What’s next for Apple and EPEAT?

Since bowing out of EPEAT certification for future Macs, Apple has seen at least one public agency say it can’t buy its computers anymore. Apple has responded by emphasizing its other green credentials. But it may also be helping to write future recyclability standards.

Welcome to the DC data center

For power company ABB, DC — or direct current — is the future of the data center. This week ABB and IT firm Green opened up a new DC-powered expansion at Green’s data center, which the companies say is the most powerful use of DC for a data center.

IBM Launches iPhone App to Help Monitor California Creeks

IBM is using the iPhone to help contribute to environmental preservation efforts in California. Creek Watch, a new free app developed by IBM in partnership with California’s State Water Control Board, allows anyone to report unsafe or polluted water conditions to the proper authorities.

HP, to Get Greener Data Centers, Thinks Brown

Give Hewlett-Packard 10,000 cows, and the computer company will give you the means to power a data center. HP today presented research from its HP Labs division showing how a data center that needs 1 megawatt of generation capacity can power its servers using cow poop.

Gift Guide: 9 Luxurious Apple Accessories

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? If you need ideas for tech gifts, here is a handpicked selection of some of the most luxurious and desirable Apple-related items from across the globe.

GigaNET PM Headlines

[qi:_newteevee] Will you pay for video hosting and sharing? Motionbox thinks you will, and so do its VC backers who have pumped…

IEEE pushing for BPL standards

IEEE is undertaking an effort to develop a standard for Broadband Power Lines. “Adding broadband capability to a local power distribution system…