The software that helped hack the iCloud nudes got a scary update

Bad Breaker

The software tool that was used to exfiltrate many of the photos that comprised the infamous iCloud celebrity nude dump of 2014 has received a big update. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker now supports the two-factor authentication process that Apple added as a result of the iCloud hacks.

Home Depot confirms massive security breach

The retailer said that it’s still putting together the pieces of the breach and that debit PIN numbers should not be affected. Additionally, online shoppers and those who shopped in Home Depot stores in Mexico should be safe.

NY Times: The Chinese hacked us!

The Gray Lady said Chinese hackers broke into its systems repeatedly over the last 4 months as the company published an expose on Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

What numbers and a new book tell us about the Y Combinator way

What does it take to earn admission into Y Combinator, Silicon Valley’s oldest and most prestigious startup incubator? A new book that followed a batch of startup founders from admission to demo day takes a look behind the scenes at Paul Graham’s startup institution.

6 ways to keep your data safe in the cloud

These suggestions might seem like common sense, but the more we use cloud services, the more we put ourselves at risk of identity theft and other negative effects of cybercrime. Here are six ways to at least make it more difficult to steal your data.

iCloud breach highlights some hard truths about the consumer cloud

The hard truth for consumers is that using cloud services means they’re often at the mercy of their cloud providers’ security practices, perhaps even their HR practices. However, unless they’re willing to abstain from the cloud altogether, trusting their providers is often all consumers can do.

Last.fm suspected password breach weeks ago

The security breach that led to millions of Last.fm passwords being compromised happened at least three months ago — and remained undetected, despite the fact that the company suspected in May that it had been targeted.

How the cloud saved Kevin Mitnick from his own infamy

For renowned computer hacker turned security consultant Kevin Mitnick, his online life is like one big playground game. “It’s like I’m the king of the mountain,” Mitnick says, “and everybody wants to take me down.” He has found a knight, though, in cloud provider FireHost.

While hacktivism secures the web, SOPA could expose it

According to one expert, hacktivism gets a bad rap when it comes to web security, but those sites generate a lot of attack data to feed security systems. However, the proposed SOPA antipiracy legislation could end up playing right into hackers’ hands.

The real costs of cybercrime

IT services company Unisys recently released its biannual Unisys Security Index. The latest study found that many have already been victims of cybercrime, but this infographic shows that companies charged with protecting consumer data might be the biggest losers when it gets exposed.

If you can’t trust your ISP, who can you trust?

ISPs have been exposed as hijacking the search traffic that some of their customers have tried to type into Yahoo and Bing search engines, and now the backlash begins. Now companies involved in the scheme has been hit with a lawsuit and may face Congress.

GreenSQL gets $5.9M for database security

GreenSQL, an Israeli-based startup that offers software that secures databases has raised a second round of funding led by Rhodium and Atlantic Capital Partners. The funding will allow the company to expand to the U.S. and build products for NoSQL tools used today.

What would happen if you hacked into a library?

A young programmer named Aaron Swartz has been indicted by federal prosecutors for allegedly downloading more than 4 million academic documents from the MIT library last year by hacking into its computer system. But why prosecute him for a crime which appears to have no victims?

Bitcoin virtual currency may be worst of both worlds

After being celebrated as the future of money, the “peer-to-peer crypto currency” known as Bitcoin has taken some serious hits recently, including being derided as a scam and targeted by senators. Now a user says he has lost $500,000 in Bitcoins in a massive theft.

iOS Encrypted Backups Are Now Crackable

It’s possible to encrypt an iOS backup using iTunes. However, a piece of software has just been released which allows the encryption to be cracked, therefore giving someone full access to the data stored in your backup, so reconsider what you store on your device.

Hackers Target France, South Korea, WordPress

Bad news for the French government as a weekend of Internet attacks culminates in the news that the country’s Ministry of Finance has been targeted by hackers looking to steal sensitive information — a reminder that the internet’s revolutionary power can often work against our interests.

Quick Tip: Use a Custom Background in OmmWriter

OmmWriter is a full-screen writing application for the Mac designed to block out distractions, similar to WriteRoom. The developers behind OmmWriter recently released a new free version, which you can customize with a little elbow-grease and some image and sound files of your own.

Twitter Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army

Twitter has been hacked by Iranian Cyber Army, some sort of a renegade hacker group that claims to be linked to Iran. Most assumed the system was overloaded, never suspecting an hacker attack. The news of the hack was shared with us via email.

Can Power Grid Be Hacked?

A smarter network doesn’t necessarily mean a safer network, or so goes the thinking when it comes to the new intelligent power…

Hacking the Hackers

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a room at 1 Infinite loop few know about. The entrance is guarded by…

iPhone’s Root Password Already Cracked

While this information will currently be of no use to you, it’s still interesting/impressive – and maybe only if you’re a hacker…