Goldman Sachs

Nutanix raises $33M for a new type of scale out storage

Investors continue throwing money at infrastructure companies, especially if they have a product that helps accomodate and mitigate the complexities of virtualization and scaled out computing infrastructures. Nutanix aims to solve problems in both areas, and investors are rewarding it with $33 million.

Are Facebook and Goldman Sachs Reinflating the Bubble?

Goldman Sachs is reportedly investing $450 million in Facebook, giving the social networking company a theoretical market valuation of $50 billion and positioning it for what seems like an inevitable IPO. That may be good for Facebook and Goldman, but will it be good for investors?

10/04/2004 Broadband Daily

WIMAXCON and IP Telephony Conference this Week Softbank goes all optical Time Warner VoIP too expensive Waiting for WiFi Consolidation TW, Comcast…