Green Data Center

Cool Finnish weather the new hotness for data centers

Finland’s chilly weather might be depressing, but it’s the major reason for why the country is the hot new locale for green data centers. Following Google’s construction of its mega, green data center in Finland, other web firms are following suit, including potentially Facebook.

VIDEO: Using Cell Phone Chips for Low Power Servers

Startup Calxeda has a big idea: use cell phone chips to create low-power servers. Reducing energy consumption is something that data center operators are increasingly paying attention to as a way to lower costs and Calxeda will be rolling out its product in 2012.

Vigilent Cutting Energy From Akamai, NTT’s Data Centers

The CEO of Vigilent (formerly called Federspiel Controls) Mark Housley, says there’s been so little technology introduced into cooling systems for data centers “it’s almost criminal.” Vigilent provides smart software via a wireless sensor network to manage and optimize these cooling systems.

Cutting Data Center Energy As Easy As Containing Cooling

Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have recently been innovating around building greener data centers, but not all these energy efficiency projects have to be so novel. This morning Verizon announced it’s been cutting the energy consumption of its data centers by installing containment panels made by Polargy.

Facebook Shows Why Green Data Centers Matter

Facebook’s move to share the details of the energy efficiency of its server and data center designs in its new Oregon-based facility is the latest example of how green data centers are now a must-have competitive advantage for any leading Internet company these days.