’s VP of mobile Andy Rubin says activations are growing 4.4 percent week over week.

How Zinio’s magazine app for Honeycomb just got better

When it comes to software for reading e-books or magazines, a better visual experience is key. Zinio’s magazine app today improves that experience, but the software itself isn’t the solution. Optimization with capable hardware makes the page turns and text zooming far more fluid than before.

With 50M installs, Swype matures for phones, tablets

Swype, a popular third-party Android keyboard, improves to version 3.0 with tap word prediction and a new resizing function specific to Honeycomb tablets. Since larger slates aren’t suited for one-handed use, the improved features show that Swype is willing to pivot, even after 50 million installs.

Toshiba readies the Thrive Android tablet for $429

After watching other hardware makers launch Google Honeycomb tablets, Toshiba’s take is ready. The Thrive ships next month but can be pre-ordered starting today. At $429, you only get 8 GB of internal storage, but a full-sized USB port and memory card slot can expand memory.

There’s the iPad and then there are tablets

Consumers searching online for a tablet aren’t looking for iPads, but instead, are trying to see what tablets from other manufacturers are available, according to research. Much like its iPhone, Apple has succeeded in building iPad as a brand and less as a tablet computer.

ViewSonic Proves Honeycomb Runs on 7-Inch Tablets

ViewSonic made good on a rumor from earlier this month and debuted its ViewPad 7x tablet running Google Honeycomb at Computex in Taipei. The 380-gram tablet should offer excellent portability but it’s unclear how well Honeycomb runs on the tablet which uses a third-party launcher.

Why Samsung’s Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Outsell 3G Models

A Wi-Fi version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 passed FCC certification, indicating that this non-carrier model could soon follow the 3G edition. In recent polls, the majority preferred Wi-Fi tablets for several reasons; the main one being such large slates are used more at home.

As Large Tablets Get Android 3.1, Smaller Slates Wait

In a sudden change, Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 will now ship with Android 3.1 while Acer is reportedly delaying its 7-inch A100 tablet due to screen challenges found with Android 3.0. Smaller slates may have to wait for the next major version of Android.

Acer’s A500 Is a Hefty Honeycomb Tablet on a Budget

At $449, Acer’s Iconia Tab A500 is among the least expensive Honeycomb tablets available today. Dropping the 3G radio and limiting internal storage help keep the price down, but at 1.69 pounds, the tablet’s weight is on the upside. How is this device for the price?

No Market for 7-Inch Tablets? News Begs to Differ

I’m either an early adopter or niche gadget lover with my 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab: People still tell me daily there’s no market for such a device. News from three different manufacturers says otherwise as new devices are planned; some with Google Android Honeycomb 3.0.

Judging the Google I/O Android News and Predictions

We made five Android predictions the day before the Google I/O keynote, so it’s time to check our score. Here’s how we fared, along with additional thoughts on what Google did, and didn’t, announce for Android smartphones, tablets and other connected devices in the home.

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Google distributed some 5,000 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets to attendees of the sold-out Google I/O 2011 developer conference, and GigaOM was in the house for the freebie. Since the device won’t debut publicly until June 8th, we filmed our hands-on unboxing of the new Tab.

Honeycomb Tablets Set to Improve With Android 3.1

Google outlined Honeycomb 3.1 features today, which rolls out now to Motorola Xoom tablets on Verizon’s network, with other devices to follow. There are noticeable improvements in the operating system, including support for USB add-ons, but consumers need more tablet-optimized third-party apps from developers.

Ice Cream Sandwich: Tablet Features on Android Phones

Google today confirmed that the next smartphone version of Android is called Ice Cream Sandwich and is targeted for launch in the final quarter of 2011. Although most phones won’t likely see the version until 2012, Google is working with partners to improve the update process.

5 Things Android Owners Can Expect from Google I/O

All thoughts will be on Android at tomorrow’s Google I/O developer event, as Android smartphones are outselling all other platforms while tablets haven’t yet found their legs. Here’s what to expect from one of Google’s keynote sessions that will focus entirely on the Android platform.

