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Surprise! There may be a business in Google Apps after all!

Cloud Sherpas has seen revenue from both its Google Apps and businesses double in the past year. That seams to indicate that third-party VARs and integrators can make a living off low-cost SaaS applications — and that Google gets that it needs an ecosystem.

BetterCloud raises $2M to make Google Apps better

New York City-based startup BetterCloud has raised $2 million for its quest to bring better business-oriented management, reporting and other capabilities to Google Apps. The funding comes from BetterCloud CEO David Politis and unnamed angel investors.

Google Enterprise chief Girouard heads to startup

David Girouard, who led Google’s push into enterprise applications, is leaving the company for a startup called An eight-year veteran with the search giant, Girouard led Google’s push to take on Microsoft in desktop applications and email. Girouard posted the news to Google+ Friday.

It’s official: The LAPD ain’t going to Google

After a long-running controversy, the Los Angeles Police Department will definitely not move to Google Apps. And that’s final.
The City Council voted to kill the proposed deployment of Google Apps to the LAPD although the city’s other 17,000 employees are still aboard.

Pulse on Kindle Fire: powered by Google!?

Silk, the browser for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, utilizes Amazon’s cloud. But don’t think AWS is the Kindle Fire’s only cloud connection. In a post on Tuesday, Pulse’s Greg Bayer explained how his company’s news-reading app actually runs atop Google’s App Engine Platform-as-a-Service offering.

How Spanning built a backup based on clouds

Spanning is a backup service for Google Apps that’s completely hosted and run from Amazon’s web services. The idea of backing up one cloud service via another was intriguing enough that I asked Mike Pav, the VP of engineering at Spanning, how he does it.

General Motors deal would be huge coup for Google Apps

If General Motors, a big Microsoft shop, ends up going with Google Apps, it would be a huge validation of Google’s productivity applications in the enterprise. Google Apps targets the Microsoft Office juggernaut, but has had trouble getting traction in big, corporate accounts.

NIST: We’re from the government and we’re here to help

Is cloud computing ready for government work? Not yet, but a new U.S. Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap draft sets out action items that government IT gurus say will speed up the adoption of cloud implementations that are safe and secure enough for government use.

Ballmer: We’re beating Google in the cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said his company was winning the battle for productivity applications in the cloud, and when it’s winning, it’s taking customers away from Google. And in doing so, he invoked a little bit of Charlie Sheen in showing his enthusiasm about network-based applications.

For Google Cloud, It’s About Apps and Big Data

Dave Girouard, president of Google Enterprise, in a conversation earlier this week, outlined Google’s cloud strategy and its long-term plans, and how it is different from other cloud providers including Amazon Web Services. He talks about Google’s two areas of focus – apps and big data.

LibreOffice: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (and Gone)

The OpenOffice community has staged a coup against project owner Oracle, but to what effect? The Document Foundation promises little more than a tired retread on an outdated office productivity meme. It’s time for the open-source community to ditch OpenOffice and instead embrace the web.

With CSC’s Help, L.A. Goes Google

CSC, the company chartered by city of Los Angeles to deploy Google Apps using its trusted cloud service, says over 15,500 city employees have switched over to Google’s web-based offerings. Only four of city’s 40 departments, including the LAPD, have yet to make the switch.

Memeo Tries to Revive the GDrive

Memeo today announced the GA launch of it’s Memeo Connect product that fills a glaring hole in Google’s product offering. A number of players, Memeo included, are jumping to provide a document and file syncing tool, built off the back of Google’s infrastructure.


Report: Google’s Voice Possibilities

What used to be called, telephony, or even VoIP, has transitioned into UC. This new moniker describes the fact that voice is no longer the only form of enterprise communications — UC acknowledges email, IM, video, collaboration, calendaring and even SMS as critical forms of business communications.

Quick Tip: Sync iPhone Notes With Google Sync

Yesterday, Google announced that Gmail users who use IMAP (instead of POP) can now synchronize notes created and edited on the iPhone with Gmail. Naturally, my first question was what about Google Apps ( and Google Sync (Exchange) users? Turns out it is indeed possible.

How the Email Inbox Can Become An App Platform

Earlier this month Google preannounced a feature that would allow apps to embed themselves directly into email messages called “Gmail Contextual Gadgets.” That previews a future where email is rich, dynamic and integrated with services across the web — AKA an app platform.

Google's Horowitz on What Buzz Ultimately Aims To Do

What’s next for Google Buzz and Google Docs? Google’s VP of product management for Apps (aka everything but search and ads) Bradley Horowitz gave a bit of a roadmap last night, saying the motto he’s given his team is “We build apps for people, not markets.”

Google Apps Makes Itself a Platform for Outside Apps

Google Apps is moving closer to being an integrated corporate dashboard with the announcement tonight of Google Apps Marketplace at a developer event at its headquarters. The company will give vendors multiple hooks into its own products and take a 20 percent cut of revenue.

Google's To-Do List for 2010

Every year, dazzled by Google’s massive presence on the web, someone offers a wildly bullish prediction for its stock in the coming year. To which I say: We’ll see. So rather than another set of stock predictions, here’s a to-do list for Google in 2010.

5 Reasons to Consider Prepaid Phone Plans

These days, everyone’s looking for another way to cut costs. One relatively painless way is to make the switch to a prepaid cell phone plan. According to 2008 data from the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, of the 262 million cell phone subscribers in the U.S., only 16.9 percent of them are on prepaid plans. Here are five reasons that a prepaid plan might be right for you.

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Mix'08 Review: How Microsoft Is Fighting a War on Three Fronts

Cut through the flurry of announcements out of Microsoft’s Mix conference this week and what emerges is the Redmond giant’s three-pronged defense strategy: consumer, enterprise and developer. Only by understanding the battles the company is fighting does it become clear where it’s is headed. We’ve broken it out for you here.

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