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Village Voice spins off

A new Denver-based holding company has acquired 13 weekly newspapers, including the Village Voice, and their related websites. The move will let the media properties distance themselves from a classified site tied to prostitution.

Interview: How China’s giant Tencent makes users pay

No wonder Tencent ranked #9 in this year’s paidContent 50. In a land considered a piracy hotbed, the massive Chinese service has attracted millions to pay for online experiences. It’s all thanks to the humble instant messenger, Tencent GM Sophia Ong tells paidContent.

iPad and Wi-Fi sitting in a tree….

The demand for Apple’s iPad is going through the roof and nowhere is its impact more visible than inside corporations. It is one of the reasons why demand for corporate Wi-Fi gear is going strong and benefitting the likes of Meraki and Aruba Networks.

New problem for Amazon: Sony defects to OpenStack

Sony’s gaming arm is moving at least some of its online workloads from Amazon Web Services to the rival OpenStack cloud-computing stack implemented by Rackspace, according to a report. Such moves show a growing threat to AWS from OpenStack-based rivals.

SpiderOak takes on Amazon S3 in archival storage

SpiderOak says its new cloud storage service will offer consumers and businesses a cheaper way to keep their data archives. Yes, cheaper than Amazon S3. The service, to go live later this quarter, will be available as a commercial product and open-source project.

Ringtones reborn: Just call them notifications now

Remember Crazy Frog? The bike-riding amphibian and his irritating, ubiquitous song symbolized the premium ringtone market a few years ago, before fading into obscurity. The frog has disappeared, but one startup thinks it has found a way to evolve the idea for the modern mobile user.

Do BYO data centers make sense anymore?

In this era of cheap-and-reliable renta-data centers run by Amazon, Rackspace, and others, does it make sense for a company to build a new data center on it’s own? Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s own James Hamilton doesn’t think so. More surprisingly, other IT pros agree.

Is Obama cooling on clean energy talk post Solyndra?

While Senator Harry Reid indicated that President Obama would likely discuss clean energy jobs in his jobs speech, Obama’s speech contained only the very briefest mentions of anything green related. Is the President cooling on talk of clean energy jobs in the wake of Solyndra’s scandal?

Guess who is eating Cisco’s Wi-Fi lunch

It was only a decade ago when Cisco froze competitors from a market by simply showing up. Times change. Companies get big and unwieldily. And that is precisely the time to attack. All you need is some gumption, focus and the right products.

Shaq’s Retirement Drives 500k Viewers to Tout in 3 Hours

Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement announcement may have caused waves on Twitter, but it was actually six-week old social video startup Tout that hosted the video in which Shaq told the world he wouldn’t be returning to basketball. And Shaq has big plans for the startup.

Behind the Video: Key of Awesome‘s Weezer Parody

In this guest post, Key of Awesome writer/producer Mark Douglas describes the experience of creating and performing a video with the band Weezer, as part of a massive viral stunt the band did with a number of major YouTube partners.

Edgar Online Buys XBRL Software Firm UBmatrix

Financial information service Edgar Online, which had said for nearly a year now that it was looking for partnerships to boost its position…

What You Didn't Know About Cloudera

There are a few widespread misconceptions about Cloudera, the promising, well-funded Burlingame, Calif.-based startup that offers services, training and support for the open-source software framework Hadoop. At least that’s what I found out during a talk earlier today with the company’s CEO, Mike Olson.

Freshbooks, Basecamp holding hands

You can now invoice your 37Signals’ Basecamp projects using FreshBooks. Especially helpful for Web Worker crowd. More details and screen casts here.