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The four best cities to launch a startup in Latin America

The growing startup scene in Latin America doesn’t yet compare to top-tier cities in the U.S. and Europe. But new southern hubs like Mexico City, Medellín and Santiago can compete. In between Tierra del Fuego and Monterrey lies a market worth watching.

Why online book discovery is broken (and how to fix it)

Here’s the main problem with book discovery online: Right now, it doesn’t really work. New research shows that frequent book buyers visit sites like Pinterest and Goodreads regularly, but those visits fail to drive actual book purchases.

OpenDNS CEO: Security isn’t that hard

Mat Honan’s “epic hacking” isn’t just a cautionary tale for everyday folks, it’s a good lesson for startup founders as well. In this video interview, OpenDNS CEO, David Ulevitch explains why good security practices need to be baked into the company from the beginning.

Deal with poor performers now [video]

As OpenDNS grows past 100 employees, founder and David Ulevitch realized that not every employee is suited for the next phase of the company. In this video interview, he explains why it’s important to deal with poor performers and not waste time on people who waste time.

Good big data, bad big data

Big data, properly applied, can help save energy, cure diseases, better predict trends. But there’s also worry that abuse of big data will benefit big government and corporations to the detriment of citizens, according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center.

Why Facebook and Silicon Valley owe it all to Moscow

Russian investor Yuri Milner plans to sell $1.5 billion of Facebook stock when the company goes public later this month — making more than a billion in profit. But it’s Silicon Valley that should be thanking him, not the other way around.

The ugly, dog-eat-dog world of data center startups

The normally staid and somewhat boring world of networking equipment focused startups is become a hotly contested minefield — thanks to the newest kid on the blog, Insiemi, a company started by Cisco veterans. Their hiring tactics have got rivals such as Arista Network hopping mad.

Apple suppliers data hints great holiday quarter

Apple is expected to have a great holiday quarter, which some believe would be company’s best ever. New data from an Apple supplier- Multi-Fineline Electronix which makes printed circuit boards for iPhone and iPads – is only bolstering that argument, according to UBS analyst Maynard Um.

Cenk Uygur: Glenn Beck doesn’t get the Internet

It’s no surprise that Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks doesn’t like Glenn Beck’s politics. However, Uygur also thinks that Beck doesn’t get online video. Uygur recently signed up with YouTube for its new content initiative instead of relying on a pay wall like Beck.

The Young Turks–MSNBC dispute is a cautionary tale

This week’s drama between The Young Turks creator and host Cenk Uygur and MSNBC has a sad tinge of inevitability to it, given the compromises required by the mainstream media. The major twist is just how loudly Uygur is raging against his former employer.

Peixe Urbano brings daily deals to Brazil — and beyond

Groupon has shown just how popular daily deals sites can be in the United States — but Latin American daily deals site Peixe Urbano is proving that an appetite for bargains knows no borders. Since its March 2010 launch, Peixe Urbano has attracted 11 million users.

Univision’s Uva Stepping Down As CEO

Joe Uva, the media buying veteran who became CEO and president of Spanish language media network Univision Communications four years ago, is…

My Life as an EIR

Many venture firms have EIRs: either Executives-in-Residence or Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. But what, exactly, do they do? Zach Urlocker lifts the veil on this role, detailing his several-month stint as an EIR.

Area Codes Are Dead — Thank VoIP

Over the years we have seen the gradual separation of phone numbers from geographical location. To date, Skype’s SkypeIn service has been…

Ex-Cisco SVP to Lead Andy Bechtolsheim’s Latest Switch Startup

In 2004, Andy Bechtolsheim co-founded Arastra, a Menlo Park, Calif-based maker of high-performance 10 GB switches for the data center market. Today the company announced it’s changing its name to Arista Networks and is hiring Jayshree Ullal, a 25-year veteran of the networking business, as its president and CEO.

TiVo Adds Jaman, CinemaNow

Written by Adrian Covert. Following previous revelations that TiVo would be teaming up with CinemaNow to provide users with Disney movie rentals…