C.I.A. is said to pay AT&T for call data A contract uncovered by the New York Times shows that the C.I.A. is paying AT&T more than $10 million per year to…

Twitter, World War II and the death of official secrets

The government’s attempt to keep the president’s trip to Afghanistan a secret was foiled by Twitter — in the same week that the Associated Press apologized to the reporter it fired 67 years ago for breaking the embargo on the end of World War II.

What happens when social surveillance goes mainstream?

The UK government considers a law that would allow for surveillance of online activity, U.S. universities admit they track what their athletes are saying on Twitter, and employers are asking for Facebook passwords. At this point, advertisers tracking us online is the least of our problems.

Dutch Senate goes digital thanks to iPads

The Dutch Senate is going paperless, and the iPad is going to get them there. A new program to replace most of the governing body’s paper documents with a digital app is progressing smoothly and saving money in the Netherlands, two weeks into launch.

Amazon targets U.S. government with GovCloud

Amazon Web Services has rolled out a new region, called GovCloud, designed specifically for federal government workloads. The region is designed to meet the myriad regulations that government agencies must meet when deploying new infrastructure, which have proven a hindrance in terms government cloud adoption.

Social media brings out the snitch in all of us

Twitter and Facebook are great tools for reporting on world events — but what happens when we turn those tools on one another? We got a glimpse of that in Vancouver, and it was a glimpse of a future that some would rather not see.

Got a Big Idea? Tell the White House on Twitter

The White House wants to hear from average citizens with big ideas about what projects the government should tackle, and has asked them to respond on Twitter. The responses are being collected by Expert Labs, a non-profit run by former Six Apart executive Anil Dash.