We Can Work it Out – A Look Back At Apple & The Beatles

Likely you’ve heard the “big” news. The Beatles back-catalogue of music is now finally available to download from iTunes. But why wasn’t it there to begin with, and why’d it take so long for it to get there? Apple and the Beatles share a prickly history.

Mac 101: A Short(cut) History of the Command Key

Are you or someone you know a recent convert from PC to Mac? Has the single most difficult thing to deal with been breaking your old keyboard shortcut habits? Maybe understanding why the differences exist will help you be more patient when adjusting to them.

Mactracker: A Mac Blogger’s Swiss Army Knife

When I write about Apple, I do my best to lay out some historical data and discuss where my experience came from as it helps put things in perspective for whatever I’m about to rant or rave about. Mactracker helps me do that.