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Amazon preps for launch of Russian Kindle store Amazon is working with Russian publishers to sign ebook contracts for the launch of the Russian Kindle store, Publishing Perspectives reports.…

7 stories to read this weekend

The long weekend is here and that means a lot to read: or at least I like to do that. Here are some amazing stories about San Francisco, Rajat Gupta, Argentina in the 1970s, Buffalo, razors, Philip Dick, Facebook, Brooklyn and cars.

Why is there no Netflix for porn?

Porn is a huge driver of online traffic, and Netflix has been successfully conditioning millions of people to consume online video with an all-you-can-eat subscription. So why hasn’t the adult industry been able to get consumers to pay up for a Netflix for porn?

For Jobs, the people came before the products

With his single-minded focus on creating great user experiences, Jobs redefined product design – and design in general – not just for Apple, but for designers like Typekit’s Jeffrey Veen, who found confidence and inspiration in Jobs’ work.

Netflix bets on more exclusive programming with Lilyhammer

Netflix continues to invest in content that will help it stand out from the growing crowd of streaming video services and traditional cable TV networks. The latest evidence is a deal that will bring Norwegian-produced mobster TV show Lilyhammer to its original-programming lineup

Nokia’s Troubles Deepen, Key Exec Resigns

Only four months after a restructure put Anssi Vanjoki in charge of Nokia’s Mobile Solutions, he resigned today from Nokia, giving six months notice. With Nokia World starting tomorrow, this is big blow to the company. Don’t be surprised by few more executive exits.

Microsoft Just Killed the Double Rainbow Meme

The Double Rainbow meme is dead, and it’s assisted suicide, thanks to Microsoft. Over a month after Paul “Bear” Vasquez’s reaction to a double rainbow went viral, Vasquez is now starring in a commercial for Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Video: The Ellerdale Project Makes Sense of Twitter

Arthur van Hoff helped architect Java at Sun, co-founded Marimba, and engineered the application platform at TiVo. Now he’s identifying trends in Twitter messages at The Ellerdale Project. He explains to us why real-time search is one of the most “intellectually challenging” things he’s ever done.

Garyvee: After Wine Comes Women

Larger-than-life online video personality Gary Vaynerchuk has gone from wine red to hot pink for a new original production, Obsessed. A long-form…

Travels With Louis

It’s awesome when technology invades real life to make it better, like the way email makes letter-writing and photo-sharing easier. Louis Vuitton…