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$1,000 Bitcoin: what people are saying

Bitcoin just broke $1,000, triggering new questions of whether it’s a bubble — or if you should buy some. Here’s a round-up of the latest hype, including what marketers and financial types are saying.

How to outrun a lie on the internet

Social media chatter claiming incorrectly that a British politician was a pedophile has proven a far-reaching scandal in the UK — and one of the rare times that the network has self-corrected a lie. Is this a new dawn? Don’t get your hopes up.

Sony Reader launches virtual book club

In an attempt to gain a larger slice of the ebook market, struggling Sony is launching a virtual book club. 25 “VIP members” will be chosen to receive a free Sony Reader and ebooks in exchange for promoting the book club online.

Exclusive: Comcast casts its lot with OpenStack

The nation’s biggest broadband and cable provider is joining the OpenStack effort, just in time for it’s big coming out party in San Diego next week. Comcast is also working with Cisco on applications that can build on that open-source infrastructure.

The cloud backlash could be deep

Selling customers on the cloud as a set of technologies that will improve their business and agility is fine, but vendors need to be able to back up those lofty claims with experienced teams that can really deliver on the promise of the cloud.

How e-readers can be more like animals

A new study led by researchers at the University of Cincinnati looks at the lessons engineers can learn from color-changing animals like squid, octopus and cuttlefish. They find the secrets of a cuttlefish’s skin could be key to helping build a better e-reader.

Touched by greatness: The iPhone years

It has been five years since Apple and Steve Jobs introduced us to arguably one of the more revolutionary devices ever, the iPhone. It success can be traced to a combination of factors, but the most important reason for its success: touch. Here is why!

Cirro makes big data manageable with smart set of tools

For companies looking for easier solutions for managing big data, Cirro offers an interesting set of products that allow non-technical analysts to manage large sets of data and access them through basic desktop applications like Microsoft Excel. Their mission is to “bring big data to the desktop.”

Why we owe it all to Alan Turing

One hundred years after he was born, the pioneering work of brilliant British polymath Alan Turing is as important as ever — so important, in fact, that his thinking about how computers work is still visible in every single line of code that gets written.

Should Snoop Dogg launch your startup? Your mileage may vary

Two video chat programs launched to the public this week, but Airtime premiered with Snoop Dogg and JImmy Fallon, while Nyoombl barely made a splash. The two strategies pose an interesting question for the startup world — how much initial buzz do you need for success?

Makie gets $1.4m to drag toys into the future

Forget virtual worlds and children’s apps: London-based startup Makielab thinks the toys of the future will be 3D printed and totally customized — and it’s raised a significant round of seed investment to start preparing to play with the big kids.

Wall Street got the Facebook IPO it deserved

At the close of its second day of trading in the public markets, the Wall Street consensus is that Facebook’s IPO was a flop. But it’s actually par for the course to see Wall Street and the tech media hype something and then tear it apart.

Loeb to Yahoo: What is this board waiting for?

Forming a committee to investigate a committee wasn’t likely to appease vocal dissident Yahoo shareholder Daniel Loeb — and it didn’t. In a scathing letter, Loeb calls the actions “farcical” and urges the board to appoint Tim Morse or Ross Levinsohn as acting CEO immediately.

Why memes matter (or what I learned at ROFLCon)

It’s easy to write off Internet memes — Double Rainbow Guy, LOLcats — as trivial entertainment. But then a funny thing happened at ROFLCon where I learned that seemingly silly memes say a lot about us as a culture and they definitely bear examination.

Videoplaza plots ‘device-agnostic’ future for ads

Ad delivery technology firm Videoplaza is unveiling a new built-from-the-ground-up system that it says can help advertisers and media companies make money without having to cope with the headache of managing every new device that comes on the market.

Redpoint & BV Capital launch a Brazilian VC firm

Redpoint and BV Capital’s eVentures have combined forces to go after some of the fast-growing entrepreneurial activity taking place in Brazil, together launching a new firm called Redpoint eVentures that will have a local presence in that country.

@ pcE11: Tercek: The Content Is The Container

Robert Tercek, the former MTV exec and ex-president, Digital Media of Discovery’s OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, closed paidContent Enterta…

The future of the cloud, as seen by Cisco

The future of the cloud is a programmable network with applications that are smarter about using resources, said Lew Tucker, VP and CTO of Cloud Computing for Cisco at Structure 2011 in San Francisco on Wednesday.

ElfQuest Fan Trailer Premieres, With Help From SAG

With over $7,000 raised through crowd-sourcing and three days of shooting in the coastal mountains near Malibu, two women were able to do in seven months what Warner Bros hasn’t for almost a decade: Make an ElfQuest movie. Well, okay, not a movie, exactly — a trailer.

The Daily Dot Wants to Be the Web’s Hometown Paper

Former Valleywag editor Owen Thomas is joining a web-based media startup called The Daily Dot, co-founded by Nova Spivack and Valley PR guy Josh Jones-Dilworth. Details about what the site will do are vague, Thomas admitted in an interview, but it will be about online communities.

Creator-Blessed ElfQuest Fan Film Crowdsources Funds

A film adaptation of cult graphic novel series ElfQuest has been in development for years, but new media actors/producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes aren’t waiting around; they’re creating a fan trailer, starring some of web video’s best-known actresses, with support from ElfQuest‘s creators.

Time Warner Shuffles Warner Bros. Management

Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) CEO Jeff Bewkes is rejiggering the management of its Warner Bros. business, which has been led for the last twelve y…

Berners-Lee Wants Free, Low-Bandwidth Mobile Data

Sir Tim Berners-Lee today used his Nokia World keynote address for outlining an agenda of increased global Internet access. Berners-Lee called for everyone to have free or minimal-cost, low-bandwidth access to data and alluded that Internet access could be a more important investment than hunger relief.

Silverlake Buys Intel's Data Center, Launches New Company

Silverlake Partners, a Silicon Valley-based private equity and buyout firm, says it’s bought Intel’s data center in Santa Clara, Calif., and made it part of Vantage Data Centers, a new company headed by Jim Trout, a veteran of both the telecom and data center business.

Happy Memorial Day! Here Are Some Muppets!

Maybe the American military should trade in Uncle Sam for Sam the Eagle. Muppet Studios has released their latest holiday-centric web installment and much like the first-ever Muppets video, it features the most patriotic of all puppets saluting his country.

Guardian Says Its Open Platform Is Now Open for Business

The Guardian newspaper in Britain, which has been providing access to its content through its Open Platform project for a little over a year on an experimental basis, says the project is now “open for business” and that it wants to partner with developers and companies.

Does Android Have a Target on its Back?

Android is the hot smartphone platform currently, and that means the competition has it squarely in its sites. HTC has been the target for Apple and Microsoft, but Android is the definite victim. The Microsoft agreement HTC signed may have a long-term affect on Android.

Microsoft Reorganizes Its Marketing Team

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) — which is in the midst of several high-profile ad campaigns — is reorganizing its marketing team. The company has…

Brazen Careerist: LinkedIn for Gen Y

Brazen Careerist, the blog network spearheaded by well-known career advice blogger and columnist Penelope Trunk, launched a professional social network today aimed…

Do Teens Really Not Tweet?

Though Twitter is used by celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher, a recent analysis by Nielsen concluded it hasn’t yet caught on…

Daily Sprout

Obama on Cybersecurity and the Smart Grid: The White House today published a road map for fixing U.S. cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and called…