Google Ventures

Update: Google expands venture fund to $300 million

Google has expanded the size of Google Ventures’s annual fund from $200 million to $300 million annually, which will allow the firm to expand the scope of its deals and increase its presence as a major venture capital firm since its founding in 2009.

MindMeld app maker Expect Labs gets $2.4M from Google, others

Expect Labs, the company that is helping usher in the era of anticipatory (or predictive) computing says it has received a big cash infusion from well known investors such as Greylock Partners and Google. The company also expects to launch its MindMeld app sometime this year.

Cloud storage startup Egnyte nets $16M to boost brand

Egnyte nets $16 million in Series C funding to position itself as a leading hybrid cloud storage provider. The cash brings its total funding to $32 million. Google Ventures led the round which included funding from existing investors Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Polaris.

CliQr, with Google backing, puts legacy apps into the cloud

Most platforms as a service focus on helping developers write shiny new cloud-based applications. Startup CliQr Technologies is more interested in putting the applications that already run businesses into the best cloud to run them and then to make them transportable from cloud to cloud.

Introducing a thermostat Steve Jobs would love: Nest

Can gorgeous design, learning algorithms and millions in venture capital funding make a simple home thermostat as coveted as the iPhone? If anyone can achieve such a lofty goal it’s Tony Fadell, the godfather of the iPod and iPhone, who has founded connected thermostat company Nest.

Echoecho gets Google investment to make location sharing simple

Echoecho, a Los Angeles–based startup, lets people request location updates from friends in their phone address book, who can decide whether to respond with their coordinates. The company announced Thursday that it has raised $750,000 in seed funding from Google Ventures and UK-based PROFounders Capital.

The Googlization of solar

The Googlization of solar is here, and software, big data, wireless networks and IT will be a fundamental part of the future of modern energy infrastructure.

Now backed by Google, Astrid is thinking big

Astrid is best known for making a popular web and mobile app that allows users to create to-do lists with social features. But with a new batch of funding from Google Ventures and others, the San Francisco-based startup has a much bigger picture in mind.

Meet Copious, the eBay for a social world

In the web’s most popular marketplaces, such as eBay and Craigslist, anonymity is still the norm. A new San Francisco-based startup called Copious is looking to change that. Copious has built an online marketplace in which all buyers and sellers are linked to their Facebook identities.

VIDEO: Transphorm Moves Power Conversion Beyond Silicon

Using silicon for converting power for electronics, gadgets and computing has reached its limit — or so says the CEO of startup Transphorm, Umesh Mishra. On Tuesday the company, which is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Google Ventures, launched a 600-volt transistor.

Google Backs Biofuels, via CoolPlanetBiofuels

Google Ventures has made its first biofuels investment. On Thursday afternoon, the venture arm of the search giant announced that it has invested in a startup called CoolPlanetBiofuels, which makes what the company calls “negative carbon fuels.” Bill Maris of Google Ventures explains.

RelayRides Raises $5M For Car Sharing 2.0

Neighbor to neighbor car sharing startup RelayRides has raised a little over $5 million. RelayRides announced the round, which was led by Google Ventures and August Capital, back in December, but the company didn’t disclose the size of the round at that time.

Transphorm Launches First Product: Power Diode

Transphorm, the startup that emerged from stealth with plans for building energy-efficient power conversion modules and with $38 million in backing from investors Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures, has unveiled its first product: power diodes made of gallium nitride that can be embedded in power converters.

WeatherBill Brings in $42M From Google, Khosla

Weather data tools and technologies for adapting to climate change are the next hot place for innovation. Weather insurance startup WeatherBill announced it has raised a second funding round of $42 million from Google Ventures and Khosla Ventures, and including existing investors.

Green Overdrive: We Test Out RelayRides!

If you live in a city, you might have a car sharing service, but some day you could have car sharing 2.0. That’s what RelayRides, a young startup that offers neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing, and is backed by Google Ventures and August Capital, is trying to offer.

Google Takes Stake in Paid Search Company Trada

Trada, a marketplace for paid search consulting, has a special investor in its new $5.7 million third round of funding: Google. Google Ventures is largely independent from its parent, but this portfolio company strikes awfully close to Google’s core business in search advertising.

Photo Ad Network Pixazza Raises $12 Million

Pixazza, the Google-backed photo ad network, has raised $12 million in a new funding round. Pixazza’s technology adds ads to photos which po…

SCVNGR Goes Beyond the Check-in to the Challenge

The startup SCVNGR is getting one step closer to creating a game layer on top of the world. Tonight it is releasing applications for iPhone and Android that allow users to build geo-targeted challenges for each other to play, just as its customers already do.

VigLink Finds a New Way to Make Blogging Pay

VigLink is launching today a service to help publishers take advantage of affiliate relationships for sites they already link to in their normal course of writing. The company estimates that less than half of links that could be monetized are hooked up to affiliate programs.