Meet the faces of big data with interactive iPad app

In his latest book, The Human Face of Big Data, photojournalist Rick Smolan depicts the many ways big data is transforming the world. On Tuesday, he and his team released an iPad app that puts an interactive twist on many of the book’s examples.

Twitter courts healthcare — but cautiously

Health-related tweets are on the rise and Twitter wants healthcare marketers to pay attention. This year, the company said, tweets about health are up 51 percent. But even as it makes inroads in health, Twitter offers a few caveats.

Food search site NutritionRank aims to quantify healthy eating

The folks over at are no longer just proffering up cooking videos and recipes.’s founders have launched a nutrition search engine and database called NutritionRank with the rather ambitious goal of making it the web’s top repository of dietary health information.


The quantified self: hacking the body for better health and performance

More work on data policies and ownership may be important in the coming years as the movement takes off. As insights from these communities get translated into monetized products there will be a need to demonstrate benefit sharing and some form of commons-based production to share the benefits of the research and to ensure further engagement of participants and equitable benefits.

3 ways to use your iPhone to lose weight

Over the past year I’ve been using my iPhone to help me lose weight. I lost over 70 pounds, thanks in large part to my iPhone. Here’s a list of the tools I used to accomplish my goal, and how they could help you accomplish yours.

Can you crowdsource health information via Twitter?

The Internet and social networks such as Twitter are where many people go to research — or just talk about — medical issues. Can researchers discover any useful public-health information by looking at all this crowdsourced data? A new study from Johns Hopkins University suggests that they can.

Can Apple’s Stock Withstand the Absence of Steve Jobs?

The news that Steve Jobs is taking another leave from Apple to focus on his health is almost certain to rattle investors, and could put continued pressure on the stock as the markets try to figure out what Apple might be like without its charismatic leader.

Steve Jobs to Take Second Medical Leave of Absence

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be taking a medical leave of absence from the company to focus on his health, though he will continue on as CEO and still be involved in “major strategic decisions.” COO Tim Cook will run day-to-day operations in his absence.

Smartphones and iPads Allow Patients to Take Control

Parents of children with special needs are finding an unexpected way to communicate with their kids that is changing their lives in a dramatic fashion: the iPad. The iPad is a recognized tool of therapy for folks with medical causes that hampers their ability to communicate.

Health Cubby Tracks Realistic Goals

From the coders who brought you Trip Cubby and Gas Cubby (both of which I use weekly), comes Health Cubby. If you’ve used…

Count Those Calories With LIVESTRONG.COM

It’s been a chart-topper for a little while now, so I decided to check out LIVESTRONG.COM’s Calorie Tracker. I have to admit,…