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Google TV finally gets added to a TV set-top box… in Korea

Google has teamed up with LG UPlus to add its Google TV platform to the IPTV operator’s set-top boxes. The collaboration comes with a marketing campaign featuring South Korea’s new superstar PSY, but without any hardware from Google’s own set-top box maker Motorola Mobility.

Cord Cutters: Using Chrome as a Google TV remote

Second screens don’t have to always be tablets: A new Chrome extension called Chromemote turns your computer’s browser into a remote control for any Google TV device. Especially neat and useful: You can fling websites you’ve opened on your laptop to your TV.

Sony launches new Google TV set-top for global market

After disappointing sales of its first-generation Google TV product, Sony will launch an updated version of its Android-based set-top next month. It will also be the first to extend the platform beyond the U.S., with plans to debut it in Europe and Latin America.

Marvell’s ARM chips will power Google TV’s future

The Intel days are over for Google TV: The next generation of Google TV devices will be powered by an ARM chip from Marvell that promises to be cheaper, snappier and less of a power hog. Also in Marvell’s pipeline: Android set-top-boxes for pay-TV operators.

Why Google TV will win

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently said that the company’s TV platform will soon dominate the CE market. I was initially underwhelmed by the recent system update, but now I have to say that I agree with Schmidt. Here are five reasons Google TV will be huge.

Google TV porn powered by HTML5, not native apps

Porn studios have long been on the forefront of technological development, adopting new media distribution models before mainstream content producers even take notice. So what does it mean that porn companies like Vivid and PinkVisual utilize HTML5, and not native apps, to get on Google TV?

Google TV

Google wants to enter the living room with its Android-based Google TV platform. First Google TV devices will be manufactured by Logitech…

MOVL is turning TVs into social hubs

MOVL is letting Google TV users play poker with each other by using their mobile devices as controllers for cards and bets. The company wants to eventually license its platform to other app makers, and maybe even invade the jumbotron at your next sports game.

Redux brings social video discovery to Google TV

Redux has launched a native app for Google TV-powered connected TVs and Blu-ray players, enabling viewers to navigate curated channels of content in the same way they watch regular TV. The app is its first step toward becoming the video discovery guide for connected TV.

Get Ready for Some Android Set-Top Boxes

OEM manufacturers are showing off a number of Android-powered set-top boxes at CeBIT this week. That could mean many of the cheaper media streaming devices available in U.S. stores could soon be based on Android — but it also signals a market shift toward Android.

Next Up for Android: Your Cable Box?

MIPS is announcing its new Android-powered SmartCE platform at CES today, showing off set-top boxes running Froyo, Skype video chat and a home media center solution. Platforms like these could one day also run on your cable box. But what does that mean for Google TV?

Google’s Big Problem: It Ain’t What You Think

Google is taking it on the chin, thanks to reported delays with Google TV software. While clearly an issue, it’s part of a much larger problem for the company as it diversifies from its search and advertising core businesses to more consumer-centric applications.

5 Ways to Save Google TV

Google TV is postponing its coming out party at CES, according to the New York Times, with manufacturers from Sharp to Toshiba holding of on device unveilings. Google reportedly wants to spend more time on improving the product – and we go some unsolicited advice.

5 Reasons Google Bought Widevine

Google’s acquisition of Widevine isn’t just about DRM. It’s about helping to make nice with Hollywood, widening distribution of YouTube content on connected devices, getting Google TV embedded with more CE manufacturers and making mobile video on Android devices a lot less painful to watch.

Could ARM Solve Google TV’s Price Problem?

Google TV-powered devices might be held back somewhat by price premiums related to the cost of materials required for the system to run. But a possible partnership with ARM Holdings could help Google’s CE partners to offer lower-cost products based on ARM chips.

How To Watch The Daily Show on Google TV

Want to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or Drawn Together on Google TV? Then don’t be discouraged by the fact that Comedy Central’s corporate parent just started blocking Google TV devices, as regaining access to these videos only takes a minute.