Google TV 2.0: Honeycomb, ARM & Android Market

Maybe it isn’t just a tablet OS after all: The next version of Google TV will be based on Honeycomb, the Android version that currently only powers a few select Android slates. Google also aims to improve its TV platform with apps and cheaper hardware.

Google Earth Lets You Travel the 3-D World on Tablets

Google today launched a tablet-optimized version of its Google Earth software for Honeycomb devices which truly showcases how solid Android software can run on a tablet. A 3-D graphics layer with textural buildings and contextual pop-ups make the application useful, informative and downright fun.

Acer Iconia Tab A500: First Look Video

When Acer announced a $449 price tag for the Iconia Tab A500 Honeycomb tablet, I knew I wanted to take a look at the device. A review unit just arrived, so here’s a quick first look at the device and size comparisons to Apple’s iPad 2.

Xoom Software Update Available, But It’s Not Enough

Verizon is releasing a software update Thursday for the Motorola Xoom tablet, but it doesn’t look like the features will boost flagging sales. Most of the changes are minor and don’t address bigger shortcomings found in Honeycomb. For that, device owners need to look to Google.

New Sony Android Tablets Ripen Before Honeycomb

Sony is finally getting into the Android tablet game, announcing two new Honeycomb tablets, codenamed S1 and S2, that arrive this fall. That gives time for Honeycomb to mature and gain tablet-optimizes software while Sony leverages its consumer electronics ecosystem for media and entertainment.

Android This Week: Skype On 3G; Amazon Tablet; G-Slate Review

Skype not only patched a security hole in the Android client, it added 3G calling as well, which I’m testing as a primary voice solution. More Amazon tablet tidbits appear, lending credence to a new device soon. Meanwhile, the T-Mobile G-Slate Honeycomb tablet gets a review.

Tablets, T-Mobile and AT&T Topped Mobile in Q1

From AT&T’s controversial proposed deal with T-Mobile to the ever-changing tablet landscape and the rise of near field communications, there were many stories to report from the first quarter of 2011. Here’s a look back at some of the key trends in the mobile technology space.

Review: T-Mobile G-Slate Shows Promise (in 3-D!)

T-Mobile’s G-Slate, the newest Google Honeycomb tablet, arrives April 20 for $529. The 8.9-inch tablet sits squarely in between the size of Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Is there room for such a slate, even if it offers both 3-D video and 4G mobile broadband?

By the Numbers: A History of the Android Invasion

Love it or hate it, Google’s Android platform continues to storm the mobile market with 350,000 device activations per day. That annual run rate now rivals all iOS devices sold by Apple in its first three years. Here’s a timeline of how Google accomplished it.

Will Tablets Spawn New Use Cases?

Anticipating how new technologies will be used, especially new form factors such as tablets, is difficult. Data from the recent immr tablet study show how individuals expect to use tablets, which in turn influences the various tablet hardware models and features they are apt to purchase.

PlayBook Reviews Vary, but Share an “Unfinished” Vibe

Opinions on the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet vary in small ways, but many reviewers agree that the device is lacking some features and functions, making it appear unfinished. But a few reviews are forward thinking; the tablet wars won’t be won or lost on today’s products.

5 Problems With Gartner’s Tablet Forecast

Research firm Gartner published its tablet forecast through 2015, saying that Apple will continue to rule the roost. That may be so, but there are some key problems with such a forecast because the tablet wars are only beginning; it’s too early to call this race.

Android This Week: Cheap Tablets; Nook Apps; Market Tweaks

After teasing with Android tablets in January, hardware makers are finally launching products. Three new models were announced this week and the Wi-Fi editions are priced less than Apple’s iPad. The $249 Nook Color e-reader is still a bargain and about to gain its own apps

Acer Shows ‘Em All How to Price a 10″ Tablet: $449

Acer’s answer to the iPad 2 will cost $449 and is now available for pre-order from Best Buy in the U.S. Hardware specifications are only part of the equation, and Honeycomb has room for improvement, but this pricing gives consumers a reason to consider the A500.

