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Nest and the Apple-ification of the thermostat

The Nest burst onto the scene recently, making waves unlike any seen for a product you’d never guess anyone would care about: the home thermostat. Fadell talked about how his team is rethinking a 50-year-old industry with lessons from his days at Apple.

LEED To Embrace Demand Response

Green buildings, meet demand response. The U.S. Green Building Council wants to find ways to count buildings’ ability to turn down power to help utilities shave peak demand in its LEED rating system.

Sustainability and Design: The Key to Efficiency

One of the ways that designers can incorporate environmental awareness in their work is by using software to model the impact of different materials and processes on the energy efficiency and sustainability of their designs before they start building, says Autodesk CEO Carl Bass.

Soladigm Grabs $30M For Self-Tinting Glass

Stealthy startup Soladigm has landed $30 million to help build a factory to start churning out its self-tinting glass in 2012. It’s in a race with rival Sage Electrochromics, which just got $80 million for its factory.

Analyzing Apple’s Boilerplate

A boilerplate is a flexible term used to describe many different things, but Apple’s boilerplate is those lines of text that you see at the bottom of each of all its press releases, and it has remained largely unchanged for the past few years.

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Vudu Goes Box-free for Entone

“Over the top” video services carry the implication of going behind the backs of existing television operators. But two of the (admittedly…

Foundation Aims to Be LEED-Certified VC

Foundation Capital will open the doors to its new green offices, decked out with technology from its cleantech portfolio companies, next Monday. The firm is pursuing LEED certification.