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Trouble in Android paradise between Google and Qualcomm?

Wondering where the factory images are for your shiny new Nexus 7? Google usually posts them, but it hasn’t yet. And now, a key Google employee is “quitting” his responsibility for maintaining such images. The problem appears to be a dispute between Google and Qualcomm.

Felicis Ventures raises a new $70 million seed fund

Felicis Ventures, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture fund started by early Google employee Aydin Senkut has raised a new $70 million fund. The investment group is well known for its investments in Angry Birds’ parent, Inkling and Shopify. This is their second institutional seed fund.

Oracle-HP: How things got this bad

Oracle and HP used to coexist quite well — People forget that the first Oracle Exadata ran on HP hardware. Then Oracle bought Sun and things went downhill fast. Public spats played out in CEO letters to The New York Times, and now court documents.

Google TV’s biggest competitor looks awfully familiar

No, it’s not Apple’s long-rumored TV set or one of the countless other app platforms from Samsung to Roku: Google TV’s biggest competitor, capable even of derailing the company’s entrance into the market for pay-TV set-top boxes, may just be Android itself.