Green Overdrive: The Honda Fit EV! [video]

Your weekly Green Overdrive episode is here, and we’ve brought you the ins and outs of the concept Honda Fit electric vehicle, an EV version of Honda’s cute and boxy Fit line. It’s the company’s first pure EV since the late 90’s.

PHOTOS: The World Debut of the Honda Fit EV

Back in the 90’s Honda developed an electric car called the EV-Plus that never made it into wide scale production. At LA Auto Show, Honda returned to that history and unveiled the world debut of an electric version of its Fit car called the Fit EV.

Updating Green Car Software Is a Balancing Act

When Microsoft or Adobe find a bug in their software, they can issue a new version that can be downloaded in a matter of minutes. But as our cars get loaded up with more and more smarts, what will it take to iron out the kinks?

Love Thy Zon Tube

One part Amazon, one part video, and a whole lot of fun. Thanks to ZonTube, a new cool mash-up coming our way…