Guest Post

Why mass market VR won’t come soon

The reality of virtual reality

Gilles is the CEO and founder News Republic. A little more than a year ago, Facebook acquired Oculus VR (Virtual Reality helmet…

Why unikernels might kill containers in five years

Sinclair Schuller is the CEO and cofounder of Apprenda, a leader in enterprise Platform as a Service. Container technologies have received explosive…

Avis and Hertz should launch their own Uber

Innovation in car rental

The sharing economy leads to more efficient utilization of assets and capital, thereby generating superior economic and environmental returns. Airbnb allows for the…

How I learned to stop worrying and love commoditization

Technology entrepreneurs and investors alike have long regarded commoditization as a dark and dangerous force, a destroyer of high-margin businesses, to be avoided at all costs. An exciting new class of opportunity aims to eviscerate that dogma: the “commoditization accelerant.”

How startups can hack the PR machine

With big data and a little bit of knowhow, it could be possible for any smart startup get a truckload of national press.