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Google Maps design gurus to speak at RoadMap 2013

We’re excited to announce that Google Maps design gurus Jonah Jones and Bernhard Seefeld will be speaking at our third annual experience design conference RoadMap on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco.

Google Maps for iOS downloaded 10M times last week

It was clear last week it was going to be popular as it quickly shot to the top of the App Store’s download charts. But the release of the exact number helps illuminate the demand for Google’s app after Apple dropped it from iOS 6.

New Google Maps quickly becomes top free iPhone app

Exactly how many iPhone users downloaded the app isn’t clear — neither Google nor Apple has released any such statistics just yet. But zooming to the top of the free charts, bypassing mega-hits like YouTube, Angry Birds Star Wars and Snapchat, indicate a large volume of downloads.

A new Google Maps for iOS could be right around the corner

Apple has said it’s working on improving its own Maps app, but there are many longtime iPhone users who’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of Google Maps to the platform. A new report indicates Google is testing a new Maps for iOS app now.

The Apple Roundup: Google Maps for iOS 6 not ready to go after all

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Google’s standoff with Apple over maps, a potential miscalculation of where iPhone buyers shopped, life in a Foxconn factory, and details on the iPhone 5’s Lightning adapter.

The Apple Roundup: Apple recruiting Googlers for Maps help

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple is targeting Google Maps developers for help with its maps app, iPhone 5 stock, games could be harder to find in iOS 6 App Store, and more.

Early reviews say new Apple Maps leave a lot to be desired

It looks like Apple’s new Maps app needed more time and development before it was pushed live. The general consensus is that while the maps look better and have welcome additions that weren’t included with Google Maps, there are still some key features missing.

Amazon gives devs a maps API alternative to Google

Amazon is giving Kindle Fire developers a new maps API, providing an alternative to Google Maps. This could help developers become less dependent on Google. And it may show how Amazon plans on implementing native mapping in its tablets.

Ditching Google Maps not a problem for iOS developers

Besides iPhone users, it’s the engineers behind the thousands of third-party iOS apps that are faced with navigating the switch from Google Maps to Apple’s new maps app in iOS 6. But the reaction from developers is that Apple has made the change easy on them.

Apple’s already started the process of replacing Google Maps

A Wall Street Journal report details the falling out between Apple and Google over Google Maps on iOS devices. The two sides have bickered for years over the implementation of mapping technology, and it turns out Apple has already begun moving away from Google’s technology.

Apple mapping a future without Google in iOS 6?

A new report indicates Apple is on the verge of replacing the Google Maps app altogether in the next version of iOS. Considering Apple’s history of buying up mapping technologies and its preference of using its own technology rather than third-party solutions, the report makes sense.

Google makes a deal for The Dealmap

Google has snapped up The Dealmap, an aggregator of nearby shopping deals, in an acquisition that furthers its Google Offers ambitions. The purchase, whose price was not disclosed, shows that Google is proceeding even without its unsuccessful $6 billion bid for Groupon last year.

Google Maps for Mobile Poised to Eclipse Desktop Use as Mobile Rules

Google has hit 200 million installs of Google Maps on mobile devices, said Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of maps and local today. The milestone highlights Google’s strength in location especially in regards to mobile devices, which is benefitting from the rise of Android devices.

Google Turns Map Maker Loose in the U.S.

After helping improve maps in 183 countries and regions with Google Map Maker, Google is turning the power of crowd-sourced mapping on in the United States, a move that highlights the work Google is doing to own the local market.

Google Maps for Android Adds a Personal Dashboard

Google today updated Maps for Android devices to version 5.3, adding a location dashboard and graphs showing the amount of time spent at work, home and out. Again, iOS users are left in the cold; it’s likely Apple will soon tell Google Maps to get lost.

Apple Charting New Future for iOS Maps — Without Google?

Like breadcrumbs, a series of acquisitions, job postings, and service changes lead to the conclusion that a major change in maps on iOS is coming. The latest clue is a strongly-worded job posting that indicates “radical” improvements are in the cards for maps on iOS devices.

How Google Uses Data to Make a Better Google

Google may have more distributed data than any other company but it still takes user input to create smarter machines. Google’s Voice Search speech recognition, for example, began to improve when the service started to train itself and improve accuracy through the use of end-user data

Face It Carriers: Free Services Might Be Better Than Your Paid Ones

Verizon’s new paid Navigation service launches today, adding 3-D visuals, satellite mapping and Facebook integration. VZ Navigator VX is initially rolling out on three Android phones that have Google Maps navigation. Should carriers continue investing effort and money on paid services to compete against free ones?

Now Serving Ads Inside Google Maps

Google has started to put ads on Google Maps in Australia. When you zoom in on the map, you see logos for local businesses and their locations. Google is making sure that despite being “branding” ads, the messages are contextual and relevant.

Google Maps Adds Biking Directions

Did you know that Google Maps’ most-requested feature addition is biking directions, in large part due to a vocal 50,000-signature-strong group of “Bike There” petitioners? The petitioners’ wish is being granted tonight, with bike directions for 150 U.S. cities and 12,000 miles of trails going live.

Google Maps Now Has a "Labs" Feature Too

Google Maps now has a series of “labs” features, allowing users to enable or disable enhancements such as aerial imagery (in certain locations only), as well as drag-and-zoom, smart zoom, location-based features, a satellite-imagery guessing game and other new options.

What You Should Be Reading This Weekend

Taking a cue from Simon Mackie, editor of WebWorkerDaily and VC blogger Paul Kedrosky, I am sharing a list of articles I think you should read this weekend. An interview with Steve Jobs, an essay about life before Google Maps and MTV’s new logo are here.

Nokia May Open More Robust Ovi Maps API to Developers

Nokia, which recently launched a new, free version of its Ovi Maps app, may also open it up to outside developers via a more robust API than the one currently available as it looks to extends the app’s capabilities even further.

With New Ovi Maps, Nokia Seeks Location Heaven

In an attempt to ward of competition from the likes of Google, Nokia’s has released new Ovi Maps software for free. With the new Ovi Maps app, Nokia has a chance to become the GPS-of-choice in countries where standalone navigation devices are hard to find.


Mobile Winners and Losers of 2009

As the year winds to a close, GigaOM Pro’s crack team of contributors takes a look back at what went right, what went wrong, and for whom in the world of mobile.


Augmented Reality: Lots of Promise, Lots of Hurdles

The buzz surrounding augmented reality has grown deafening, and for good reason. Conceptually, at least, augmented reality erases the line between the real and virtual worlds: examples include everything from those yellow, simulated first-down lines you see during NFL broadcasts to high-tech, head-up displays integrated into the windshields of military fighter planes. And AR, as it is quickly becoming known, is making its way into the hands of consumers via smartphones and portable videogame consoles. But significant technological and logistical strides must be made if augmented reality is to fulfill its promise and truly become a part of the everyday lives of consumers.

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