Games for the weekend: Tank Riders

Tank Riders is a good cross between a maze, puzzle and third-person shooter game. Thanks to well-thought-out maps, Polarbit has done an amazing job at keeping the gameplay interesting enough in single-player mode, while also making multiplayer competitive and fun.

Why you’ll buy a new TV in the next 5 years

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how consumers will soon be buying more TVs, and upgrading them ever faster. After seeing the best that CE manufacturers had in store at CES, I’m even more convinced. But not for the reasons you might think.

How Samsung plans to out-Kinect Microsoft

Samsung is putting some effort behind its smart TV lineup, with plans to add new functionality for consumers to interact with their TV screens. Its next-gen smart TVs will include voice, gesture and facial recognition features that will enable even smarter TV applications.

Vizio making PCs? Not as dumb as you think

With the industry in uproar and a good reputation in TVs, Vizio has picked a great (perhaps the greatest?) time in recent PC industry history to try to make its mark on the industry by taking an entertainment-focused, Windows-based approach to laptops and desktops.

The incredible shrinking TV replacement cycle

Those in the consumer electronics industry sometimes cite TV replacement cycles in the range of anywhere from six to eight years. But rapid adoption over the last five years suggests that low prices and new features are spurring consumers to replace their HDTV sets more often.

Get Netflix HD on a Galaxy Nexus and enjoy 720p vids

One of the biggest draws of the Galaxy Nexus is the 4.65-inch high-definition screen; literally a pocketable 720p HDTV display. But some video services still stream standard definition video. Here’s how to get HD video from Netflix on the Nexus and what it looks like.

3 ways to turn your Apple TV into a holiday decoration

The Apple TV can quickly be configured to turn any HDTV into a stunning holiday decoration, even without iTunes credentials. In addition to an HDTV and Apple TV, all you really need is connectivity to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and an HDMI cable

Are you ready for Androids with Retina Displays?

Google’s Nexus Prime may have a high definition screen, but it’s not alone. LG’s True HD IPS screen with 1280×720 resolution, will power the LG Optimus LTE in Korea. With a 4.5-inch screen, that’s 326 pixels per inch, or nearly the same as Apple’s Retina Display.

Verizon Droid Bionic launches Sept. 8, $299

Verizon’s newest LTE phone, the Droid Bionic, launches on Thursday for $299 with contract. Will Android enthusiasts pay the steep price? They might, based on the dual-core processor, high-resolution display, large amount of memory and 4G network support in addition to the laptop docking station.

Video Haunts and Shapes the Spectrum Debate

In the land grab for spectrum, the most frightening specter is Netflix. But as carriers launch their LTE networks, I’m concerned about their marketing efforts around HD video. Both AT&T and Verizon are pitching it on their networks despite video’s ability to cause network congestion.

What an Apple HDTV Would Need to Succeed

Apple is once again rumored to be creating an HDTV, which could launch by the end of this year. But to be successful, Apple will need industry buy-in to ensure that the new product provides more value than TVs already out on the market.

Vid-Biz: CBS, Vuguru, MGM HD

CBS Interactive Dumps Ad Networks; CBS will soon begin selling all inventory for CBS.com, Gamespot, TV.com and CNET on its own, rather…

iPhone 3G S: What is Missing?

Though everyone is excited about the launch of the new iPhone, I wanted to take a practical look at what features are still missing from this device, compared to others on the market. If Apple really wants to knock the next iPhone out of the park, hopefully some of these ideas will show up next time.

Vid-Biz: Mogreet, DTV, Octopuses

Mogreet Signs Fox Searchlight; mobile greeting company will allow users to send video messages featuring clips from Juno and Napoleon Dynamite. (VentureBeat)…

Hulu Amps Up HD

Hulu today beefed up its HD gallery, which continues to be a testing ground for higher-quality video rather than a more pervasive…