How Netflix wants to change television forever

Netflix doesn’t just want to compete with traditional pay TV networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz – it wants to change television forever. The company envisions a future for TV in which old-fashioned things like ratings, schedule and recaps simply don’t matter anymore.

Time Warner’s Q2: CNN, print, film offset pay TV gains

The media conglomerate’s profits drop 30 percent in the second quarter, as CNN’s ratings drop to levels not seen since its landmark coverage of the Gulf War 21 years ago. Meanwhile, CEO Jeff Bewkes says don’t look for HBO to go over the top anytime soon.

HBO deal ends Fox blackout on iCloud

Those who purchase Fox movies like Prometheus on iTunes can now re-download their films on iCloud, thanks to a deal the studio carved with its pay TV partner, HBO, that relaxes digital restrictions of movies while they’re in the pay TV window.

Hulu lands major HBO deal… in Japan

HBO is coming to Hulu… in Japan, that is. Japanese subscribers of the service now have access to some catalog HBO shows, including Sex and the City, Entourage and The Sopranos. Overall, content has grown 300% since Hulu’s launch in Japan.

Report: 17% of HBO users considering switch to Netflix

Research firm Parks Associates finds that nearly one-fifth of premium cable subscribers would consider switching their entertainment dollars to Netflix. And 16 percent of cable/satellite subscribers would consider subscription video-on-demand over their pay TV provider’s VOD service.

Verizon debuts Viewdini, but streaming still subject to caps

Verizon’s new video app Viewdini has escaped onto Android smartphones – at least the LTE ones. The video portal allows 4G smartphone customers to browse, search and view videos from multiple content services. What the app doesn’t allow you to do is skirt Verizon’s mobile data caps.

Why doesn’t pay channel Epix switch to an over-the-top model?

Showing off everything from Marvel superhero blockbusters to boxing coverage featuring Sugar Ray Leonard to nifty TV Everywhere apps, fledgling pay channel Epix would seem to have the goods to compete with HBO and Showtime, but lacks multichannel carriage. So why not go over the top?

Netflix CEO calls out Comcast on net neutrality

When most Comcast subscribers complain, it’s a blip. When Netflix CEO Reed Hastings vents to his 120,000 subscribers on Facebook, it’s a salvo. Reed Hastings doesn’t agree with Comcast’s approach to net neutrality and caps — and he wants everyone to know it.

Microsoft Xbox Live adds Comcast, HBO Go

The next update to Microsoft’s XBox Live service will go live tomorrow, and will include long-awaited applications from some heavy-hitting partners. Sources have confirmed that the update will have brand-new apps that include Comcast’s video-on-demand service and HBO Go.

Why a new Apple TV should share the stage with the iPad 3

There’s increasing evidence that Apple’s March 7 event will bring not only an update to Apple’s iPad tablet, but also to its Apple TV streaming box. That could mean not just an updated streaming device, but increased convergence between Apple’s mobile and streaming video platforms.

What do people watch on HBO Go? Mostly HBO shows

On HBO Go, about 75 percent of all viewership is focused on the premium cable network’s original series, as users catch up on current series like Boardwalk Empire or watch older shows like The Sopranos, according to HBO Co-President Eric Kessler.

Take that, Netflix: Hulu premieres Battleground series

Netflix may have Lilyhammer, but Hulu has Battleground: The TV catch-up service debuted its first original scripted series late Monday night, and will release additional episodes of the series every Tuesday. That’s very different from how Netflix presents its original content.

Binge viewers rejoice: Netflix releases Lilyhammer

Netflix just released its first original TV show, the crime comedy Lilyhammer. And in typical Netflix fashion, it simply dumped all episodes of the entire first season on its subscribers. The logic behind this move? Netfix subscribers are binge viewers, says CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix will stream more than 1 billion hours in Q4

Netflix may have had some troubles keeping its customers on board, but streaming usage has nonetheless been growing: The company’s CEO Reed Hastings revealed during an investors conference Tuesday that Netflix is now streaming “well over a billion hours” to its subscribers per quarter.

