Early signs point to a big holiday quarter for Apple

In an SEC filing, Verizon reported that it sold 9.8 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, which includes the all-important holiday season. The company specifically noted it saw a “higher mix of Apple smartphones” — similar to news from AT&T a day earlier.

AT&T’s Q4 will be a doozey thanks to the smartphone

AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega predicts a record smartphone sales quarter over the holidays, beating even last year’s 9.4 million device sales. The conditions that made last year’s Q4 a success are in place, including the timely fall release of the iPhone.

eBay's Holiday Wish: Affluent Shoppers

It’s becoming clear what eBay wants to find inside its corporate stocking this holiday season: affluent shoppers. Hence its brick-and-mortar retail shop on the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and its new site offering luxury goods.

CBS buying CNET

In a surprise announcement today CBS is buying CNET in a deal expected to close in Q3 of this year.  CNET is…

GlobalGiving FilmFest – KarmaTube

GlobalGiving, an internet-based charity clearinghouse founded by two former World Bank executives, is running a crowd-sourced contest to promote their many global…

Get Visual Voicemail Now

If you don’t want to wait until June for the iPhone, CallWave gives you the ability (sort of) to have visual voicemail…

CDMA key to bluetooth success

Bluetooth-enabled CDMA phones might be key to the success of “personal area network” technology in the United States. Though many have called…