Acer’s Honeycomb Tablet Priced to Kickstart Sales

Acer’s Iconia A100 looks to be the first 7-inch tablet to run on Google’s Honeycomb operating system and it’s coming in at an appealing price: £299 from Amazon when it arrives later this month. Could this be the price point to help kickstart Honeycomb tablet sales?

ASUS Eee Pad Launches in UK Cheaper Than iPad 2

ASUS is launching its Eee Pad Transformer, a Google Android Honeycomb tablet with optional keyboard dock, for less than a comparable iPad 2. Based on similar (or better) specs, the Eee will give us the first glimpse at how well Honeycomb competes with Apple’s tablet.

Here’s Why Google Is Holding Honeycomb Back

Google isn’t yet releasing Honeycomb to the open-source community, so hardware makers that don’t already have an agreement to use the platform can’t yet build new products. Why is Google starting to take a little more control over it’s software? We saw why last month.

Why Samsung’s Bet on Tweener Tablets Is a Long Shot

Samsung unveiled a pair of new Galaxy Tab devices running Honeycomb, but there’s little difference between the two. At just a $30 difference between the 8.9- and 10.1-inch tablets, will most opt for the larger size? There’s not of a portability gain for the smaller slate.

Motorola Xoom Receiving Update, Flash: Will It Help?

Motorola’s Xoom has its first software update, but it’s mainly to prep for Adobe Flash, which arrives next week. Analysts say that Xoom sales are underwhelming and while Flash may help, Motorola needs to work with Google to bring stability to the Xoom tablet.

Why Android Smartphone Apps Are About to Improve

The first bits of Honeycomb are now starting to filter down into Android smartphones, in the form of Fragments. Here’s what these smart panes can do and why you’ll want programmers to start using them for Android apps on smartphones of every size.

Watch Out iPad, Honeycomb Has 16 Tablet Apps!

The first Honeycomb tablets are launching, but the store shelves for Android tablet apps are pretty empty, with just 16 titles appearing today. The race is on for developers to start boosting those numbers, because existing smartphone apps aren’t providing a rich tablet experience.

Motorola Xoom With Honeycomb: A First Look Video

Motorola’s Xoom tablet, the first with Google Android 3.0, arrives in stores tomorrow, but our review unit appeared today. Here’s an overview of the hardware, software and first hands on thoughts after just a few hours of use: Xoom has some hits and a few misses.

With Contract, a $599 Xoom Tablet Unlikely to Fly Off Shelves

Verizon will be subsidizing the Motorola Xoom tablet, bringing the contract price to $599 with a 2-year data plan commitment for the Android 3.0 tablet. But a contract lock-in won’t appeal to many since more than 100 new tablets were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Motorola at CES: Smartphones, Tablets and a Lapdoc?

Motorola debuted some products that were expected and one that wasn’t. We figured to see new dual-core smartphones for 4G networks, as well as an Android tablet, but now about a phone that docks into a laptop shell to be your full-fledged computer?

T-Mobile, LG Team Up for Honeycomb G-Slate Tablet

T-Mobile’s first 4G tablet is the G-Slate, built by LG and running Honeycomb, or Google Android 3.0. Specific details on the tablet, which won’t be immediately available, are forthcoming, most likely by LG who today said it would have tablet news for Thursday at CES.

ASUS Kicks Off CES With Four New Tablets

ASUS kicked off the Consumer Electronics Show with four new tablet computers, ranging in size from 7-12 inches. Three of the Eee Pads will use the Honeycomb version of Android and dual-core processors while the fourth is an Intel-powered Microsoft Windows 7 slate.

With Perfect Timing, Acer Outs a Pair of Android Tablets

Acer, the no. 2 computer-maker globally, has previously experimented with Android but found little success. Now it’s taking a smarter approach by waiting for Google’s tablet-optimized version of Android. In April, Acer will over two new tablets and an easy way to share digital media.