Why Microsoft bought VideoSurf for $70 million

Microsoft has acquired video search specialist VideoSurf, reportedly paying upwards of $70 million for the Silicon Valley startup. The software giant plans to integrate the VideoSurf technology into its Xbox Live platform, providing more granular data about what’s happening on-screen. launches to become your DVR in the cloud

After a few months in private beta, social video recommendations site has publicly launched with new features, including the ability to help users organize and keep track of the TV shows and movies they love. It’s also added Comcast’s as a content partner.

No HBO Go for Roku users on Comcast or DirecTV

Roku scored a huge coup with its release of the HBO Go app. But not everyone who subscribes to the network will have access to it. In fact, the two biggest pay TV operators in the U.S., Comcast and DirecTV, have decided not to support it.

It’s true: YouTube to take on cable with A-list celebs

All the reports about YouTube heavily investing into original content are true: The site will be launching a number of curated and scheduled channels with contributions from stars like Madonna, Rainn Wilson, Shaq, Tony Hawk and others. Some shows will be long-form, and some even live.

First DreamWorks titles pop up on Netflix

Not scared enough by Netflix’s stock tanking 34 percent this morning? Then how about watching an episode of Spooky Stories featuring Shrek and his donkey sidekick? The show is part of some DreamWorks titles that have made their way to Netlix long before many expected.

Warner Bros. closes HBO window ahead of UltraViolet launch

Warner Bros. has confirmed its movies won’t disappear from streaming sites when they hit HBO’s pay TV service. The closing of this so-called “HBO window” could go a long way toward making digital ownership of UltraViolet titles more appealing to consumers.

Microsoft readies Silverlight for Xbox Live update

Microsoft is targeting a Black Friday release of its Xbox Live update, which will add apps from the likes of Comcast, Verizon and HBO. But the code that those apps will run on, which is a modified version of Silverlight, is still being finalized.

Microsoft’s cable play: Verizon, Comcast, HBO and more

Microsoft unveiled partners that will be part of a major expansion of content available through the next update of its Xbox Live service, and it’s a pretty impressive list. In addition to Comcast and Verizon, Xbox will also add content from networks like HBO and Epix.

Netflix steals Dreamworks from HBO

Dreamworks is parting with HBO snd giving its movies to Netflix instead: Starting in 2013, Netflix customers will be able to stream both new and catalog titles of the animation studio. Netflix was apparently willing to pay significantly more than HBO currently does.

HBO wants to know: How much do you hate Netflix?

A recent survey by HBO seeks to find out how likely Netflix users are to cancel after its recent price hike. HBO also wants to know if cable subscribers will stick around thanks to HBO Go, and which devices they want to access the service on.

HBO shows now in HD on iTunes

Discerning TV viewers take note: Apple just turned on HD availability for many HBO television shows in the iTunes Store. Customers in the U.S. and Canada can now purchase HD episodes and seasons of many HBO series, including Eastbound & Down, Rome, Entourage and Big Love.

Does Cinemax’s iPad app violate Apple’s no-porn policy?

Anyone who’s ever subscribed to Cinemax might know it better for the availability of softcore porn during late-night hours than its Hollywood movie library. Now it’s bringing that content to the iPad through its Max Go app. But does that violate Apple’s strict anti-porn policy?

Netflix, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!

With plans to expand into 43 Latin American countries and a dramatic change to its pricing plans, Netflix has a lot of big changes expected. Through management commentary and Q&A with financial analysts, CEO Reed Hastings will try to quell any fears.

CNN puts live news behind a pay wall

CNN unveiled a new live online video service on its website, as well as on new versions of its popular iPad and iPhone applications. But it isn’t available to everyone — to view it, users have to be pay TV subscribers with access to the news network.

Viacom and Time Warner Cable call truce in iPad fight

Viacom and Time Warner Cable have called a truce in their fight over streams of live TV on the iPad. With a standstill agreement approved by a New York federal court, they will be able to negotiate without having to worry about court deadlines or proceedings.

