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Apple’s app store hits 50 billion downloads

Apple announced a big milestone in app downloads on Wednesday, the same day that Google’s I/O developer conference kicked off in San Francisco. The app store has now seen 50 million downloads so far.

Cloud music wars: Google Play gets free song matching

Google Play users won’t have to upload every single song to their music locker anymore. Google just introduced its own version of iTunes Match, which identifies songs on a user’s hard drive and then unlocks them in the cloud. The main difference: Google’s version is free.

Android users: Got a buck? Spend it on these 4 apps

Google is celebrating 25 billion app downloads from its Google Play store with twenty-five cent apps. There are a number to choose from, but these four stood out for me and earned my buck: Two for productivity and two fun games for after work.

Why the Google Play experience will soon rival iTunes

After months with a sub-par user experience, the Google Play store is gaining needed improvements. Application updates comprised of just changed code now helps limit mobile broadband use while gift cards and wishlists are coming soon, per the latest version of Google Play.

How Facebook App Center is aiding iOS, Android app discovery

Facebook’s App Center was launched in June as part of the social network’s attempt to be more relevant to mobile users and help them find apps they like for their smartphones. It’s also another way of attacking the mobile app discovery problem plaguing both iOS and Android.

Google’s product pruning continues unabated

Even as Google is cutting products in an attempt to “focus,” these moves are also just freeing up resources for the company to take on new risks. Some of those new projects are already not working out, like the Nexus Q.

A Chromebook letdown: No Google Play video support

Google has improved its movie and TV show offerings in Google Play; great for the new Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus Q streaming device. But you’re out of luck for video playback — rentals or purchases — if you have a Google-powered Chromebook. What gives?

Samsung’s iTunes competitor: Not new, but improving

Samsung has launched Music Hub on its new Galaxy S III in five countries. The service is touted as the “first completely integrated, all-in-one mobile music service” but it’s not exactly new. Samsung’s Music Hub debuted in 2010 and the company keeps trying to improve it.

Google: No more e-books for indie booksellers

Google is reportedly ending its program that allows independent booksellers to sell Google e-books through their websites. Below is the full letter that the American Booksellers Association sent to members announcing the news.