Smartphones and Broadband Are Making Our Homes Smarter

As consumers adopt smartphones and mobile broadband becomes more ubiquitous, smarter homes will become more common, with brains enabled by machine-to-machine network technologies, mobile applications for monitoring and control, and Internet connectivity to keep homeowners in the loop. I’ve been experimenting with just such a system.

Ford Embracing Utilities to Boost Electric Car Network

Anticipating the roll-out of their new electrified line of cars and light-duty vans, Ford is partnering with utility Portland General Electric to make sure adequate charging infrastructure and electrical grid capacity are available in their service area.

Microsoft Launches First Gadget for Hohm

On Tuesday morning Microsoft is looking to kick its Hohm energy management and monitoring software aimed at consumers into a higher gear. It is announcing its first gadget partnership with Blue Line Innovations, a Canadian company that sells low cost gadgets for tracking electricity use.