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Coming soon: Chrome for iPhone & iPad

Google’s Chrome browser is will appear on Apple’s iOS devices this quarter suggests Macquarie (USA) Equities Research, reducing the payments that Google makes to Apple for search results in Safari. That sounds great but Apple’s third-party browser limitations will surely minimize any benefits for Google.

Chrome for Android improves with desktop view and more

Google’s Chrome browser for Android is still in beta, yet it keeps improving quickly; the latest update is now available. The browser, only supported on Android 4.0 smartphones and tablets, gains support for 31 additional languages and adds new features making a great browser even better.

Congrats to Our Cr-48 Winners!

We received over 1,000 comments from readers in our Chrome OS CR-48 giveaway, and as promised, we randomly chose five winners. Everyone’s a winner really, because GigaOM readers left a number of insightful comments about Google’s new browser-based computer and its chances of future success.

Google’s Chrome OS: Dead Before Arrival?

Last week Google showed off its progress on Chrome OS, introducing an apps store in support of it and offering a pre-release hardware trial program. But making Chrome OS what CEO Eric Schmidt calls a “viable third choice” in operating systems looks doomed.

We’re Giving Away Chrome OS Laptops!

Google has a few extra CR-48 notebooks with the Chrome OS for us and instead of arming our office with cloud computers, we’re giving them to readers! We have five CR-48’s, so leave a comment here if you want one. Don’t wait – entries close tomorrow night!

Google Has 60,000 Chrome Notebooks to Share

Google announced a program for Chrome OS yesterday, and it’s clear they mean business as the company has taken delivery of 60,000 of the notebooks. The Cr-48 Chrome notebook that Google demonstrated will be sent to chosen applicants to test Chrome OS on the unbranded notebook.

While Others Launch Apps, Twitter Builds on the Web

While Google moves onto Apple’s turf by launching a Chrome OS store for apps, many of which cost money and only work properly if they run in Google’s browser, some companies such as Twitter are instead spending their time and resources making their websites more app-like.

Google’s Chrome OS Extends Battle With Apple

Google pulled the curtain back further still on Chrome OS at its event today. Chrome OS takes many cues from Google’s success with its Android mobile operating system, so don’t be surprised if it leads to more competition for Apple’s platforms and products.

Chrome OS PC: More About Personal, Less About Computers

Google’s future computing vision appears focused on Chrome OS devices, but is it really about the hardware? The physical device actually matters less as Google divests our personal data, preferences and even apps from the hardware, placing the “soul” of our computing experience in the cloud.

Chrome OS vs. Jolicloud: Similar on the Surface

The Google announcement today put the upcoming Chrome OS in the spotlight as an OS based on the Chrome web browser, aimed at replacing legacy desktop systems. Systems with Chrome OS won’t hit the market until mid-2011, but web operating system Jolicloud is available now.

Google Bundles Free 3G Data With Chrome OS Devices

Google is shipping a surprise with its upcoming Chrome OS notebooks: free cellular data. Google is teaming with Verizon to offer 100 MB of free data every month for two years on the upcoming devices. This should appeal to consumers interested in checking out Chrome OS.

Android Has Won — Time for Chrome OS to Move Along?

Google dominated the technology conversation last week with its annual developer conference, Google I/O, the focus of the which was the Android OS and the mobile ecosystem it’s spawned. Chrome, meanwhile, appeared to have become little more than an afterthought for the company.

Google Previews Chrome Web App Store

A common problem on the web, according to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) VP of product management Sundar Pichai: Finding “great” web apps. “Let’s try t…

chromeTouch: Free Extension for Touch Tablets

One of the best things about using a touch-optimized Tablet PC is the ability to surf the web by touch. That’s if the browser supports it, of course. The Chrome extension chromeTouch turns that browser into the best browser on a touch Tablet bar none.

The Wish List: 7 Things We Hope Will Come True in 2010

With 2009 coming to an end, it is not surprising that everyone (including me) has predictions about what 2010 will bring. So instead, four of us — Liz, Stacey, Sebastian and I — have put together a wish list of seven things we hope come true in 2010.

The Androidification of Everything

While much has been made of Google’s Chrome OS and its potential, the adaptability of the Android OS is what makes it more disruptive than its shinier smartbook-oriented cousin Chrome. Its appeal to everyone from chipmakers to serial entreprenuers will be seen at CES.

Google Chrome Extensions Spread Out

Earlier this month, we covered six early extensions for Google’s Chrome browser, just after Google launched its online Extensions Gallery. Since then, the number of extensions has ballooned. If you use Chrome, here are a few add-ons that Google and Chrome users are highlighting.

6 Killer Extensions for Google Chrome

On the heels of delivery of Mac and Linux beta versions of the open-source Chrome browser, Google is out with its Chrome Extensions Gallery. Here are six of them that can help you get much more out of Chrome.

Google Chrome OS & What It Means For Future of Computing

Google’s Chrome OS may or may not make it, but the attempt shows how far the computer industry has come from a bulky PC chained to a desk by its power cord and Ethernet cable. The computer is evolving from those dinosaurs to a smaller, mobile model that is always connected to the web. The iPhone brought us apps that are lightweight so users don’t get bogged down by smaller processors and slower wireless web connections on mobile devices. Google’s Chrome OS attempts to keep that speed, while preserving a platform for Google to make money through advertising.

Google Uses YouTube Clips To Hype Chrome

*Google* doesn’t really advertise its products — its business is to get other people to advertise theirs. So when the company takes the tim…

Google Chrome-Induced Déjà Vu

With all the hype and excitement surrounding the release of Google Chrome yesterday, I, like so many, was eager to try the browser out for myself. What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming sense of déjà vu it would trigger in me.

Google Browser Puts the Cloud To Work

It was nearly a decade ago when a then-young Marc Andreessen, the wunderboy founder of Netscape Communications, first talked about the concept of the browser pushing the operating system into the background. With the release of Google’s experimental browser, Chrome, we have come full circle.