Google i/o

The future, according to Google

In response to a question at a Google I/O talk on Thursday, luminaries from Google Research took a stab at predicting life 10 years from now. Here’s what they had to say.

Google I/O

Google is holdings its annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco, where announcements are being made on Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs,…

Google scrambles to fix Events after celebs yelp

Despite the “Google+ is a ghost town” mantra, a number of high-profile people are active users. They also yelp when they’re unhappy and when Google+ Events went live, flooding feeds, that’s what some of them did — drawing attention to a launch for all the wrong reasons.

Google releases Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Google’s Chrome browser is coming to iOS devices: The browser will be available both for iPhone and iPad via iTunes later today. This brings cross-device Chrome synching to iOS – and for Google represents a significant step towards capturing the mobile browser market.

Our Google I/O Day Two live coverage is here

Google is expected to focus much more on the Web during the second day of its Google I/O show, with news expected about a new cloud service that you first heard from GigaOM. Just like yesterday, we’ll be providing live coverage of the event here.

Google App Engine by the numbers

Google shared some factoids about the Google App Engine PaaS at Google I/O this week. Most interesting to me is that the company now claims 250,000 active GAE users. That’s up from the 150,000 active users it claimed to date.

Google I/O: Day One by the numbers

Google I/O got off to an eventful start thanks to keynote delays, pre-release of news on Google’s websites before it was announced on stage and an epic skydiving stunt. Here is a quick run-down of day one by the numbers:

Want to speed up mobile YouTube? Google makes it easy

As Android improves, so too does YouTube. Google updated its video application for devices running Android 4.0 or better by focusing on subscriptions and channels in the mobile interface. And you can now pre-load certain videos to help reduce the amount of buffering while mobile.

Google wants developers to take a leap with Project Glass

Google doesn’t mess around: The company demoed its Project Glass hardware with a live skydiving demo at Google I/O Wednesday. It also announced that developers are going to be able to pre-order Glass for $1500 – but said little about what Glass will actually offer.

Jelly Bean: What you need to know about Android 4.1

At its I/O conference Google unveiled the next update to Android, version 4.1, aka Jelly Bean. The update, which will first become available as an over-the-air download next month, brings a lot of nice improvements and some cool enhancements to search, notifications and navigation.

Google App Engine: What developers want at Google I/O

Most of the noise coming out of Google I/O this week will be around the company’s infrastructure as a service plan. But developers who have banked on the Google App Engine platform as a service have some very specific requests of Google.

Video Interview: What Makes Chromebooks Unique?

Google wants to persuade end users, corporations and school that Chromebooks represent a new and better way of computing. But what about netbooks, Android devices and strapped school budgets? Chrome VP Sundar Pichai answers the question on everyone’s minds: Why should we buy a Chromebook?

Chrome Web Store Goes Global, Unveils In-App Payments

Google rolled out two new updates to its Chrome Web Store to allow application developers to reach more people — and make more money. Developers can enable simple in-app payments with one line of code, with Google taking only a 5-percent share of the revenue.

Google Teaches Programmers to Play Well With Others

While not always recognized for their fuzzy personalities and breezy conversational skills, most programmers do want to work well alongside other human beings. Why else did so many spend a precious hour of Google I/O time at “Social Skills for Geeks?”

Google Launches Movie Rentals on Android Market

Google launched a movie rental store for Android devices today, making thousands of movies available for streaming and download. The store is already available on the web, and a dedicated Android app for handsets will be available within a few weeks.

YouTube Launches Live Captions at Google I/O

The Google I/O live video stream will be accessible to hearing-impaired viewers and search engine crawlers alike, thanks to a new live captions feature unveiled by YouTube today. The feature combines manual transcription with automatic translation and will be available to any YouTube Live partner.

Who Will Rule the Google I/O Sandbox? Find Out on ShortForm

Between now and May 11th, visitors to ShortForm’s Google I/O Sandbox Video Contest can check out videos of exhibitors demonstrating new apps from across multiple Google app platforms. They’ll also be able to vote for their favorites, with a winner announced May 12th.

Google’s Apple Complex on Display at I/O

The claws were out at Google I/O today, where Google VP engineering Vic Gundotra gave his best Steve Jobs impression — by which I mean, an on-stage presentation of new launches that featured ample use of passive-aggressive jabs, delivered to a rapt and supportive audience.

Microchanneling: One Big Implication of Google TV

Google used the NBA, Sesame Street and House to show off capabilities of its new Google TV platform, emphasizing how well upcoming devices will work with existing broadcast programming. Dan Gillmor however believes that Google TV will also be a big boost for niche microchannels.

Logitech CEO: Why We Embrace Google TV

Logitech’s CEO Jerry Quindlen doesn’t think that consumers are sick of buying new boxes for the living room. In fact, he believes that the Google TV-powered set-top box his company is introducing this fall will lead to consumers buying even more hardware.

Did Google Just Kill Boxee, Roku and TiVo?

With the introduction of Google TV, the search giant could majorly disrupt the online video industry by merging it with existing broadcast TV services. By doing so, Google might render obsolete standalone set-top boxes and DVRs that pipe online video content to the TV.

The Unanswered Questions About Google TV

Google and its partners Sony, Logitech and Intel plan to launch first Google TV devices this fall, but it’s still unclear how much of the web users will actually be able to access with it, and what kind of ads they’re going to see in the future.

Theora Founder: WebM Project Is ‘Wonderful’

Theora’s Monty Montgomery is excited about Google’s announcement to open source VP8 with its WebM Project, but doesn’t believe it will kill Theora in the near future. Other open source and open video advocates are stoked as well, but some caution about possible patent lawsuits.

Google’s Partners Will Drive WebM Adoption

Google roll out of its open source WebM Project will offer a high-quality video codec to compete with industry incumbent H.264, but it will be relying on a long list of software, hardware and encoding partners including Adobe and ARM to help push the format forward.

Google Open Sourcing VP8 as Part of WebM Project

Google announced today that it’s open sourcing it’s VP8 video codec as part of a new project called WebM. The move is supported by Mozilla, Opera and Chrome, as well as Adobe and virtually all leading encoding and video platform vendors.

Google Woos Developers at I/O

The first day of Google I/O seemed like a coming out party for Google App Engine, the company’s competitive threat to Amazon…