Game of Thrones Gets Interactive on HBO Go

HBO is giving viewers one more reason to tune into its shows on its TV Everywhere portal: The premium cable network has added a number of interactive features to episodes of hit fantasy series Game of Thrones on HBO Go.

Netflix CEO: ‘We’re Finally Beating BitTorrent’

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said this morning that one of the things he’s most proud of is beating BitTorrent, at least in the U.S. Now, he says, the challenge is to beat copyright infringement in places like Korea, where it runs rampant.

TV Ownership Declines. Will Cable Subscribers Follow?

TV ownership has fallen for the first time in 20 years, according to Nielsen. But is that decline due to poorer, rural consumers who couldn’t afford to keep up with the digital transition? Or due to young, hip urbanites who are watching video on different screens?

Netflix: We’re a Friend, Not an Enemy, to Cable Networks

Netflix may have more subscribers than Comcast, but that doesn’t mean it sees itself as a replacement to traditional cable. In a letter to shareholders and on the company’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Reed Hastings argued that Netflix viewing is complementary to cable networks.

Netflix’s Risky Bet on Original Programming

Netflix is reportedly going up against the big cable networks for a new show called House of Cards. But what will adding original programming to its video library mean for Netflix, and what does it mean for the future of cable programming?

Netflix Narrows Subscriber Gap With HBO

Yet more reason for competitive tension between Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) and HBO comes from the fourth-quarter pay-TV subscriber numbers out Fri…

Is HBO Ready to Bypass Cable?

With HBO’s relationship with cable providers rockier than usual, thanks to its subscriber base dropping by 1.5 million, statements by Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes indicate that the premium cable offering may be looking for alternative means of distribution. But that doesn’t include Netflix.

Are HBO & Showtime Coming to the Xbox?

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to bring more TV content to its Xbox Live service. One option on the table is to directly license cable networks like HBO and Showtime, another is to compete with Comcast & Co. on their home turf by selling cable-like subscription bundles.

Vid-Biz: YouTube Live, HBO Subscribers, Warner Music Group

Today on the Net: The four things live YouTube needs to succeed, HBO subscribers have declined for the second straight quarter to their lowest level in four years and Warner Music Group’s go-it-alone video strategy might be hurting it while Vevo is growing dramatically.

HBO Adds Cinemax To Go; Starts On Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS TV customers that subscribe to Cinemax now have access to, the “TV Everywhere” portal for HBO’s sister channel with m…

Video Streaming Services for the iPad

The iPad is getting some love with prominent mentions by leading media companies in their plans to expand delivery of video content. Both HBO and Verizon FIOS discussed plans to bring streaming video apps to the iPad.

HBO Going to the iPad, But Not to Netflix

HBO has plans to make its online on-demand video service available to more cable providers and on more devices, including the Apple iPad. But one place you won’t see HBO movies and TV shows is on Netflix, according to an interview with HBO co-president Eric Kessler.

Tunerfish Goes Live With Its First Media Partner, HBO

Comcast-owned social TV site Tunerfish is going live today, and it already has a major media company on board to help cross-promote the service. According to a media alert, cable programmer HBO has teamed up with Tunerfish to promote the season premiere of True Blood.

Vid-Biz: Qik, 3-D, MSN

Qik Submits Its Own iPhone Application for Live Broadcasting; with live broadcasting available through a new app from Ustream (details here), Qik…

Break Media Buys HBOlab

Looks like HBO is done experimenting with online video — at least for now. The cable TV giant has sold its “experimental” online video unit…

Break Acquires HBOlab

Break Media has purchased HBOlab, a.k.a. Runawaybox, Break CEO Keith Richman confirmed to NewTeeVee today. This was a deal we’ve been following…

Oprah’s Harpo Films Drops ABC For HBO

Move over ABC. Harpo Films, the original film division of Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions, has found an edgier, less commercially-cluttere…