Green Overdrive

VIDEO: Volvo Cranks Up C30 Electric

Volvo has started producing its all-electric C30, and will start shipping cars to fleets (mostly under leases) in Europe by the Summer. Watch our video test drive of the C30 Electric and our interview with Volvo’s President of Special Vehicles.

Green Overdrive: Tesla Takes a Cue from Apple Stores

The exec formerly in charge of Apple’s famously successful in-store experience, is paving a new path for electric vehicle company Tesla Motors. Tesla’s VP of Worldwide Sales and Experience, George Blankenship, shows us around Tesla’s first experiential store on Santana Row in San Jose, Calif.

Green Overdrive: Safer, Greener Driving With GreenRoad!

Safer driving isn’t only better for your car and your personal well being, it can also lead to more fuel efficient driving. For this week’s episode of the Green Overdrive show we check in with GreenRoad, which helps companies drive more safely and fuel efficiently.

Green Overdrive: Cruisin’ In An Electric VW!

Entrepreneur Al Bullock electrified his classic VW and has been driving it around the streets of Livermore, California for the past three years. For this week’s Green Overdrive show we interview Bullock and go for a test drive in his e-VW!

Green Overdrive: The Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid!

It may not be the greenest battery-powered car we’ve driven (at between 21 to 25 MPG) but it’s got the performance of a Porsche, but with some nifty green features, like when you’re driving around 80 mph the power kicks off and you’re basically coasting.

Ridin’ the Electric (Dirt) Diggler! [video]

All hail the off-road electric 2-wheeler! Using basic bicycle parts, a hub motor, and a battery pack, Diggler’s electric scooters can go 20-miles on a charge, and are being used by off-road and on-road enthusiasts to travel locally without pedal-power or a gas engine.

Green Overdrive Video: Al Unser Jr. Gets ZAPped

While electric vehicle maker ZAP has had its fair share of less-than-stellar press, we took a road trip up to Santa Rosa to check out what the company is actually producing. We found a manual SUV electric taxi, a low-speed Zappy scooter and Al Unser Jr.!

Green Overdrive: How to Give Your Prius A Plug

You might love your Prius but you might love it just a little bit more if you could plug it into an outlet and it got 100 MPG. Enter Green Gears garage, which for several thousand dollars can convert a second-generation Prius into a plug-in hybrid.

Green Overdrive: Pimped-out Eco Rides

Green car DIY-ers of the world, unite! In these week’s episode of Green Overdrive we meet up with green car fanatics that have pimped out their gas-guzzlers into gems of sustainability: the Blackbird plug-in, the biofuel burnin’ Eco-Benz (hemp included) and the all-electric eeVee Motors.

Blogging on the iPad

Prior to the launch of the iPad bloggers started thinking about how convenient the slate might be for blogging. I wouldn’t want to use the iPad as my only blogging tool, but I admit I am finding it more useful than I thought it would be.