Next up for YouTube: Grooming new comedians

YouTube is going to teach 16 of its site’s up-and-coming comedians the skills of producing and marketing their wares to the online audience with its new YouTube’s Next Comic program. Grooming talent like this makes sense, as the biggest YouTube success stories have been homegrown.

YouTube sends video makers to summer school

YouTube is starting a series of educational workshops this week that aims to teach video makers how to produce better clips – and it wants to reach as many of them as possible: YouTube’s new summer workshops are held as Hangouts on Air, viewable by anyone.

Google+ Hangouts get live captions

Google’s Hangouts group video chat service just got more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, thanks to a new app called Hangout Captions. The app allows users to caption conversations in real time or use professional transcription services. Machine-powered transcription could be next.

Hangouts become centerpiece of Google’s developer outreach

Google launched a new section of its developer site called Google Developers Live Tuesday that aims to be a central destination for third-party developers in need of help with their projects. The effort hinges on Google+ Hangouts, the company’s popular group video chat platform.

Google makes Hangouts On Air available to everyone

Google just flipped the switch for Hangouts on Air, allowing everyone to stream their Hangouts to an unlimited number of viewers. It’s a big Hangouts, and an interesting move for the company who has so far been cautious with its live video efforts.

Chill brings live chat to Hulu’s catchup TV

Chill users can now watch the latest TV shows on the social video platform, thanks to an integration of Hulu’s content. However, get ready to set your alarms if you want to chill on while watching House: Hulu’s shows will run synchronized and scheduled.

YouTube to use Hangouts to teach about video production

YouTube is starting another round of its Next Creators programs, and this time, it’s inviting people from eight countries to join in from home: The site will teach producers for three months via Google+ Hangouts how to make better fitness and cooking videos.

Felicia Day turns to Hangouts to promote new show

Felicia Day wants to meet and greet as many fans as possible to promote her new web series. That’s why she is using Google+ Hangouts, with a twist: Day is experimenting with something she dubbed Hangout Housecalls, switching from one Hangout session to another.