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Data Collective adds Todd Papaioannou as EIR

Todd Papaioannou is joining big data-focused venture capital firm Data Collective as a entrepreneur in residence. Papaioannou was most recently co-founder and CEO of Continuuity, and as has held executives roles at companies including Yahoo and Teradata.

Nothing in life is free, not even Jay-Z’s music album

A report in The New York Times says that the mobile app accompanying the Jay-Z’s new music album is collecting a whole lot of personal data, including access to social media accounts on phones. And if that isn’t enough, someone has already cloned it. releases iPhone app for its music discovery service

Growing number of music blogs makes it difficult to checkout all the music highlighted by the musical tastemakers. Enter, a smart blog aggregator that is making discovery of music more personal and simple. And now they have an iPhone app, that is worth checking out

Court: Embedding videos is not a crime

A video site that lets users bookmark and share embedded videos from other websites doesn’t commit copyright infringement – and just watching a stream of a video that someone else has uploaded isn’t infringing either: That’s the gist of a court decision in favor of myVidster.

Digital publisher Open Road partners with indie Good Books

Digital publisher Open Road is partnering with Good Books, the publisher of series like the bestselling “Fix-It and Forget-It” cookbooks and Linda Byler’s Amish romances. The partnership will digitize many Good Books titles for the first time.

Tellabs CEO Rob Pullen succumbs to cancer

Tellabs CEO Rob Pullen died Monday morning of colon cancer, succumbing to the disease after several months of chemotherapy and a recent surgery. Pullen, who was 50, was one of the major figures of the U.S. telecom industry, leading Tellabs for the last four years.

Court dismisses Apple smartphone patent claims against Motorola

An outspoken Chicago judge has dismissed Apple’s patent claims against Motorola “with prejudice.” Apple can appeal, but the decision is a blow to its hopes of arguing that Motorola infringed on patents held by Apple for key smartphone technologies with its embrace of Google’s Android software.

Tesla’s Model S electric car is finally here

Tesla Motors investor, and DBL Investor’s Partner, Nancy Pfund has been waiting about three years to get her Model S electric sedan. Pfund is one of a group of customers that will receive their Model S cars during a big media event at the Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif. on Friday.

IBM names Virginia Rometty new CEO

IBM today named Virginia Rometty as the first female CEO in its 100-year history. Rometty, credited for building IBM’s strong and profitable services business, will take the reins from Sam Palmisano on January 1 as CEO and president.

Survivor host turns to Tout in latest social media push

When the premiere episode of this season’s Survivor begins airing tonight on CBS, host Jeff Probst will not only be tweeting during the show, but he will also be answering viewer questions on short video messaging service Tout during commercial breaks.

For Some Entrepreneurs, Moon Is Money

Rare metals have suddenly become a hot commodity in products from hybrid vehicles batteries, to wind turbines, to compact fluorescent light bulbs to magnets for electric vehicle motors. Some entrepreneurs think it is time to go to the moon and find those resources.

Light, As A Feather, A Video That Bends Browsers

So if you’re going to only watch one cool thing on the Internet today, here you go: the quasi-music video Light, As a Feather, created by filmmaker Paul Kamuf with music by John Pugh. Load it in a browser that’s not Safari, and you’re welcome.

Twitter Needs to Become More Open or Die

Twitter needs to become more decentralized and open, says the company’s former chief engineer, or it will wither and die like other “walled garden” approaches to the web. Alex Payne says he recommended that Twitter become a more open platform, but senior executives decided against it.

Memo to Startups: Speed and Scale Are Not the Same Thing

All startups want to find the magic recipe for achieving Facebook scale, but former Twitter engineer Alex Payne says it doesn’t exist. And focusing on speed can not only send you in the wrong direction, but leave you high and dry when you need it most.

Mystery Guitar Man Creates and Innovates on YouTube

YouTuber Week begins with a look at the work of Joe Penna, known on YouTube as MysteryGuitarMan. The Brazilian-born musician and creator combines clear musical talent with technical ability and a quirky, relatable sense of humor, resulting in videos which are charming, well-produced and fun.

Some Sanity in the 'Web Makes Us Dumber' Debate

Harvard professor of psychology Steven Pinker has joined in the ongoing debate over whether the Internet makes people smarter or dumber. He says using Twitter and spending time on the web doesn’t make us less intelligent, any more than reading an encyclopedia makes us more intelligent.

10 Questions for Eka Systems CEO

Cooper Industries, which makes gear for the power industry, bought the assets of wireless smart grid tech developer Eka Systems this week. We chatted with Eka Systems CEO Dave Pauken today on the deal and the future of the industry.

EMI & Apple say no DRM for you

Apple and EMI announced this morning their decision to sell digital music downloads without digital rights management via Apple’s iTunes store. Apple…

AT&T Sues More Iowa Telcos

The meaty part of this latest move against the free-caller operations (which AP didn’t quite explain in its just-the-facts-ma’am report) is AT&T’s…

Opera for Windows Mobile

Opera has released a technical preview (TP) of the Opera browser for Windows Mobile. Though the first TP was not officially announced,…


I like what Google is doing with its GMail Service. It suddenly is more valuable, and hopefully they will add IMAP support…