Google Glass

Twitter’s app is no longer available for Google Glass

Twitter’s app is no longer available from the Glassware page for Google Glass, which could indicate that Twitter has decided to stop supporting the platform, or the company could be working on a new version to go with the next generation of Glass hardware.

Blippar brings object image recognition to Google Glass

Blippar has migrated its object image recognition technology from the smartphone to Google Glass, showing off the concept at Mobile World Congress. The app could be used for advertising, education and more. It can also recognize faces but that feature will be disabled.

Finally, Google Glass works with my terrible vision

After months of not really enjoying Google Glass with corrective vision glasses I ordered Glass frames from Google. The verdict? Much better but there are a few restrictions on the corrective lenses that had me devise a complicated solution.

Google’s Project Glass in NYC to watch the ball drop?

An image of someone wearing Google’s Project Glass prototype in New York City was snapped yesterday, just in time for the big New Year’s Eve bash on Times Square this evening. Even more exciting: this prototype supports lenses that could be used for prescription eyewear.

You’ll flip over the first video from Google’s Project Glass

The first video capture taken with Google’s Project Glass hardware has surfaced, and the quality isn’t bad. Various stills images show camera improvements in the hardware. That’s important. Why? Because the camera could play the most important input role for the Project Glass concept.

MIT creates glare-free, self cleaning, water repellent glass

If a smartphone or tablet with glass that’s glare-free, repels liquids and is self-cleaning sounds appealing, you might want to start following MIT’s research. By adding layers on glass that are then selectively removed, microscopic cones are created and provide these desirable characteristics.