Solar startup Semprius to open first factory next week

Solar startup Semprius says it will open its first factory in North Carolina next week. The company makes solar modules for solar concentrating systems, which use mirrors to focus light onto solar cells. Other startups that make this type of technology have struggled in recent months.

GreenVolts Looking to Raise Close to $40M

GreenVolts is raising even more funds. On top of a round of debt in August, GreenVolts is looking to raise close to $40 million in equity funding from Oak Investment Partners, and has closed on $22.44 million of the round from existing investors Oak Investment Partners.

Quick Look Plugins List

Apple’s Quick Look has quickly become a feature I use on a daily basis. It’s integration with Finder (and other apps) is…

The Real Can U Hear Me Now Dude

Verizon Wireless’ “Can U Hear Me Now” Dude has come competition. Real life competition. Meet Jason Panineau, who travels in his car,…