AT&T: Stop Button Bashing and Talk to Your TV

I keep praying for fewer buttons on my TV remote, yet we keep going in the opposite direction. Thankfully, AT&T seems to understand my pain. The carrier showed off some concepts today for adding voice control and cloud-based natural language processing to the TV remote.

Schmidt: Google Guilty Of ‘Making a Dumb TV Smart’

Broadcasters have shown early resistance to the Google TV operating system, but CEO Eric Schmidt said in front of an audience today that the company is merely guilty of “making a dumb TV smart,” something he believes will eventually create more value for broadcast video content.

How to Watch Glee On Google TV

Want to watch Glee, Bones or House on your Google TV device? Then better hurry up, because is trying to block access to its content. There’s currently a loophole available, but that might change soon. Of couse, the cat and mouse game continues nonetheless.

Fox Joins Google TV Broadcast Blockade became the latest and final broadcast network to block its online video streams from appearing on Google TV-powered devices. The news comes after ABC, CBS and NBC had all previously blocked their shows on devices from TVs and Blu-ray players from Sony and Logitech set-top boxes.

SyFy Begins Blocking Google TV used to be one of a few cable network sites that let Google TV users catch up on entire episodes of its shows – but no more: The NBC-owned network is now preventing Google TV users from accessing its content, much like, and

Google TV Gives Web Developers Their Oprah Moment

You’re getting a Google TV! And you, and you and you: That’s how it must feel like to be a Google Code developer these days… Google has started to notify members of its developer community that they’re eligible to receive a free Logitech Revue box.

Google TV Exec: We Owe It All to the iPhone

Google TV is based on Google’s Android mobile operating system, but one of the biggest inspirations for the company’s new TV platform was actually the iPhone. Apple brought the full web to the mobile space, and Google wants to do the same for the living room.

Shows You Can Watch for Free With Google TV

Google TV devices are blocked by ABC, CBS and NBC, making it impossible to watch the latest CSI or Grey’s Anatomy episodes online. However, basic cable doesn’t seem to care about conflicts like these. Most shows popular on cable networks are available to Google TV owners.

There is No New Media: It’s All New Consumption

Now television broadcasters are blocking Google TV from getting access to the content broadcasters put online to make sure they don’t lose advertising dollars. But the cat is out of the bag. All information is nothing more than bits on one network — the Internet.

There is No New Media: It’s All New Consumption

Now television broadcasters are blocking Google TV from getting access to the content broadcasters put online to make sure they don’t lose advertising dollars. But the cat is out of the bag. All information is nothing more than bits on one network — the Internet.

Google TV Owners Find A Hulu Loophole

You can’t accesss with a new Google TV device out of the box, but some of the first owners of Sony’s Google-powered Internet TV have already figured out a work-around: Apparenyly, all it takes to get all those TV shows is a simple settings change.

That’s Not a Remote; That’s a Speak ‘n Spell!

Sony’s Google TV remote is a good example of the challenge facing any manufacturer looking to integrate its TV platform with Google’s devices. The remote sports 90 buttons, and it often requires two hands for things that many people are used to doing one-handed.

Price Cuts Ahead for Sony’s Google TV?

The prices unveiled by Sony for its line-up of Google TV devices didn’t convince you? Then how about $796 for a 40′ TV set with Google TV? That’s a price that briefly popped up on Sony’s consumer electronics website yesterday. Are more price cuts in store?

Sony Prices Google TV to Sell; Will People Buy?

Sony unveiled a new family of Google TV-powered TVs and a Blu-ray player, pricing the hardware with an eye toward selling consumers on the benefits of marrying the full Internet with TV. The announcement came one week after Logitech announced its Google TV-powered Revue set-top box.

Weekend Poll: What Does Google TV Need to Succeed?

Google TV devices are starting to reach the market with Logitech’s Revue set-top box and Sony’s Internet TV this month – but will consumers bite? The first generation of devices is pretty expensive, and doesn’t even offer access to Hulu – but what else is missing?

