Google Wallet

Google prepares new Wallet, may support iPhone

Google is working on an update to Google Wallet and it may include support for the iPhone. New users who request an invite to the next version of Google Wallet are asked what phone they use: Android, iPhone or other.

Barclaycard US is the newest card in your Google Wallet

Barclaycard US is the latest card issuer to back Google Wallet. The company also backs Isis, the mobile payment joint venture between Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile, illustrating that not even the traditional banking companies know yet which mobile payment standard will be successful.

Google Wallet aspires to hold all your cards and tickets

Google is talking up the potential for Google Wallet to be more than just a payment tool. Leaders want Google Wallet to be a place to store boarding passes, tickets, identification and gift cards. That was the vision all along but it may be ready soon.

Isis takes the slow road to mobile payment success

Isis, the joint mobile payment venture between Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, has been taking a slow approach as it heads towards a limited launch in two cities this summer. But the methodical pace appears to be setting Isis up to be a long-term player.

As Google, Isis lock horns, U.S. trails in NFC phone shipments

Phones embedded with near-field communications chips are beginning to proliferate, but their uptake is much slower in North America than in Europe and Asia, according to Berg Insight. Of the 30 million NFC handsets sold, roughly 5 million wound up in the hands of North American consumers.

Could sharing lead to caring about Google Wallet?

In yet another sign of the slow progress of mobile payments despite strong interest, Google is rethinking its approach to Google Wallet and may consider sharing revenue with wireless carriers, according to a new report. Otherwise, carriers may push their own payments tech instead.

Hey SXSW, where are the mobile payments?

I’ve seen a lot of things at South by Southwest, but no mobile payments. I haven’t seen a single person pay for something using their phone, nor a merchant who accepts it. No one is even talking about it. But there are plenty of demos.

MasterCard starts piloting QkR mobile payment app

MasterCard is rolling out the first trial of its QkR mobile application, which allows people to interact and initiate payments via QR codes, NFC tags and other technologies. It is allowing Australian movie goers to order and pay for food from their seat.

PayPal: Mobile payments and location-based offers go hand-in-hand

PayPal isn’t just building out a point-of-sale transaction network. It’s looking to engage consumers well before they set foot in a store. The company says its WHERE location-based ad network will be key in helping merchants attract consumers into their stores with deals and offers.

The long road for mobile payments

American Express has worked up an infographic charting the rise of mobile payments, highlighting a lot of the milestones over time. All this work in the past is now coming together to make mobile payments a mainstream technology.

Mobile Payments

“Mobile payments” is, admittedly, a very broad term, encompassing everything from having the cost of the Mighty Eagle in Angry Birds applied…

Poll: Should Google take a stand against Verizon over Wallet?

Has Google betrayed its principles? In 2008, Google convinced the FCC to impose ‘open access’ requirements on Verizon’s future 4G spectrum, requirements Verizon now appears to be flouting. Should Google fight back or should it take a more diplomatic approach. Vote your answer in our poll.

Want Google Wallet on more phones? Wait for Isis to launch

A report confirming that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon won’t support Google Wallet is just a reminder of where we stand in the NFC race. Isis, the competing digital wallet from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, will likely have to launch before the carriers support Google Wallet.


2012: the year of confusion for NFC payments

Near field communication (NFC) payments seem poised for takeoff next year in the U.S., with the launch of Isis from the carriers and a wider deployment of Google Wallet. But while 2012 will surely mark some big growth for NFC, it’s also likely to be a year full of confusion as the technology and the business relationships around it work through a number of challenges. Those include consumer adoption, standardization and interoperability, merchant uptake and evolving business models, and the players working with, not against, one another.

NFC will be driven by marketing and loyalty, not payments

While NFC is often thought of in the context of payments, increasingly mobile marketing, along with consumer loyalty, will be critical in helping to drive the growth and adoption of NFC. That’s what will provide value to both consumers and merchants.

Google Wallet hands-on: cool but needs work

Is Google Wallet ready to replace my cash, credit cards and wallet? Not really. Does it make me feel cool and futuristic? You bet! That’s the feeling I get after playing with Google Wallet ahead of the big public launch today.

Google Wallet goes live with NFC payments

Google is finally opening up its near NFC Google Wallet system today, allowing Nexus S users on Sprint to try out contactless payments through their smartphone. With only one handset that supports it, Google Wallet is just a first step in a long process.

Google Wallet, Confirmed

Google is said to be launching its somewhat delayed Google Wallet service sometime later today. From the looks of it, it might actually be out in the wild. We have some photographic proof. Google just updated the Wallet website as well.

Carriers set to chip in $100M in Isis to take on Google

AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are reportedly poised to invest $100 million in their joint mobile payment venture called Isis, a near field communication-based contactless payment system that will do battle in the increasingly competitive mobile payments market that includes Google Wallet, Square and others.

Sony Ericsson readying NFC in Android phones

Last year, Sony Ericsson dropped Symbian, boldly claiming it would take the top spot in the world for Android device sales. Now that a wireless payment infrastructure exists with Google Wallet, the company is ready to add NFC chips and software from NXP in future handsets.

Android This Week: Google Wallet; Smarter Keyboard; Flyer Lands

Google Wallet debuted this week for Sprint customers owning the Nexus S handset while the smartest Android keyboard, SwiftKey, gains intelligence and better word prediction, thanks to the cloud. HTC’s Flyer found its way to my desk and first impressions are favorable, as you can see.

Et Tu Bedier? Why PayPal Is Suing Google, Execs

ANALYSIS: PayPal is suing Google and some of its executives. Here is a behind the scene look to give the real skinny. Internal politics, boardroom betrayals, multi-million dollar sign-on bonuses and hurt egos — it is a drama worth a daytime soap. Read on.