Now hiring in tech? Pony up the perks

As millions of Americans grapple with unemployment, many technology companies are actually desperate to hire new people. Folks with skills such as software and web development are in high demand nowadays, especially in Silicon Valley. And startups are going to great lengths to lure them in.

Will Startups Get Squeezed by a Tech Hiring Binge?

There’s a wave of hiring taking place in Silicon Valley, with tech companies adding staff by the hundreds or even thousands. That’s good for the technology sector, and it’s good news if you’re unemployed. But it could make life even harder for plenty of struggling startups.

Apple Hiring Staff for New Data Center

Remember that data center Apple is building in North Carolina? You know the one; valued at $1 billion and widely expected to play a major part in Apple’s future cloud computing initiative? Yeah, that one. Well, it’s nearly finished.

Mr. Coder, VMWare Wants Ya

[qi:010] Google, which has been battling Facebook for talent recently, is facing an attack from another source. VMWare, the server and PC…