Greenplum and Kaggle launch big data matchmaking service

EMC’s Greenplum division hopes to encourage users of its Chorus big data application to reach out to the Kaggle community of data scientists to do real-world work. The company also inked partnerships with Gnip and Tableau and open-sourced a version of Chorus.


Hadoop is an open source software framework that was initially used for data-intensive queries at sites such as Yahoo, but has spread…

When big IT goes after big data on the smart grid

With many utilities facing the task of storing petabytes of smart meter data for as long as seven years in order to satisfy regulatory requirements, the ability to house and leverage the massive load of data accumulating from the smart grid is a significant IT challenge.

EMC delivers on Isilon-Hadoop bundle

As promised, storage kingpin EMC has integrated its Isilon NAS product with Hadoop in a way that will bring Isilon’s OneFS file system to bear on data. EMC isn’t alone. Vendors from Amazon to Oracle are trying to tame this big data beast.

Why the era of big data is just beginning

With all the talk of big data, cynics think the whole notion has jumped the shark. Get ready, they say, for the next tech bubble to burst. EMC CMO Jeremy Burton is not among them. Granted, he’s a marketer, but what he says makes sense.

EMC Greenplum puts a social spin on big data

Greenplum has announced its Unified Analytics Platform, a packaging of the Greenplum Database and Hadoop distribution along with its long-awaited Chorus software. Chorus is really what ties everything together, providing a platform to explore both types of data and to share interesting data sets and findings.

EMC throws lots of hardware at Hadoop

Storage giant EMC is adding more muscle to its Hadoop strategy with a 1,000-node cluster for testing new Apache Hadoop releases and a new analytics appliance combining EMC’s Hadoop distribution with the EMC Greenplum Database.

Big Data Is Not Just for Eggheads

Being able to process and understand big data has enabled new business models to emerge. But for the next generation of applications to flourish, EMC CTO Luke Lonergren says that data will need to be accessible even to folks that aren’t necessarily data scientists.

The Data Mining Renaissance

We are in the midst of a data mining renaissance. Traditionally, data warehousing implementations were large, complex and expensive, meaning only the…