Google Docs

Google Drive for iOS adds editing, unless you count spreadsheets

After releasing Google Drive for iOS in June, iPhone and iPad owners were disappointed by the lack of editing capabilities. Google fixes that with an app update today, but it’s still fairly limited: Only documents can be edited, even though Google’s demo video shows spreadsheet editing.

Chromebook Google Drive integration: Handy and slick

Chromebook owners have a new software update that adds Google Drive integration and offline Docs support Google previously announced. The newest Chromebook models also gain a firmware update while the original CR-48 models gain the new Chrome OS user interface and open source touchpad drivers.

Google hit with patent claim over Google Drive

The growing popularity of cloud technology is attracting not just users but patent litigation as well. The latest example is a suit filed by Superspeed LLC against Google that claims the company’s Drive and Docs products violate a 1999 software patent.

Google Drive already referenced in Google Docs code

Google is getting ready to launch its very own cloud storage product, and the actual launch could happen very soon: Code referencing the Goole Drive has already popped up in Google Docs, where users can soon add shared items to their own Drive.

Google Docs Gets Video Playback. So What About GDrive?

Google Docs users can now upload videos and watch them right within Docs. The upload is limited to 1GB files, and uploads count against your Docs storage. Sounds more like a paid storage solution than a free video hosting service like YouTube, doesn’t it?

Google Turns on Desktop Docs Editor for iPad

Google made it possible to edit and create Google Docs documents with your iPad on Nov. 17, but the editor it introduced lacked many features. Late Dec. 9, the company introduced the ability to switch to the full version of the editor to access those features.

Weekend Project: iPad Productivity in the Cloud

Thanks to iPad’s connectivity and cloud services like Google Docs, you can be pretty productive — if you have the right software and workflow. In this weekend project, I’ll show you my current solutions which are working well enough for me to leave the notebook behind.

Google Docs Ratchets Up Flexibility With Files

Google on Tuesday announced that it will support uploads of many more file types on Google Docs, and is ratcheting up the size of individual uploads. There are also new online storage options. The moves target both enterprise and individual users.

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