Greenpeace targets Amazon in clean cloud stunt

A website that claims to be from Amazon about launching a clean-powered pilot project for its AWS services, alas, isn’t true. It’s a stunt by the environmentalist at Greenpeace to get Amazon to add more clean power to its cloud.

Facebook unveils energy use, carbon emissions data

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled detailed numbers about the energy consumption, and carbon emissions, of its data center and operations in 2011. The move represents a greater push for transparency and an effort to help manage energy-related costs, not to mention some solid marketing.

The era of the 100 MW data center

The era of the 100 MW data center is coming, as Internet companies build more and more server-packed data centers to support the growing number of web users and the increasing amount of time spent online.

Apple building solar farm for data center

Apple has been laying plans for a solar farm next to its massive data center in Maiden, N.C., according to The Charlotte Observer. The solar project will reportedly be built across the street from its $1 billion data center that will partly serve Apple’s iCloud.

Facebook Turns to Smart Lighting for Data Center

Facebook’s new data center in Oregon has gotten its fair share of attention for Facebook’s decision to open up the energy efficient design. But here’s another reason to recognize the data center: Facebook has installed a smart lighting system courtesy of startup Redwood Systems.

Greenpeace: Progress on Greener Gadgets at CES

Greenpeace says its seeing gains in electronics energy efficiency, companies taking financial responsibility for the life cycle of their products, and companies also offering more opportunities for convenient and free take-back of their electronics in most regions of the world.

Cisco Still Tops Greenpeace Greenest IT Company List

Cisco is once again the winner of Greenpeace’s list of the greenest IT companies out there. The environmental group released its 4th Cool IT Leaderboard, which ranks gadget makers and Internet companies by a variety of green criteria, at the U.N.’s climate negotiations in Cancun.

Facebook Kicks Off a Weak Green Offensive

Facebook has been called out by Greenpeace for not doing enough to promote renewable energy, so what is the company going to do with this public relations dilemma? Launching its own Facebook page and joining groups to demonstrate its green cred, of course.

Facebook Responds to Greenpeace’s Coal Criticism

Facebook defends itself against the criticism from Greenpeace that its new data center, under construction in Oregon, won’t be green by defending the choice to build the data center in Oregon and explaining that the location is particularly good for energy efficiency.

Greenpeace to Facebook CEO: No More Coal

Greenpeace is not clicking the “like” button for Facebook’s new data center. This morning Greenpeace stepped up its campaign against Facebook’s decision to build its latest data center in Oregon in the footprint of utility Pacific Power that largely derives its energy from coal.

3 Reasons iPad Fans Can Ignore Greenpeace

Greenpeace says the iPad — and the cloud computing future it foretells — means bad news for the environment. But coal-powered data centers aren’t the whole story. We say it’s OK to want an iPad.

Why Cloud Computing Leaders Need to Demand Clean Power

The iPad represents one of a wave of media-consuming mobile devices that increasingly depends on “the cloud” — the Internet and data centers — to deliver hosted services and content, and will help contribute to the growth of energy consumption associated with cloud-computing.

The Greenest Apple Yet

In the latest example of Apple (s aapl) going green, the technology company has launched a revised and expanded web site, Apple…

New iPhone Pricing and Availability

Available today, the iPhone 3G is now available in black at an even lower price of $99.

The new iPhone 3G S is available for pre-order via the online Apple Store in four varieties: 16GB in black or white for $199 and 32GB in black or white for $299. Apple has promised that if you pre-order today, it will be shipped directly to you and you will receive it on June 19th.