It’s official: Facebook buys Gowalla team

Gowalla has had a good run in the location-based check-in market, taking on Foursquare before getting lapped by its New York rival. Now, Facebook is confirming it has bought the team behind Austin-based Gowalla to bolster its new Timeline feature.

Gowalla looks for relevance as a local travel guide

Gowalla, like many other check-in services, has had trouble keeping pace with Foursquare. But the location startup is relaunching its service with an eye toward becoming more of a city travel guide, downplaying the role of check-ins in favor of discovery, travel and storytelling.

No more fun and games: Location grows up

As location-based services grow up, we’re seeing that games are not the appealing part of location and increasingly it seems like start-ups are acknowledging that games are tough to build a business on. Gowalla seemed to acknowledge that by killing its virtual items feature today.

LocalResponse rings up results with targeted local tweets

LocalResponse — a marketing platform that allows advertisers to send out targeted tweets to consumers based on where consumers have checked in or where they say they are on social networks — has found that its targeting work is paying off with significant engagement from consumers.

Gowalla Rolls Out Feature Updates, But Is It Enough?

Gowalla continues to plug along in the location check-in space and has updated its Spot pages for places to make them more browsable and added new Highlights for locations. The improvements, while not ground-breaking, typify the steady progress of Gowalla. But is it enough?

Gowalla’s New Strategy: Embrace Enemies & Extend

Gowalla, a developer of a location-based social networking app, has adopted a bold strategy: embrace its archenemies and use them to extend reach. In a new version of its app, Gowalla is making it easy to follow friends check-ins to locations on Foursquare and Facebook Places.

Local Social Media Revenue Models to Watch

Marketing using location and social networking are like peanut butter and chocolate — they’re a perfect combination. Add mobile and you have a trio of hot technologies attracting capital from investors and big companies alike. Here are the revenue models to watch as these elements collide.

3 Ways Technology Will Change Black Friday

Black Friday has become a holiday unto itself, where bargain hunters shake off their turkey hangovers to wake up before dawn and chase amazing deals. But as is the case with many activities these days, technology is rapidly changing the way people shop.

Lagging in Adoption Gowalla Makes a Play for Revenue

While rival Foursquare just hit 4 million users last week, Austin-based Gowalla is positioning itself to make more money with a handful of new features including business listings, City Pages and Stamp Calendar. It’s another sign that location-based companies are trying to move beyond the check-in.

Gowalla CEO: Sorry Mobile Web: Users Prefer Apps

In the debate over apps versus the web on smartphones, apps are winning, says Gowalla CEO Josh Williams. There’s hope from companies like Opera and Google that the web will surge ahead as HTML 5 becomes more widespread, but Williams has his doubts.

Whrrl: Living In Foursquare's Shadow

If your are a consumer geo-location startup, then you have to content with one simple reality — a little company from New York called Foursquare. But life does continue for other apps, including Whrrl, a location centric discovery app developed by Seattle-based Pelago.

Fact: Most People Have Never Heard of Location-Based Apps

According to a recent survey, fewer than 5 percent of U.S. online users have ever used a location-based application such as Foursquare on a mobile device. And almost 85 percent of those who responded to the survey said that they were not familiar with location-based services.

Is Geolocation a Real Business or Just a Feature?

There’s no question location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla are hot properties, with Foursquare reportedly the subject of multiple acquisition offers, including one from Yahoo estimated at $100 million. But are these services really standalone businesses, or are they features that belong inside other businesses?

What Is the Secret of Mobile App Success?

Mobile apps, thanks to the popularity of iPhone have caught the imagination of consumers. There are over 180,000 apps in the iTunes store, but not all of them are great. But if they paid attention to little details, they can experience a big windfall.

Do Location Apps Need to Show Users the Money?

Location-based services such as Foursquare have become so popular that rumors have been swirling the company might be acquired for $100 million. But angel investor and startup advisor Dave McClure says such services will have to show users the money in order to achieve mass appeal.

Will Facebook be the One Ring for Location?

In a blog post on its updated privacy policies, Facebook dropped some hints about what the social network has in mind in terms of future location features. But will they co-exist with Foursquare and Gowalla, or will Facebook become the one ring that rules them all?


Over the past few days I’ve watched this meme about the so-called “geowars” ahead of SXSW gather steam, both in the blogosphere…

I Can't Navigate My Location Friend Requests

My inbox is littered with friend requests on Gowalla, a check-in service that I can use to show my location. But when I get these emails from strangers I have never met, talked to, tweeted with or emailed, I don’t really know what to do.

What You Should Read This Weekend

This week I read some interesting, some bizarre, some funny but mostly mind stimulating articles. Here is a short selection that includes a must read post about the rise of narrative in social networks and a fascinating presentation by graphic designer Nicholas Felton.

Video Break: The Foursquare Rap

When fan-bois start making rap videos (however amateurish) about something, you know it is hot. Badges Like Us, a new video about FourSquare, the New York-based start-up shows why it is on its way to becoming a mobile phenomenon. Have a fun break this sluggish Friday.

Gowalla Powering Location Results on Android With Skyhook Wireless

Skyhook Wireless today announced that Gowalla, the location-based social networking service, has added Skyhook’s Core Engine to its Android application for location results. Up until now, Gowalla officials have been disappointed with location-based apps on Android, but they say that’s changed.

Austin Still Pinning Its Hopes on Hardware Startups

Austin is still betting on hardware statups even as venture firms stop funding them. In a video interview with Bart Bohn, a director at the Austin Technology Incubator, we talk about where hardware startups can find funding, and which ones to watch in Austin.

What Are Foursquare, Gowalla & Flixster Checking Into?

Location-based upstarts Foursquare and Gowalla may not have a lot of users, but they sure have the buzz. Thanks to them, “checking in” is the new black — even Flixtser is jumping on the location-based bandwagon. Here are three news items from today.

GoWalla About to Pass the 100,000 User Mark

Gowalla, a location-based social application is about to pass 100,000 users, according to some of my sources. The company is going to hit the milestone sometime this weekend, having just crossed 99,000 users. In comparison, New York-based Foursquare is closing in on 300,000 users.

Why MyTown Is Bigger Than Foursquare & Gowalla

Though services like Foursquare and Gowalla eat up techie mindshare, they still have very few users; something like 150,000 for Foursquare and 50,000 for Gowalla. However, an iPhone app called MyTown that also features a location-based check-in system game acquired 250,000 users within two weeks.

Everybody Loves Geo: Gowalla Adds $8.4M

Gowalla, maker of a 10-week-old geo-location app with some 50,000 users, said today it’s raised $8.4 million in a second round of funding. The money will be used “to strengthen growth efforts and further enhance Gowalla’s development capability,” the Austin, Texas-based startup said in a release.

Why I Love Foursquare

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’re already aware of my obsession with Foursquare, a New York-based service that taps into…

Gowalla vs. FourSquare: Who Will Win?

FourSquare, the location-based mobile application game that launched back in March, has been getting a lot of attention here in the U.S.,…