Logitech Revue: The Wrong Choice for Cord Cutters

Logitech’s Revue, which went on pre-sale today, offers integration of TV and web content – except if you’re a cord cutter. The device’s hardware is optimized to work with set-top boxes and won’t play nice with over the air content. Oh, and Hulu doesn’ty play either.

Logitech Goes Google TV, Launches Revue Set-Top Box

Logitech officially announced the launch of its Google TV-powered Logitech Revue set-top box today, demonstrating for the first time what the device is capable of, as well as announcing a number additional devices that will be available for use with Revue.

Google Unveils Google TV Website

Google unveiled the web site for its Google TV platform today, showcasing some of the features and apps of upcoming devices to prospective buyers. It’s Google’s first attempt to tell consumers what Google TV is all about, but it doesn’t reveal many previously unannounced features.

Vid-Biz: Bitbop, ABC, Google TV

Today on the web: Bitbop launches its $9.95 a month mobile video service on Android, Disney CEO Bob Iger is trying to turn ABC around after declines in viewership and a Best Buy memo points to a Google TV launch on October 17th.

Vid-Biz: Google TV, Cinemax to Go, YouTube Profitability

Today on the Net: Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed that Google TV products would be on sale soon but dismissed the threat from Apple TV, Cinemax has launched its first broadband TV Everywhere offering on Verizon FiOS and YouTube still isn’t profitable but should be soon.

Google TV Will Have Its Own Instant Search

Thought Google’s new Instant Search looks a little familiar? maybe it’s because you’ve seen some of the early demo videos of Google TV, the search giant’s upcoming living room platform. Google TV features a very similar instant search functionality, which makes perfect sense for couch potatoes.

An In-Depth Look at the Google TV Interface

Video podcasters and other online video producers will like Google TV, judging from a new clip that is providing us with an in-depth look at the Google TV interface. Turns out, Google TV will feature a full-fledged podcast directory as well as universal video content search.

Will Google TV Get the Broadcaster Help It Needs to Succeed?

What happens if Google TV, which aims to offer up premium online video content alongside linear and on-demand programming, isn’t able to deliver? That’s a very real possibility facing the new video platform being touted by Google as a revolutionary new way to watch TV.

YouTube’s Big Bet for Connected Devices: Leanback

YouTube wants you to kick back and enjoy a stream of videos recommended by your Facebook friends with a new UI dubbed Leanback. It’s currently in beta, but there’s a good chance that Leanback will find its way to game consoles, DVRs and other connected devices.

Google TV: A Video Tour

Still don’t know what Google TV is all about? The company wants to explain it to you in detail, and it has released a new video tour to do so. The video features various third-party content sources compatible with Google TV, but is notably absent.

Comcast COO: We’re Not Competing with Google TV

More people may be watching online video than ever, but Comcast doesn’t see Google TV as a competitive threat, according to COO Steve Burke. Instead, the exec said today that Comcast’s real competition comes from satellite TV providers and telco companies entering the pay TV market.

Steve Jobs: Google TV Will Go the Way of TiVo and Roku

The only way to innovate in the TV industry is to make consumers want to pay full price for set-top boxes versus the ones they get virtually free, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. And the new Google TV doesn’t transcend that model, he says.

Is Google TV WebTV Part Deux?

In the same way that Apple’s iPad gained consumer acceptance where other tablet devices failed, Google TV may finally be coming to market at a time when the user mindset — and the supporting online services — might actually be ready for such a product.

Google TV Is Ready to Change the Game

By bringing web-like search navigation to traditional channel surfing, Google TV has the potential to be a game-changer in the pay TV business. The launch also sets up an eventual clash between Apple’s App Store and Google’s search-based platform for supremacy on connected devices.

Hulu on Android Foreshadows Google TV War

Hulu content won’t play on Google TV devices – or will it? A new hack that makes it possible to view Hulu videos on Android phones with Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 raises more questions about the viability of content restrictions for the Google TV platform.

The Future of Google TV Is …

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and cofounder of HDNet, offers running commentary on Blog Maverick and allows us to publish it her…